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Have you been looking for Digital Asset Management software to manage your website’s digital content? Is it important for you to store all the media from your website somewhere? Have you heard about Publitio? Discover from this review what this software can do for you, and decide if it’s the right tool for you. It’s a cloud-based photo and video management software that serves as a safe and easy way for you to host, upload, convert, and monetize images and videos.

Publitio is an end-to-end media management tool that works as a warehouse for all the media requirements. Be it images, audio, videos, or multimedia files; users can upload, edit, and download content as per set specifications. Publitio also supports media processing and the transformation of media content. Users can get complete control over their data regarding who can access what and what they can do with the content.

The digital asset management solution helps store, manage, organize, and publish all the organization’s digital content on your web hosting sites. The video management tool allows users to upload, store, edit, convert format, add watermarks, and add relevant tags to the video. The URL-based API of Publitio enables instant cropping, resizing, and converting images, audio, and video files across various formats. Publitio has a straightforward integration process via REST API, SDK, or CMS. The platform works as a technology-driven lead generator, which helps businesses identify new prospects and scale their growth.

👉 Publitio Review

👉 Publitio Pros And Cons

9.7Expert Score
Best Cloud-Based End-To-End Media Asset Management Tool
Publitio, is Video and Image API, a SaaS that streamlines a website's entire image and video management pipeline. Publitio strives to be the standard for online images and video acquisition, transcoding, and distribution. With Publitio you can choose from a variety of video players to put on your site, not using Youtube hosted videos for storing. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to better monetize your videos and images by adding Ads Tags to your media assets.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
  • Publitio has allowed me to upload and store my recorded videos for my WordPress website
  • Extremely fast and cheap content delivery tools that improved our workflow
  • Allows you to publish and manage in house videos in the local government space
  • Transcoding and conversion between formats
  • WordPress media offloading plugin available
  • On-the-fly media manipulation
  • Complete media asset management solution
  • Comes HLS video encryption and watermarking support
  • Creating file transformations via URL-based API
  • Works great with images, videos, audio at an extremely competitive price-point
  • Awesome hosting storage solution for publishers, developers, and agencies
  • Video uploading process takes time

Have you ever wondered how to store and manage digital media like images, audio, and videos in your business? Publitio provides a safe & easy way to host, upload, process & deliver your images & videos. Now you have your time & focus on the core of your business.

Publitio is a tool that anyone can use. Plus, you don’t have to be a geek or developer to use it. It has an easy-to-use interface and is friendly to the average user, so you know how each feature works. To make sure you are using the right tool, Publitio can be used by bloggers, content creators, course creators, website owners, e-commerce managers, site administrators, or developers. Also, you can find documentation on their website if you want to deepen your knowledge.

Publitio can help you create file transformations via URL-based API, resize and crop digital contents, transcode and convert between formats, watermark, and much more. Why invest your hard-earned money on over-priced landing page builders and marketing tools! Start using Publitio, the all-in-one solution that will store and share digital media of your choice without breaking a sweat.

It’s easier than you think with Publitio’s digital assets management tool designed to make your presence felt in the world through online business endeavors. Considering that nowadays majority of the products and services are sold via eCommerce channels, there’s no turning back now to ensure that your every last dollar is spent wisely, so why not do it now?

Do you know the best part? you don’t need any coding or design skills whatsoever. Plus, Publitio offers live support if you get stuck along the way. So what are you waiting for? Get started today with Publitio’s easy-to-use cloud-based Media Asset Management platform today! Keep scrolling my Publitio Review below for an insight into how it performs!


👉 What Is Publitio?

Publitio is Platform-as-a-Service providing simple APIs for image & video management in the cloud, a service that offers cloud storage and delivery for your Video or Image content with some functions that can be executed on request, without you needing to have any infrastructure or programming knowledge how to store, convert and deliver an image or video content to final users. Publitio takes that pain and multiple steps for you. Publitio provides you with a few ways to boost your SEO, it keeps your files optimized by reducing size while retaining the quality, lowers loading time, reduces the response time, and more!

