13 Best Podcast Recording and Editing Software (For Mac & PC) Of 2024. Free And Paid Both.

There are various podcast recording and editing software, that will help you to record a podcast easily! But, if you are a beginner and planning to start a podcast, then you must be searching for the best podcast recording and editing software. Here, is the best guide for you guys!

Now the question comes best software means most expensive and complex to record a podcast, right? But this is not really what you are thinking! To upload a podcast, you must go through the following process to reach a large audience! There are various podcast apps, which are built for listening to podcasts freely, and of course, it totally depends on your choice!

When it comes to recording a podcast, you must know that there are various podcast formats you can choose according to your planning. Out of them, Interview Podcast is the most commonly used podcast format!

If you want to record a podcast using a macbook then there are podcast recording software for Mac and if you want to record a podcast using a PC then also there are various podcast recording software for PC. Depending on your podcast budget, here is a complete list of best podcast recording software 2024!

From remote recording to editing your podcast in the same platform, we have listed the best podcast recording and editing software that will fit your show! Before recording your podcast, check out our handpicked recommendations below and then order your podcast recording equipment!

Let’s get started with the best podcast editing software!

What To Look For In A Podcast Recording Software?

Basic Requirements In A Podcast Recording Software

We all search for simplicity, when it comes to your podcast setup, right? But is that all we need to record a podcast for first time? Of course not! A remote podcast recording software should also consider the following basic requirements:

  • Save Files Locally: One most important thing you should look in a podcast recording software is that it must save the audio file to your computer. And you must the file to more than one place to save yourself from losing your raw recordings.You might be recording your podcast to any external device but this must not be avoided!
  • Editing Capabilities: Now this requirement will be best applicable for beginners who are new to podcasting.A best podcast recording app, should be like all-in-one tool that will allow you to edit the audio file, mix tracks, add sound effects and also split segments together from one place.

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  • Help and Support: This is a must requirement, you should look in a podcast editing software. A best podcast recording and editing software should have technical support that will help you to explore its features. It may be a library of video tutorials, real-time support representatives or user forums that will provide you support for your first recording. Make sure your podcast recording app have this feature!

Now, let us move to the next part of best podcast recording and editing software for Mac and PC.

Best Podcast Recording Software For Mac

Quick List Of Best Podcast Recording App For Mac

If you are new to the podcasting world, you will need a software to record and edit your podcast. Now there are multiple recording apps are there that will help you to turn listeners into targeted audience! But are they best suited for your Mac Laptop? I know you must be using Apple Podcast App, but a right podcast recording software is a must have for everyone! To help you find the best podcast recording software for Mac, Consider the following list:

Top Podcast Recording Software For Mac:

Easy to learn, play, record, create, and share your podcasts worldwide

Control your mix from wherever you are in the room whether that’s next to your computer or on the couch with Multi-Touch faders
$199.99 visit site

Record stunning high-quality podcasts and interviews
$39.95 visit site

Best Podcast Recording Software For Windows & Mac(Free & Paid)

Quick List Of Best Podcast Recording App For Windows & Mac

To record a podcast, you need various podcast recording equipment that will help you to record from multiple audio sources, and to record, heavy audio files for fast and convenient editing and storage. But if you want to record audio files directly from your PC then you must need the best software right!Following is the complete list of most comfortable recording software that will suit your needs best!

Check out the best recording softwre for Windows and MaC both:

Top Podcast Recording Software For Windows And Mac:

Powerful audio workstation is designed to accelerate video production workflows and audio finishing — and deliver a polished mix with pristine sound.
$22.92 visit site

Free Open source audio software that record live audio through a microphone or mixer, or digitize recordings from other media

Multi-track audio editor designed for podcasters, audio producers and radio journalists
$104.21 visit site

Made for podcasters who want to sound good, focus on the content, and automate the difficult parts of editing and production

Perfect to record podcasts or remote interviews in high definition with the best possible quality

Great for promoting episodes, highlighting guests, and sharing show clips that will drive more reach and engagement around your brand and content

With AI-based audio algorithms achieve professional quality result with automatic content deployment

Best for beginners and professionals at zero costs and allows for 15 minutes per recording

Get extremely high-quality voice-overs to make your podcast sound much more professional
$237.70 visit site

Unique in-browser transcription editor paired with the audio and assures 99% accuracy

Best Podcast Recording Software For Mac

Detailed List Of Best Free Podcast Recording Software For Mac

Recording Software For Macbook


Best Free Podcast Recording Software

If you want to record your first podcast, GarageBand will be the best choice for you! It is a fully equipped music creation studio, right inside your Mac and includes instruments, incredible selection of session drummers. Here, you can easily record, create and share your podcast worldwide.

