Best Podcast Embed Players For Your Website In 2022. A Complete List.

Looking for the best podcast embed player? To start a podcast, you must need an embeddable podcast player right?

A podcast player is the most important point of connection between your website visitors and your podcast! But what podcast embed player would suit your show? Here comes the big question!

There are various podcast hosting platforms that have an in-built podcast embed player. If you are using WordPress, then there are a range of players out there that will improve your podcast reach to website visitors! Either you have to choose from standalone WordPress Plugins or your own hosting players!

A good podcast embed player will encourage your listeners to listen again and again. In this way, you can engage more with your listeners and also start to earn money from your podcast. Moreover, to enhance more popularity of your podcast you need to upload your podcast to various podcast directories.

If you are new to podcasting and looking for a player for WordPress, then let me tell you there are a lot of choices right now to embed podcast player WordPress! Here, in this guide, we have picked out the top podcast embed players in the market that will help you to grow!

Pick out the one you feel that suits your website, your show, and take your podcasting to a new level! Let’s get started and stay tuned for the best podcast embed player!

What Is The Importance Of Podcast Player?

A Detailed Discussion

importance of podcast embed player

To be true, a podcast player is the most important tool for your growth in the market. There are various podcast apps that will help to listen to your favorite podcast that helps you listen at any time over the internet! According to me, there are two valuable reasons:

  • Firstly, a good podcast embed player will help you to invite the reader and hit the play button. Just imagine, if a casual reader comes to your website and suddenly turns into a subscriber. Isn’t interesting? Shownotes actually helps you to discover your show to a large number of podcast listeners and that will also help you to rank high in Google Search
  • Secondly, if you want to become popular among your listeners, you have to build a good approach to provide some real value to your listeners. Here, comes the role of a good podcast embed player that converts casual listeners to loyal fans. The aim is to encourage your listeners to another level that will grow your engagement rather opens a way to earn money for future.

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Types Of Podcast Embed Player:

Embed podcast player WordPress

There are two main types of podcast players:

  • Podcast Hosting Audio Players: Hosting Providers help you to embed players on your own website, even in WordPress. Here, you just need to copy and paste the embedded code into your site and it will appear easily! The best part is this kind of player works on any website.
  • Podcast Player Plugins For WordPress: WordPress Podcast Plugins doesn’t provide advantages like podcast hosting services. They are considered as standalone tools that focuses on how to improve your podcast episode to your website listeners.Compared to hosting platforms, standalone plugins provide more tools and uplift your growth and engagement to a new height! But the downside is, hosting players are free to use that comes along with your hosting package. On the other hand, WordPress plugins are a bit costly!

Apple Podcast Embed Player

How To Embed Apple Podcast?

Apple podcast embed players

If you are using an iPhone, and don’t know how to embed Apple podcast, then read this guide! Apple podcast embed player let you embed your podcast, no matter where it is hosted. There are various podcast formats, that you can choose to embed your podcast!

Apple podcast embed player helps you to upload your podcast on a website. Your listeners can easily play an episode. browse recently published episodes and moreover iTunes podcast embed player are inbuilt podcast embed player for iOS, iPadOS and are absolutely free to subscribe.

The embed player comes in four different sizes and each size automatically fits your website width. Apple users can have direct access to Apple podcast embed players from the preview pages on the web. Just click the share button and ”copy embed” which is available for any show or episode.

Steps To Embed Apple Podcast Player:

iTunes podcast embed player
  • Get the code to embed by visiting a podcast’s page on Apple Podcast
  • Hit the ”share” icon
  • Click on the ”embed” icon
  • Share your individual podcast episodes

To generate an iTunes podcast embed player code, you can also visit the Apple Podcasts Marketing Tools page where you have to just type the name of the podcast or the specific episode that you want to embed in the search bar!