Publitio also handles the delivery of videos for apps and the web. It includes a free HTML5 video player with custom skins that brings your video to life right away. Create a player directly from the dashboard and easily customize it to fit in your website and do all of that without using programming languages. The best part? You just need to pay a one-time fee, that’s it! In this review, we will give you everything you need to know about Publitio features so you can decide if it is the best fit for your business. Publitio is quite rich in features, and you can do a lot of things with this tool. Let’s see what has Publitio to offer for users:

  • Video and Image hosting: With Publitio, you can upload and work with images and videos. Publishing your files to Publitio’s cloud allows you to upload your documents, and also to work with them.
  • Image & Video Upload: Uploading a video or image to Publitio is quite simple, you just need to keep in mind that the platform accepts a number of formats. For videos, you are able to upload mp4, webm, ogv, avi, mov, flv, 3gp, 3g2, wmv, mpeg, and mkv.
  • Delivery: With Publitio, your videos, images, and audio files will be streamed instantly. Publitio includes a free HTML5 video player that lets you watch videos live in minutes.
  • Video and Image optimization: Optimizing your files is the best path to SEO Heaven, and that’s also something that we can do for you at Publitio.
  • Transformations of Images & Videos: It is essential to have a tool that stores all your digital content and makes it possible to edit, resize, and modify it according to its use.
  • Built-in Media Player: Using Publitio is like using a built-in media player. When dealing with tons of video files, it is essential to have a tool to help you.
  • Ad tag: Publishing with Publitio is not just an online media asset management system, but also a platform for monetizing your videos using Ad tags. If you are a marketer, probably you’ve heard about ad tags, a snippet of code that needs to be inserted within the HTML code of a webpage where an ad is due to be displayed.
  • Watermarking: In addition, with Publitio, you can protect your intellectual property, i.e., your files, and you can watermark your videos and images from your Dashboard.
  • WP Offload Media Plugin: With this plugin, all your media assets from WordPress can easily be transferred to the cloud without a blink. This allows you to have full control over your files and set privacy controls.

🔥 What You Can Create With Publitio?

Publitio URL-Based API performs various transformations of your images, videos, audio & pdf documents. You can use it to do resizing, cropping, watermarking, quality adjustment and transcoding (conversion) to different formats, etc. The best part is you can perform all these transformations via simple UI in the versions dashboard or by adding/changing option parameters & extensions into the file URL and everything will happen on the fly – instantly via browser – no need to install or set up anything.

  • Creating File Transformations Via Dashboard UI: If you have uploaded files to your account, you can jump straight to the Create Version page. Search for the file to make the transformation from and Create File Version modal will show up. Here you can choose one of the possible output formats for that file and you will have the possibility to set various options like Width & Height for resolution, Cropping param, Watermark to be applied, Quality adjustment, Trimming (cutting) of videos & audio, etc.
  • Creating File Transformations Via URL-Based API: Publitio offers a URL-based API through which you can do all file transformations on the fly, just over the browser, by changing parameters in the file URL. To try how this works, browse for one of your uploaded files & open its URL in a new browser tab. The final step is to perform a transformation on the file by applying some options to the file URL or by changing the output file extension.
  • Resizing & Cropping: Most common use will be for you to resize & crop your images and videos. This can be achieved by adding width, height, and crop option parameters to the URL.
  • Transcoding & Conversion Between Formats: You can easily create a new version of the file in a different format just by changing the output extension in the file URL.
  • Image To Video Transformation: Now comes the interesting part, you can create videos out of your images (and vice versa). Create 480p MP4, WEBM, or OGV video out of the original file. Publitio supports MP4, WEBM, and OGV as output videos.
  • Watermarking: One simple way to watermark your images and videos is by applying we option to your file URL. Make sure you first create some watermarks on the Dashboard and obtain their name before continuing.
  • Audio To Video: You can create videos out of audio files. Supported video from audio formats is mp4, Web. This basically creates a video by combining the waveform and audio of our file and is useful if you want to play audio within a video player and wish to monetize audio files through video ads.
  • Audio To Image: You can transcode uploaded audio files to images (waveforms) in the following formats: jpg, png, gif, and web. This is useful if you need to have some visual representation of an audio file.