The best part is, GarageBand is a free remote podcast recording software and is a great choice for professionals to create incredible collection of podcast and can be easily customized.Moreover, this is a powerful editing app where you can use plugins that will help you to finish your track like a pro with effects such as compression and visual EQ. Share your podcast easily with your friends, family or the whole internet community using GarageBand.

GarageBand Features:

  • Free remote podcast recording software for Mac
  • Easy to record without an instrument
  • Intuitive controls to enable and disable individual sounds while you create a beat with kick, snare, cymbals, and all the cowbell you want
  • Powerful synths with shape‑shifting controls
  • Choose from 40 different genre‑based lessons, including classical, blues, rock, and pop
  • Launch your podcast globally via social networks



Logic Pro

Best Podcast Recording App
Logic Pro

Logic Pro is a really creative and the best powerful podcast recording software in 2024. Here, you can create and arrange music in real time and you will find great combinations where you can create audio tracks and continue with your production.In addition to that, add style effects and transitions to an individual track or an entire mix with a collection of stutters, echoes, filters, and gating effects.

There are multi-touch gestures that will help you to mix tracks, control features from anywhere. Logic Pro turns your Mac into a professional recording studio that is able to handle even the most demanding projects. Capture your recordings and performances from tracking a live band to a solo software. Logic Pro is the ultimate way to record with incredible tools and resources to enhance your creativity to a next level. One of the best podcast recording app for Mac users!

Logic Pro Features:

  • Offers free trial for 90 days
  • Create and improvise in a whole new way with live loops
  • Transform sounds into instruments with Sampler and Quick Sampler
  • Helps you to add style effects and transitions to an individual track
  • With Logic Remote, you can control features like Live Loops, Remix FX, and more from your iPad or iPhone using Multi-Touch gestures
  • Helps control your podcasting from where ever you can with multi-touch faders
  • With all-new drag-and-drop hot zones save your hours of tedious editing

Logic Pro Pricing:

Logic Pro Free Trial
App Size1.1 GB
Language SupportsEnglish, French, German, Spanish
Version RequiredmacOS 10.15.7




Remote Podcast Recording Software
Ecamm recording app

Ecamm is one of the best podcast recording software for Mac and records skype audio and video calls directly to your macOS. Get stunning high-quality HD recording for your podcasts and interviews with the split-screen mode. If you want to share you can easily convert your calls into MP3 files for podcasting and with the multi-track recording feature you can split tracks after a call. Compatible only with Intel-based Mac devices. It offers 7 days free trial for mac users!

Ecamm Features:

  • Records HD quality podcasts and interviews
  • Easily convert your calls into MP3 files for podcasting or internet-ready movies for YouTube and Vimeo
  • With the multi-track recording feature you can split tracks
  • Simple to use interface
  • Offers 7 days free trial

Ecamm Pricing:

Priced at $ 39.95, which great and affordable to use

ecamm pricing


Best Podcast Recording Software For Windows & macOS

Detailed List Of Best Podcast Recording Software For Windows & macOS

Consider the following recommended list of best podcast recording app compatible with both Windows & macOS:


Adobe Audition

Best Podcast Recording App
Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is basically designed for podcast production and is considered as the best professional podcast editing software. It one of the best software, where you can record and edit huge number of podcasts. With Audition, you will get comprehensive tool set that includes multi-track, waveform and spectral display for creating, mixing, editing and restoring audio content.

Audition’s motion graphics template is amazing where you can find next level creativity and ideas to life with new features and workflows for better storytelling to your audience. It is the best digital audio editing software where you can create, mix and design sound effects like professionals. It is not a free software and includes Creative Cloud Subscription and you just need to subscribe $20/m.

Adobe Audition Features:

  • Export high-quality audio content straight to your podcast audience
  • Elevate your audio with the versatile podcast recording and editing software
  • Access an organised library of royalty-free sound effects to add personality or a professional feel to your podcasts
  • Helps you to remove beeps, hisses and other unwanted noises to achieve the smoothest sound
  • Easily captures multiple speakers so that you can mix and manipulate different voices
  • Compatible with both Windows and macOS

Adobe Audition Pricing:

Adobe Audition Pricing




Free Podcast Recording Software

Audacity is a free open source cross-platform software which is great for multi-track audio editor and recorder for Windows, macOS, Linux or any other operating system.It is a free remote podcast recording software for professionals and long-time podcasters and is highly dedicated for designers and developers.

It comes with all the basic features that a podcaster would need to record and edit an audio file that makes it the best free podcast recording software. Audacity is the best choice for those who want to stay in a budget and want to create any type of podcast easily with any type of operating system. Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac and is continuously updating with the latest versions. One of its downsides is, it doesn’t allow users to upload podcasts directly to a podcast hosting platform.