List Of WordPress Podcast Embed Player Plugins

Detailed List Of Embed Podcast Player WordPress

There are various standalone WordPress Plugins, but out of them some are the most worth considering for your podcast embed player. Here, are the list of best podcast embed player for WordPress:



Multiple Platform Podcast Embed Player
Fusebox podcast player

Fusebox is a multi-platform podcast embed player and WordPress transcript plugin that will automatically add podcast transcripts to your website. This is one of the best free podcast hosting with three customizable players such as the Archive player, Sticky Player, and Single Track Player (available for free).

Fusebox helps to delight your listeners and grow your podcast and boost SEO with transcripts. Now you can easily transform your website into a podcasting powerhouse. Not only this, you can customize the colors of your podcast player, and then add the player to your posts and pages.

Fusebox Features:

  • Works on any platform
  • Standard playback control
  • Customizable call to action buttons
  • Share your podcasts to social platforms
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Boost SEO with transcripts
  • Social sharing built-in
  • Subscribe link built-in

Fusebox Pricing:

  • Fusebox(Free): Single Track Players, color schemes, call to actions
  • Fusebox Pro($19/M): Brand color select, color schemes, subscribe links, download buttons, custom podcast cover link
Fusebox Pricing Plan
Fusebox Pricing



Simple Podcast Press

WordPress Podcast Player
Simple Podcast Press Plugin

Simple Podcast Press is a very easy to use WordPress podcast embed player where you can automatically publish podcast to your website. With this plugin, you can grow your podcast audience without adding additional steps to your production workflow.

Simple Podcast Press is the best way to grow your podcast audience and email list, with customizable layouts, it has quickly become my top-recommended WordPress plugin for podcasters. Get more subscribers, increase your exposure on iTunes and quickly grow your email list of potential clients.

This embed podcast player WordPress is compatible with all other podcasting platforms, such as PowerPress, Soundcloud, PodBean, iTunes, Podcast Websites, Libsyn etc.

Simple Podcast Press Features:

  • Automatically add custom call-to-action buttons to all your episode pages
  • Grow your email list by automatically adding an email opt-in below the player for each of your episodes
  • Easily add full transcripts without cluttering up your show notes page
  • Create a podcast playlist that automatically updates itself with all your episodes so listeners can easily discover more of your content
  • Get Worldwide iTunes reviews on any page of your WordPress Dashboard
  • Automatic URL shortener to provide your listeners a short URL

Simple Podcast Press Pricing:

  • Single License($67): 1 website, auto-updating playlists
  • Professional License($97): Up to 3 websites, auto-publish to WordPress, clickable timestamps
  • Multi License($147): Up to 10 websites, automatic URL shortener
Simple Podcast Press
Simple Podcast Press Pricing




Free Podcast Embed player
RadioPublic player

RadioPublic is a free iOS podcast app, easy to use podcast embed player for iOS users that makes listening to podcasts simple, enjoyable, & fun. Unlike other free apps, it doesn’t have any banner ads and offers features and moreover, the streaming experience is seamless.

With this free android podcast apps, you can easily pick top shows at the top of the podcast charts like Apple podcasts, moreover RadioPublic has a very popular podcast playlist where you can explore some popular categories like Trending on RadioPublic, Indies to Watch, News & Current Events, Portraits of People, Interviews with Musicians, & Shows that Talk about Pop Culture.

Here, you can download episodes offline as well as follow your favorite shows as well as get notified when new episodes are published. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

RadioPublic Features:

  • Easy to set up and maintain and helps your show grow
  • Control what plays next by adding episodes to your queue
  • Get instant updates when new episodes are published
  • Get more listening time with trim silences and faster playback
  • Import and export the podcasts you listen to via OPML
  • Smart Folders help organize & filter your shows/episodes
  • Add any podcast, including private Patreon RSS, feeds

RadioPublic Pricing:

  • Basic($0): Embed podcast anywhere, Listener discovery and sharing, New episodes automatically appear
  • Pro($12): Enhanced web embed player, Call to Action, Google Analytics Integration
Radio Public Pricing
RadioPublic Pricing




Best Podcast Embed Player For iOS And Android
Castbox embed player

Castbox is the best free podcast app with over 95 million volumes of content on Android, Apple iPhone, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and more. It is the simplest way to embed your podcast and get started!