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👉 Publitio Review: How Does Publitio Work?

Publitio provides a dashboard where you can manage all your content. Secondly, the API allows you to crop, resize, or even create folders with your content. Media files of up to 5GB can be uploaded and stored through the dashboard and API.

Publitio stores and backs up each uploaded file so that you can access them anytime you need them. What can you do with Publitio? You can perform tasks such as a smart image or video resizing, cropping, merging, overlay, watermarking, rotations, and perform format conversions. You can also monetize your media with ads; more information can be found in the feature section.

👉 Publitio Features: What Are You Getting Inside?

Use Publitio Free Publitio is free with 10 GB storage space, 20 GB monthly bandwidth, and a limited set of features. It is easy to set up, easy to use and can be implemented across multiple sites. You can start for free, upgrade to a larger plan as needed, and implement it across multiple sites with it. It’s easy to set up, easy to use and can be implemented across multiple sites. Publitio is quite rich in features, and you can do a lot of things with this tool. Let’s see what has Publitio to offer for users:

🔥 Video & Image Hosting

Image Hosting

With Publitio, you can upload and work with images and videos. Publishing your files to Publitio’s cloud allows you to upload your documents, and also to work with them. This aspect is vital for every person who is working daily with large amounts of videos.
Publitio gives you a place to store all your files and the tools to manage and organize them. You can try it for free, and if it’s working for you and you need a premium plan with a larger capacity of storage, you can upgrade to a premium plan.

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🔥 Image & Video Upload

Publitio Image Upload

Uploading a video or image to Publitio is quite simple, you just need to keep in mind that the platform accepts a number of formats. For videos, you are able to upload mp4, webm, ogv, avi, mov, flv, 3gp, 3g2, wmv, mpeg, and mkv. Publitio provides something more interesting in the area of images. Firstly, you can upload images of all kinds; and secondly, you can transform them from PNG to Jpeg using the URL-based transformation feature. You can use Publitio as your own library, where all of your digital content will be categorized and organized for everyone to see.

🔥 Delivery

Publitio Create Player

In order to provide high-quality services to its users, media asset management software should be reliable, scalable, and offer a high-performing infrastructure. Publitio infrastructure can handle millions of requests for video, image, and audio files at one time. Using Publitio, you can upload your videos and create a player directly from your Dashboard. You do not have to be a tech guru to do that.

🔥 Publitio Video and Image Optimization

It is true that size matters when it comes to media assets. If you want only positive feedback, you should understand that optimizing your files is one of the best paths to SEO Heaven. That’s another thing Publitio can do for you. Or you can do it yourself with its help. So, yeah, you can resize your files – video, image, and audio – to optimize your website or, depending on where you are using the files.

🔥 Transformations of Images & Videos

Publitio Transformations

It is wonderful to have a tool that stores all your digital files and lets you edit, resize, or modify them based on their purpose. You can play with your own digital library but also keep it organized for a better workflow.

🔥 Built-In Media Player

Publitio Built-in Media Player

When dealing with dozens of video files, you definitely need a tool to ease your work. Publitio works as a built-in media player. So, you can actually make modifications to your files on this platform – from uploading, converting your video content directly in Publitio by changing the extension in URL, and even reducing the size while still, keeping the high quality. You can play video and audio files with Publitio Media Player and share them on any device.

🔥 Watermarking

Publitio Watermarking

With Publitio, you can also protect your intellectual property, i.e., your files, and add a watermark to your videos and images. You can create a PNG or JPEG watermark within the platform, call it whatever you want, and even choose the desired position. It’s that simple.

🔥 WordPress Offload Media Plugin

Publitio WordPress Offload Media Plugin

Publitio is the only company that created a plugin for WordPress specifically to enable media assets to be downloaded from WordPress to their cloud without even blinking an eye. This feature gives you complete control of your files, and you can even set privacy settings.