Audacity Features:

  • Record live audio through a microphone or mixer, or digitize recordings from other media
  • Export your recordings in many different file formats, including multiple files at once
  • Easy editing with cut, copy, paste and delete
  • Easily tracks and select with the large range of keyboard shortcuts
  • Supports high-quality sounds 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit



Hindenburg Journalist

Best Podcast Editing Software
Hindenburg Journalist Software

Hindenburg Journalist is a multi-track audio editor especially designed for podcasters to deliver you the best audio quality ever! With this remote podcast recording app, you can set interviews by just draging an audio file into Hindenburg and start working .Moreover, you can use the clipborad to oragnise your recordings and place them in a group.

The best part is you don’t have to set levels here! Levels are automatically set in Hindenburg and this helps you save hours in production. Hindenburg provides all editing tools you need for your recording.Compatible with both Windows and macOS. Moreover, Hindenburg comes with built-in publishing tool that lets you upload your podcast and share it on Libsyn or SoundCloud.

Hindenburg Journalist Features:

  • Upload your podcast with a single click
  • Helps to add chapter and images to your show
  • Import 24 bit audio files
  • Organize recordings and place them in a group
  • Levels are automatically set in Hindenburg
  • Lets you upload your podcast in a single click
  • Offers 30 days free trial

Hindenburg Journalist Pricing:

Hindenburg Journalist Pricing
  • Journalist($104.21): Multi-track editor, automated levels, clipboard
  • Journalist Pro($554.88): Noise reduction, voice profiler, 10x publish
  • Habc Narrator($551.70): Record audiobooks, noise reduction, voice profiler




Remote Podcast Recording Software
Alitu software

Alitu is basically a remote podcast recording software, designed for podcasters where you can experience an amazing sound quality and automate the difficult part of editing and production. Moreover, Alitu comes with automatic audio cleanup with reducing background noises and your audio quality remains consistent. If you need to record crystal clear remote interviews,and keep your listeners engaged then this is a great tool for you!

This is an all-in-one solution to record calls, edit and produce them or you can directly publish. It will automatically improve your audio files and lets you publish them to Podbean, Libsyn and more! Here, you can fix mistakes, cut out silences and polish your podcast episode. See some highlights of Alitu:

Alitu Features:

  • Rearrange your episodes using simple drag and drop tools designed for podcasters
  • Helps you to edit your shows in minutes and not hours
  • Record your show remotely with guests or solo
  • Help you to fix mistakes, cut out silences, and polish up your episode
  • Connect with your favorite podcast hosting provider

Alitu Pricing:

Alitu Pricing
  • Alitu Monthly($28/m): Record solo, record remotely with guests, upload multiple recordings, auto-mated audio cleanup, trim your recordings
  • Alitu Yearly($280/y): Cut out mistakes, create your theme music, add music to your episode




Best Podcast Recording Software

Iris is one of the best podcast remote recording software with high-quality video and audio. The best part is Iris helps you to record podcast interviews in high definition. Moreover, you can record your video and audio locally up to 4k and stream the video conference in 720p.

This podcast recording app capture full-frame interviews with great audio and video quality. Now you can invite guests to join podcasts using Iris with even installing and meeting id. This remote podcast recording software is mainly developed for remote interviews with podcast guests around the world. It is very simple to use and provides high-quality recordings and just works without any problems.

Iris works with every browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, Opera, and on any device so you and your guests don’t have to download another piece of software. Get a free 1 hour trial with this free remote podcast recording software.

Alitu Features:

  • Records HD video and audio
  • No need to install any software
  • Compatible with both Windows and macOS
  • Ensures your video and audio are always safe
  • Provides you the files in the format you need to edit
  • Technical support is fast and helpful

Iris Pricing:

Iris Pricing
  • $9/m: 2 hours of recording, high-quality separate files, team members
  • $19/m: 5 hours of recording, video conference files
  • $29/m: 10 hours of recording, team members




Best Podcast Editing Software

Wavve is another podcast recording software for Mac and PC, where you can share your audio on social media and turn your podcast most appealing to your audience. This audio recording software helps you to promote your podcast files on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more.

Wavve turn your podcast audio clips into shareable video highlights and share them on social media to encourage new listeners to download your show. Great podcast recording equipment for promoting episodes, highlighting guests, and sharing show clips.

Wavve Features:

  • Comes with waveform animation that you can include in your recording
  • Helps you to add timer animations to let your viewers know about your video
  • Easily upload your image with the drag & drop editor
  • Automatically generates transcription of your audio and adds captions to videos
  • Trim your audio file that will highlight your social media

Wavve Pricing:

Wavve Pricing
  • Free($0): Customize your own design, Create a 1-minute video monthly
  • Alpha($10/m): Generate 10 minutes of video a month, No Wavve branding on videos
  • Beta($18/m): Generate up to 30 minutes of video a month
  • Gamma($32/m): Generate 300 minutes of video per month, 48 Minute clip length




Best Free Podcast Recording Software

Auphonic is one of the best podcast recording and editing software and perfect for newbies with its automated audio enhancement features. It has a simple interface compared to its competitors and best choice for new podcasters. Moreover, Auphonic’s AI-based audio algorithms are great that will make you sound like a pro.