Castbox is one of the best podcast embed player for podcast lovers, that offers a clean layout and easy to navigate interface.It has wide variety of podcast to choose from and you can easily stream or download your favorite podcasts anywhere, anytime for free.

This free podcast embed player offers continuous playback with customized playlists, one-button subscription options, and the ability to download episodes for offline listening.Listen to your favorite podcasts on your iPhone and Android devices from around the world and across multiple-platforms!

Castbox Features:

  • Trim Silence
  • Live audio streaming service
  • Acts as a powerful search engine that allows you to find your favorite podcasts effortlessly
  • Search or listen to your favorite podcasts in 70 different languages
  • Share your favorite podcasts with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email, and more
  • Smart speakers supported, including Apple HomePod, Amazon Alexa

Castbox Pricing Free:

Castbox free to download




Free WordPress Podcast Player
PowerPress embed player

Powerpress is a free WordPress podcast plugin and one of the best podcast embed players for your WordPress website. Here, you can run a podcast directly from your WordPress dashboard. basically, it is created by Blurry, a popular hosting platform where you can run a show on your website with advanced modes, players, subscribe tools, and more!

PowerPress supports multiple podcasts, where you can create multiple channels for your podcast. Using this podcast plugin for WordPress, you can easily create and publish your podcast without compromising the quality.Best part is, it includes audio and video players with embed support from sites like YouTube. To be honest, if your budget is limited, then PowerPress will be the best option for beginners!

PowerPress Features:

  • Easy uploading and episode publishing
  • Free basic podcasting statistics included
  • Distribute to all major platforms and directories such as Apple, Google, Spotify, iHeart, etc
  • Includes SEO tools for your website and RSS podcast feed
  • Add both audio and video podcasts to your site and share your media files and podcast files easily
  • Embed your video podcast into WordPress with an integrated HTML5 media player with support for YouTube




Free Podcast Embed Player
Spotify player

Spotify is one of the biggest podcast listening platforms on the planet. You can find your favorite shows and music and is considered the only platform that produces original content and grows immensely throughout the world. Recently, Spotify has joined hands with podcast hosting companies where you can submit your podcast to Spotify.

It is the best place for embed player WordPress and absolutely free for podcasters! Using Spotify, you can search for any track, artist, or album and listen for free. With these free android podcast apps, you can make and share playlists. Spotify offers thousands of Podcasts, including originals that you can’t find anywhere else. The Spotify app for Apple podcast embed player, lets you stream Spotify where you can use your voice to control playback to any other Spotify connect enabled device.

Spotify Features:

  • Play and listen to your favorite podcast you love, and discover new ones
  • Free on both mobile and tablet
  • Enjoy playlists made by music experts
  • Get recommendations of your favorite podcast
  • Play any artist, album, or playlist in shuffle mode
  • Listen offline with better sound quality




Free Podcast Embed Player

Stitcher is a free podcast embed player where you can create your own playlists, find new episodes, listen to the news, and never miss a new episode or update. Using this android podcast app, you can stream and organize your podcasts, find shows about politics, comedy, true crime including classics and you can listen to podcasts anytime, anywhere.

With Stitcher, you can listen your way! Here, you can focus on what you want to see like you can search for episodes, filter them and sort them. Moreover, Stitcher helps you to listen virtually at any speed with fine-tuned playback control!