🔥 Creating Ad Tag

Publitio AD Tag

Publitio is not only your cloud-based media assets store but only offers you the possibility to monetize your videos with Ad tags. If you are a marketer, probably you’ve heard about ad tags, a snippet of code that needs to be inserted within the HTML code of a webpage where an ad is due to be displayed.

Furthermore, after you have uploaded the file from the Publitio cloud, you are able to delete it from your server. The quality content is set up by default, but you can choose different values if necessary. You can greatly improve the speed of your website with this plugin since it removes the heavy files that slow it down.

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👉 Publitio Integrations: All The Integrations On Offer

List of SDK's for the Publitio APIPublitio integration is simple via REST API, but for the moment, they only offer integration with WordPress and LearnDash. You can also use Publitio API with a great list of apps and SDK: WordPress, PHP, Java, Postman Collection, JavaScript, jQuery Plugin, Python, Android, iOS, Laravel, Perl, Go, .NET, or Flutter Plugin.

👉 WordPress Integration: A Step-By-Step Guide

🔥 Creating Publitio Account

Create Publitio Account

Please create Publitio Account and write down your API & Secret keys from Dashboard which you will need later to complete the plugin setup.

🔥 Installing Publitio WordPress Plugin On Your Website

This step assumes you already have a website with a working WordPress installation. Once at your WordPress admin part go to the Plugins section and click on Add New. Then you can search for the keyword “Publitio”.

Installing Publitio WordPress Plugin

After that it’s pretty simple, click on Install Now and after that remember to Activate the plugin. Alternatively, you can download the Publitio WordPress plugin and install it manually by copying the content of the zip file to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

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🔥 Setup Publitio WordPress Plugin

Next step, please visit the Publitio Settings page by clicking on the Publitio in the dashboard menu. Here you will need to paste your API & Secret keys. Once entered, remember to click on the Update Settings button.

Setup Publitio WordPress Plugin

🔥 Uploading & Inserting Files Into Posts/Pages Via Publitio Plugin

Add new or edit existing posts & pages. Within the editor, find the + icon and click it. Search for Publitio. Once Publitio is selected, a block will appear where you will have the possibility to directly upload new images & videos to Publitio.

Uploading File Via Publitio Plugin

After clicking the “Select file from Publitio”, a new window will open with all of your files currently stored on Publitio. Also, you can use it to upload new files from your device directly to Publitio. Select the desired way of inserting the file onto your page/post.

Insert URL


Insert Source option will add formatted html5 markup for optimized images & video delivery. Images will have srcset in place, that will display different versions of optimized images depending on the end viewer’s device. Videos will have predefined src for webm, mp4, and ogv formats, ready to be streamed by internet browsers.

Insert Player option will add formatted HTML that contains Publitio Media Player. This is a very useful option if you want to publish your videos directly with a nice-looking video player and must have the option if you would like to run ads within your media.

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🔥 Preview & Publish Your Images & Videos

In the final step, preview the changes you have made. If you are satisfied with the result you can publish your post instantly and the whole media workload (from hosting, delivery, transcoding, optimization, etc.) will be handled by Publitio in the background.


You can easily create your custom video player via Players Dashboard. Once you create and get your player id, you can set it as the default player for your WordPress website at the Publitio Settings plugin page. This option is global and will affect all files that are handled by the Publitio plugin.

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👉 Publitio Pricing

I love the simplicity of the way the service works. Upload files on the account, and when you install a plugin on the website just put your previous customized player in the video file option, and that’s it. Security of the video files is at a high level. Before the purchase of Publitio, I used a free account, and it’s the perfect choice for the start. When you grow you will probably find that a paid account is a good turnover because of memory and bandwidth. Also, they have many SDK/Plugin options for using the service.