All you need is to upload your recorded files and the software will do the rest for you. Auphonic will identify voices to optimize the final quality and in addition to that it will level out the audio of your podcast! The best part is Auphonic has a free option and affordable plans which will be great for podcasters who want to record and edit their podcast in a budget-friendly manner. Compatible with both Mac and Windows and recently, it has developed the Auphonic edit app, which easily integrates with the web service. Using this app, users can publish podcasts, interviews with just a click of a button!

Auphonic Features:

  • Balances levels between speakers, music, and speech
  • Automatic noise and hum reduction
  • Multi-track algorithms featuring automatic ducking, noise gate removal
  • Automatic speech recognition with the editor in over 80 languages
  • Automatic content deployment in Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTUbe, Facebook, SoundCloud, Spreaker
  • Allows you to integrate into your scripts, workflows, and third-party applications

Auphonic Pricing:

Auphonic Pricing
  • Auphonic XS (Free): Up to 2 hours of audio recording per month
  • Auphonic S ($11): Up to 9 hours of audio recording per month
  • Auphonic M ($24): Up to 24 hours of audio recording per month
  • Auphonic L($49): Up to 45 hours of audio recording per month
  • Auphonic XL($99): Up to 100 hours of audio recording per month




Podcast Recording Software

Pamela is a great choice for Windows users and free podcast audio and video recording software. This is highly recommended podcast recording software for PC. Here, you can easily customize your podcast recordings as well as calls are automatically recorded within this software. One of the best software for blogging and podcasting. It has many useful features, see them below:

Pamela Features:

  • Free video recording software
  • Records call automatically
  • Best for bloggers and podcasters
  • Includes mono/stereo recording options
  • Helps to customize sounds during calls
  • Offers 30 days free trial

Pamela Pricing:

Pamela pricing
  • Basic(Free): Allows 15 mins recording, local answering machine, MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV
  • Professional($3040.11): Unlimited skype audio and video recording, blogging, and podcasting support
  • Call Recorder($1821.96): Easy to use, unlimited recording
  • Business($ 4868.69): Unlimited call recording, skype audio, and video calls



Music Radio Creative

Podcast Recording Equipment
Music Radio Creative

If you want to create outstanding podcast intros, outros, jingles and more then you should go for Music Radio Creative! This is an amazing website that will provide you with what exactly you need for podcast.In addition to that, it includes extremely high-quality royalty-free voiceovers and music that you can easily insert into your podcast show!100% recommended podcast recording equipment!

Music Radio Creative Features:

  • Best audio recording software for podcasters
  • Helps clients with audio branding
  • Lets you build your podcast jingle
  • Helps for podcast editing with royalty-free music

Music Radio Creative Pricing:

Music Radio Creative Pricing
  • Podcast Intro and Outro($237.70)
  • Podcast Jingles($60.33)
  • Full Podcast Branding($432.71)
  • Podcast Trailer($79.23)




Best Podcast Recording App

If you want to get transcriptions of your podcast audio files then Scribie is the best option for that! If you want to experience unique in-browser transcription editor paired with your audio and create perfect podcast for your listeners!

It is very fast to upload or import files using this software.Moreover, it has AI Powered Automated Transcripts that will help you to record clean audio with more consistency and accuracy!

Scribie Features:

  • Easy to upload or import files
  • Ensures confidentiality
  • Delivers 99% accuracy
  • Feature options such as audio time coding, start and end time etc
  • Includes AI Powered Automated Transcriptions

Scribie Pricing:

Scribie pricing
  • Automated($0.10/min): 30 mins turn around, 80-95% accuracy, Audio time coding, Speaker tracking
  • Manual($0.80/min): 36 Hours turn around, 99% accuracy



Final Words

Finding the best podcast recording and editing software is not at all an easy task! Keeping this in mind, we have listed some of the best podcast editing software for you!

Don’t complicate with the software guys. You have a lot of options to choose from, and that totally depends on your budget and requirement. To be true, there is no software that will be best for you! But the fact is, a software becomes best only when it meets your requirements and you feel comfortable using it right?

Above mentioned software are the top choices for both Windows and Mac computers and that will take your podcast to the next level! Most of the software are designed for podcasters and highly recommended for beginners and pros!

Hope, now it will be easy to take right decision of choosing the best podcast recording app in 2024. Still have questions? We are here to help you! Let me know, what is your favorite podcast recording software? We would love to hear from you guys😃

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