Top Podcast Badges And Buttons (Official Download Links) A Complete List

Started a podcast and want to grow more audience by adding podcast badges? Here,is your answer!

Imagine, you have uploaded a podcast and want to become popular on famous podcast directories such as Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and more! Now the question comes, how your audience will listen to it, on all the popular podcast listening apps? Don’t worry, just place podcast badges or podcast buttons!

Grow your audience and listeners by adding the links to download the podcast badges and make it easy for your listeners to listen to their favorite podcast on top listening platforms! Moreover, you can record your podcast on various apps and on any format you want!

If you are in search of a site builder for the podcast, read our blog on Best Website Builder For Podcast.

But what are the ways to add podcast buttons to your site? How to add Apple podcast badges? How to add Google Podcast badges? How to add Spotify podcast badges? Readout this full article!

Searching for the official ”Listen on” podcast badges? Below is the detailed list of podcast badges of the top platforms with details and guidelines!

Detailed List Of Top Podcast Badges

Consider the following list of podcast badges, that you can add to your site for more listeners listening your podcast:

Apple Podcast Badges:

Apple Podcast Badge

Apple podcast badges can be used to promote your show or an episode that can be heard on Apple podcasts such as Web pages, Social Media, Apps, Printed Material. Earlier Apple used to have a white button, but it is no longer available now. For more details, visit the iTunes website, for the detailed guidelines of logo details, artwork, placement, space, etc of the button.

Google Podcast Badges:

Google Podcast Badge

Google Podcasts is one of the most popular podcasting directories where you can find podcasts and enable playback. But it doesn’t store your RSS feed or audio files, rather you will need podcast hosting services to store your files.

Google podcast button is available in multiple languages such as .zip with PNG and SVG. To know more, visit the Google Podcast Manager Help Page.

Spotify Podcast Badge:

Spotify Podcast Badge

Spotify gives you a powerful snapshot of who are your listeners, what episodes they are streaming, how long they are listening, and are mainly focused to help you grow your audience. If you want podcast buttons of Spotify, you have to add a mini player to your site so that your audience can listen to your podcast directly. If you wondering how to add the Spotify podcast badge to your WordPress site, then see below:

  • Copy the embed code of your podcast
  • Paste it into the Play Button Generator
  • Copy and paste the embed code to your website

In this way, you can add the Spotify play button to your website. For more details, visit Spotify For Podcasters.

Adrift Podcast Badges:

Adrift podcast badges

Graphic design is growing immensely and changing all the time. Adrift podcast badges are basically print design that can be used in your podcast episodes and it is basically all little humiliations we humans face every day! This podcast button was created by Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Port who have shifted to the world of podcasting and doing episodes on a comic tragedy!

Neon Badges Podcast:

Neon Badges Podcast

Neon badges are basically a Rebeller Podcast Network Original and hosted by Anthony King. This type of podcast button is an oral history lesson on some of the most iconic cops movies from the 80s, 90s! Here, each episode will tell you behind-the-scenes stories of how these films came to be! For more information, VISIT SITE.

Bourbon And Badges Podcast:

Bourbon Badges

Bourbon and badges podcast is basically a weekly comedy podcast where you will get to know about three retired police officers chat about current events and joke around while sampling and rating bourbon! Like their bourbon, they are uncut and unfiltered! To know more, VISIT SITE.

Coaching Podcast Badges:

Coaching podcast badges

Coaching podcast badges are basically a new show dedicated to the world of coaching. If you are a young coach and just started your journey, this will best suit your needs! This coaching podcast is simple and shares knowledge and experiences. This show is applicable for coaches of all levels of experience, knowledge and qualifications! To get a detailed information, VISIT SITE.

Badges Without Borders Podcast:

Badges without Borders Podcast

Badges without borders is basically a show that resembles the the very same people charged with global counterinsurgency also militarized American policing at home. In his show, Badges Without Borders offers a new account of the War on Crime, “law and order” politics, and global counterinsurgency, revealing the connections between foreign and domestic racial control. To know more, VISIT SITE.

Amazon Podcast Badges:

amazon podcast badges

Amazon podcast badges helps you to promote your podcast, and tells your audience what to expect when they listen to your show, and your listeners can clearly communicate with your show by providing the link to your show on Amazon Music. If you want to add the listen on Amazon Music Button, you can visit their website for the guidelines.

Other Official Podcast Badges

A Detailed List of Podcast Buttons

There are other official podcast badges that you add to your website, and make your podcasts more easier to listen for your listeners. See some of official podcast buttons below:


iHeartRadio Button

Want your listeners to listen on iHeartRadio button? Download the official iHeartRadio button for web or print needs.



Great app for listening to great podcasts. Explore the benefits by adding the listen on Stitcher button!


Podbean badges

You can add Podbean Badges to your website and promote your podcast episodes. Want to grow your listeners? You just have to copy and paste the code and embed it on your website or blog. To get detailed procedure, VISIT SITE.


RadioPublic button

Want to turn your website visitors into subscribers? Just paste the code into your site, delete the brackets and add your show name! Check out RadioPublic Badges.

Pocket Casts:

Pocket Casts button

If you want to mix up and listen all your episodes on Pocket casts, and make your listeners hear the way they want pocket casts is the best place to listen to!


Castbox button

Want your listeners easily find your podcast by adding Castbox badges on your website? Now your visitors can easily play your show on Castbox badges! Not only this, you can also embed player on your website! Visit site, to get the guidelines.


Breaker button

Listen on Breaker badge to promote your podcast and encourage listeners to subscribe. To link the badge to your podcast on Breaker, you can either use your RSS feed URL or your Apple Podcasts ID. To know the procedure, VISIT SITE.

Custom Design Buttons And Badges:

custom design

Adding badges is not enough, to maintain enchanting of your website. If you want to create custom podcast badges, you have to:

  • Use the largest white button and place graphics and text
  • Resize all the elements till they are in uniformity
  • Export them in PNG format

In this way, you can get more control over the look and design of your website by adding custom podcast badges. You can modify your website, as per your taste, instead of ending with a cluttered interface!


Final Words

Hope, now it clear what are the top podcast badges that you can use on your website to make it easy for the listeners, listen to the episodes in their favorite app and subscribe!

Each app platform, has different style guides for their own branding and you must have to follow the guidelines otherwise you will end up with a messy looking cluster of podcast buttons of different shapes and colors. So, it is recommended to follow the guidelines for proper listen on badges of different websites.

Thank you so much, for reading this article till the end! Choose from the above list, which one is your favorite platform to listen a podcast. What do you use on your own website for your ”listen on links”? Let me know in the comment section below!🤩

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