Stitcher Features:

  • Smart speaker integrations feature to play podcast easily throughout your home and office
  • Easily queue up and rearrange the episodes you want to play next
  • Listen to your favorite podcasts on your Bluetooth devices
  • With Stitcher premium, listen to exclusive podcasts from your favorite podcast hosts all ad-free
  • Download podcasts to easily listen offline
  • Easily sync with all devices such as iOS, Android, Web player, Alexa devices, and more

Stitcher Pricing:

  • Stitcher(Free): Stream and download your favorite podcasts
  • Stitcher Premium($ 4.99/m): Access to 60,000+ hours of Premium podcasts, Early access to podcasts, Ad-free listening
Stitcher pricing
Stitcher Pricing


List Of Hosting Provider Embed Players

Detailed List Of Hosting Platform Podcast Player

There are top hosting providers, that provide free podcast embed players! If you are on the budget-friendly side, then this list will the best to choose from. Let us have a look at the best-hosting sites podcast player:



Podcast Hosting Embed Player

Buzzsprout is one of the easiest podcast hosting platforms where you can easily host, promote and track a podcast. Buzzsprout’s embeddable podcast player looks great and works on all screen sizes and offers a free WordPress podcast plugin where you can embed your audio files easier. If you ask me, I would highly recommend you start your podcasting with this free hosting service.

With this hosting provider, you can reach millions of podcast listeners by listing your podcast in Apple Podcast Embed Player, Spotify Podcast Embed Player, Google Podcasts, and more. Buzzsprout feeds are compatible with all the top directories, so your podcast will appear wherever people are searching for it. Here you can display the show title, episode title, and even have the embed code display about description or show notes.

Buzzsprout Features:

  • Easy to upload and optimize your episodes automatically
  • Allows you to embed a podcast player right on your website
  • Make your podcast more accessible with transcriptions
  • Helps you to add a stunning podcast player to your website with just a snippet of code
  • Offer 90 days free trial
  • Get better control on your players such as skip forward, backward, or binge podcasts at 2x speed
  • Fully customizable that matches your unique brand

Buzzsprout Pricing:

  • Free: Allows you to upload 2 hours of content each month, and episode hosted for 90 days
  • $12/Month: Upload 3 hours each month, unlimited storage
  • $18/Month: Upload 6 hours each month, unlimited team members
  • $24/Month: Upload 12 hours each month, unlimited team members, advanced stats
Buzzsprout pricing details
Buzzsprout Pricing




Best Free Podcast Embed Player

Podbean is a free podcast hosting platform where you can promote your podcast and monetize from your podcast. Podbean podcast hosting distributes your podcast to all podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, the Podbean Podcast App, and more. Get your podcast heard by people all over the world instantly.

It allows you to easily upload and publish your podcast with stunning templates. Podbean’s embeddable podcast player helps you to personalize fonts, colors, and layout. With its simple-to-use interface, you can embed podcast players on your sites.

Podbean Features:

  • Discover new content and search by category and get suggested topics
  • Revolutionary podcast player to stream content or download anywhere anytime
  • Intelligent speed removes silences from an episode without distortion
  • Professional audio recorder app with easy-to-use interface
  • Rich background music to choose from, or import your own

Podbean Pricing:

  • Basic(Free): 5 hours total storage, 100 GB Monthly
  • Unlimited Audio( $9/M): Unlimited storage space, audio podcasting no limits
  • Unlimited Plus( $ 29/M): Best for video podcasts, full custom design, pro themes
  • Business( $99/M): Unlimited podcast channels, multiple domains, patron program
Podbean Pricing Details
Podbean Pricing




Best Embeddable Podcast Player

Transistor is one of the most popular embeddable podcast players for podcast lovers, where you can easily embed your podcast in your existing podcast in a variety of ways. Transistor provides podcast hosting and analytics for thousands of organizations, brands, and creatives around the world.

Moreover, it is a free to use podcast player, and great choice for creatives and professional podcasters for audio hosting and analytics. Easily embed the podcast player on your podcast!

Transistor Features:

  • Includes multiple podcast player and single podcast player
  • Helps you to distribute your podcast to multiple podcast directories
  • Allows you to host unlimited shows
  • Helps you to get an idea of advanced analytics
  • Generates a unique RSS feed for each subscriber
  • Offers 14 days free trial

Transistor Pricing:

  • Starter($19/M): Unlimited podcasts, live customer support, advanced analytics
  • Professional($49/M): Remove branding from the player, built-in podcast website
  • Business($99/M): Enhanced private podcasting, advanced analytics
Transistor Pricing
Transistor Pricing




Robust Podcast Embed Player

Simplecast is one of the industry-leading podcast audio streaming hosting platforms where you can deliver millions of audio content every single day. With Simplecast, get the most beautiful, robust, and intelligent web players available. Here, you can embed a single episode or an entire episode! Moreover, you can customize theme colors, create additional pages and create multiple shows using only Simplecast.

Now, you can easily embed effortlessly on various site builders such as Squarespace or WordPress or across any social media platforms. The best part is, Simplecast podcast embed player, monitors your listener’s listening speeds, share points, and drop-offs.

Simplecast Features:

  • Allows you to customize theme colors and create additional pages
  • Lets you to schedule and share clips of your podcast on Social Media
  • With one click, distribute your episode to millions of users around the globe
  • Better understand your listeners, where they are, where they listen
  • Embed a single episode or an entire show
  • Helps you to customize theme colors beautifully and optimized for search engines
  • Get better insights into your listeners’ sharing habits through all-new reporting tools.

Simplecast Pricing:

  • Basic($15/M): Unlimited storage and uploads, basic analytics, email support
  • Essential($35/M): 4 team member seats, location analytics, technology analytics
  • Growth($85/M): 9 team member seats, detailed device analytics, network analytics
Simplecast Pricing Plan




Best Embeddable Podcast Player

Audio player is one of the most important components of your podcast brand! Castos is the best podcast embed player that will help your listeners interact more with its clean and user-friendly interface. Moreover, you can embed seamlessly with any iFrame embed codes that you have on external websites.

Castos empowers you to create more of the content that your listeners crave, increase engagement into one beautiful dashboard. This hosting player offers a few enhancements that other players don’t provide. Here, you can choose from which mode looks best on your site, fully customizable subscribe buttons for your show, and mobile-friendly compared to other podcasting platforms.

Castos Features:

  • Manage your podcast from WordPress
  • Unique RSS feed for each podcast show
  • Includes option of light mode or dark mode to embed on your site
  • Customized subscribe buttons for every podcasting platform
  • Call-to-action buttons to share your episode on social media platforms
  • Looks great on desktop and mobile devices

Castos Pricing:

  • Starter($19/M): Unlimited number of podcasts, unlimited download limit, personalized podcast web page
  • Growth($49/M): Unlimited episode upload limit, personalized podcast webpage
  • Pro($99/M): Episode transcriptions, In-depth listener analytics, private podcasting
Castos Pricing Details
Castos Pricing




Simple Podcast Embed Player
Resonate Hosting

Resonate is the most simple podcast embed player, where you can upload the file, type out your episode with title and description which helps your audience interacts with your content. This hosting platform provides you a detailed embed player analytics including percent played, the total number of scrubs, and skips, and also helps you to custom color palette! Promote your podcast on your website with Resonate podcast embed player.

It is very easy to publish new episodes simply by selecting a date and let Resonate Hosting take care of the rest. Resonate Hosting,is basically built for speed, whenever a listener hits the download button in their podcast player, this hosting platform will download the episode faster compared to other hosting platforms!

Resonate Hosting Features:

  • Simple to use
  • Allows your production and distribution processes to happen in the same system
  • One-click posting
  • Track total podcast listens
  • Helps you to attach podcast or episode artwork
  • Faster than other hosting platforms
  • Live chat customer support
  • Fully customizable color palatte

Resonate Hosting Pricing:

  • Basic($25/M): Unlimited episodes, unlimited downloads
  • Premium($49/M): Unlimited Show Users, Analytics Dashboard
  • Professional: Embed player branding removed, private hosting
Resonate Hosting Pricing Plan
Resonate Hosting Pricing




Free Podcast Embed Player

Spreaker is one the best free podcast hosting platforms, which is 100% free to use without any need for expensive equipment. It is one of the best recording studios of any free hosting service for podcasts, where you can manage multiple podcasts.

This is the ultimate podcast platform to manage your podcast and grow your podcasting. The best part is, you can easily use Spreaker embed players whether you host with them or not. In this hosting platform, you can have a show list or playlist embed as well. Moreover, there are a lot of options to customize such as you can change the photo background, choose a player theme, player height, and also adjust the play button automatically!

Spreaker Features:

  • One-stop podcast hosting for all podcasters
  • Simple to publish your podcast with the content management system
  • Helps you to monetize from your podcast episodes
  • Manage multiple podcasts from the same account
  • Fully customizable player background, player theme, player height and play automatically
  • Distribute your episodes to all top podcast platforms

Spreaker Pricing:

  • Free Speech( Free): Multiple podcast hosting
  • On-Air Talent($7/M): Customizable RSS Feeds, Programmatic Monetization
  • Broadcaster($ 20/M): Multiple podcasts hosting, advanced statistics
  • Anchorman($50/M): Full statistics, customizable player colors
Spreaker Pricing Plan
Spreaker Pricing




Mobile-friendly embed player

Libsyn is the most powerful podcast hosting platform, where you can easily connect to your listeners on their favorite podcasting platforms! This embed player has an extension that seamlessly integrates with your site. Here, you can display a full show playlist of episodes, customize the player size, define the exact time, enable thumbnails, adjust your playlist settings and also customize the color of the player.

This hosting hub allows you to publish a Libsyn player right from your WordPress account and includes everything that your audience needs!See some highlighting features of Libsyn:

Libsyn Features:

  • Helps you to display a full episode playlist
  • Allows you to customize the player size
  • Enable thumbnail settings for a more clean appearance
  • Lets you define an exact time code to start a specific episode
  • Adjust the playback direction to play episodes
  • Customizable player color that suits your brand
  • Helps quick sharing with the embed code

Libsyn Pricing:

  • Classic 50($5): 50 MB monthly storage, unlimited audience, Libsyn directory listing
  • Classic 250($15): Podcast source app listing, advanced episode scheduling, file manager
  • Advanced 400($20): 400 MB monthly storage, podcast page mini-site
  • Advanced 800($40): 800 MB monthly storage, unlimited audience, WordPress publisher hub
Libsyn Pricing Plan
Libsyn Pricing




Podcast Embed Player

Podiant is the best platform to launch your podcast and increase the audience for your podcast. Moreover, this platform comes with a customizable,mobile-responsive website. If you want to attract your listeners right from your dashboard, then Podiant embed player is the best option! Here, you will get tons of subscribing options where you can easily share, embed and download.

Podiant gives you unlimited downloads, bandwidth and duration of episodes. Some of the key features are given below:

Podiant Features:

  • Easy to use with good insights
  • Ability to share, embed and download
  • Helps you to share your expertise with the world
  • One-click distribution for your audience
  • Mobile-ready podcast website is already included
  • Keep track of your latest episode’s downloads, and gauge your audience size
  • Offers 14 days free trial

Podiant Pricing:

  • Indie($12.99/M): Perfect for new podcasters, upgrade whenever you need
  • Professional($24.99/M): Higher-bitrate audio plus premium support, perfect for freelancers
  • Networks($35.97/M): Three-podcast network with Professional-level support
Podiant Pricing Plan
Podiant Pricing



Final Words

We hope, now you have got a clear idea of the best podcast embed player that you embed on your WordPress site, or already provided by your podcast host!

Look, a free podcast embed player is great for beginners who want a budget-friendly option! Podcast players are great option , if you want to embed or share like YouTube embeds, right? Interesting for podcasters!

Now, the question is you don’t have to use your host’s player all the time! It totally depends on you, which one you choose! To be true, Buzzsprout’s player and Podbean’s player are great and easily embeddable on your WordPress site. In case you are running a business, then a paid plugin is more worthy for growing your audience level!

We have listed the top podcast embed player above, for your better audience engagement and grow your podcast business!

Thank you, for being a part of this article! Let me know, which is your favorite embed player? And, if I am missing any! Happy to add them later!

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