Publitio Pricing Plan

🏆 FREE Plan: Monthly Pricing —$0.00/mo

Always free, No credit card required

  • 5 GB storage space
  • 10 GB monthly bandwidth (Amount of data transfer in gigabytes available for files delivery and transcoding during a month—Resets Every Month)
  • 1 Player (Number of customizations that can be used across all your videos)
  • 1 Ad tag (Number of video ad tags used to monetize your videos)
  • 1 Watermark (Number of watermarks you can apply on all your images and videos)

🏆 PREMIUM Plan: Monthly Pricing —$9.00/mo


  • 50 GB storage space (Amount of storage space available for storing files)
  • 100 GB monthly bandwidth (Amount of data transfer in gigabytes available for files delivery and transcoding during a month—Resets Every Month)
  • 5 Players (Number of customizations that can be used across all your videos)
  • 5 Ad tags (Number of video ad tags used to monetize your videos)
  • 5 Watermarks (Number of watermarks you can apply on all your images and videos)
  • 1 Custom CNAME’s (Number of custom domains you can use for your files)
  • Domain-Level protection (Adds an extra layer of protection for tour files making it sure they can be viewed only n specific domain names)
  • HLS video encryption (Adds an extra layer of protection for streaming videos, making it difficult for end-user to save the video to their device)
  • Analytics (access to detailed usage and files analytics)
  • Priority support
  • Pay-as-you-go usage

👉 Watch Publitio Demo: A Dashboard Walkthrough

Get a brief lookout at how the Publitio cloud-based end-to-end media management tool works with this Publitio tutorial video.

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👉 Publitio Benefits

The current digitization wave has brought about a higher production of digital assets. More and more organizations are churning out valuable information regularly, thus overwhelming the capabilities of on-premise digital asset management (DAM). Luckily, cloud-based digital asset management software like Publitio can save the sinking ship.

Below, we shall go through some of the top benefits that cloud digital asset management can bring to your business. Before we delve in, we need to ask an important question: what is a digital asset?

A digital asset refers to any content, in any form that is stored digitally and can offer value to the organization. Such include videos, images, photos, slide decks, and spreadsheets, among others. Here we are going to understand some of the key benefits of having the Publitio digital asset management tool below:

Cloud backup is simple: You probably want an easier solution. The beauty of cloud backup is in its simplicity.

Hard drive? Keep it plugged in, and you possibly risk your computer and the hard drive both falling prey to one ransomware. Keep it away from your computer, and you need to remember to regularly plug it in and do your backup.

Cloud? Sit back and relax – as long as you are connected to the Internet, the backup requires no conscious effort on your side. No cables. No backup schedules. No-fuss. And this brings us to the next benefit of the cloud.

Continuous data protection is a huge perk: With the cloud, your data is not only automatically backed up, but it is also continuously backed up. The majority of cloud backup service software includes preconfigured backup settings which simplify the selection of the important locations for the initial backup.

Any future backups are incremental, and only new files or changes to the old ones are saved. Continuous backup of data also translates to being able to access every individual backup of a particular file. This feature of cloud backup service, known as file versioning, means that restore options allow you to restore any version you wish of the file in question.

Accessibility—Access your data anytime, anywhere: Your data is widely accessible and just safer. Have you ever had your laptop behave all weird at the most inappropriate time such as when you need quick access to your work presentation? Or are you part of a thriving remote team that would appreciate being able to collaborate on shared documents from anywhere? Maybe you are tired of always carrying your laptop when traveling, or of all the trips to the office when an important contract needs to be reviewed?

Having your data stored in the cloud means it is accessible from any internet-connected device. And by “internet-connected device”, we mean any internet-connected device: your smartphone, friend’s notebook, dad’s tablet or work laptop – just name it and your files are readily available.
Using a cloud backup service is not only convenient for the ongoing management of your files. Keeping a copy of your files offsite means that they are safe from anything your personal computer might suffer and that they can be easily restored from anywhere in the case of a disaster.

Cloud Scalability: It is no secret that the amount of data we are creating is on an exponential rise. Also, it is no secret that one of the most precious features of cloud computing is scalability. The current backup capacity does not accommodate your growing business? No need to stress. An increase in the existing cloud backup capacity is literally a few clicks away and available with no delay.

Scalability enables you to move back and forth incapacity to fit your decreasing or increasing demands of yours. Further, scalable architecture handles the bursts of traffic well and saves you from a complete and expensive transformation of the existing infrastructure.

If you have chosen Publitio for the cloud-based handling of your media, you are already familiar with our handy dashboard. Publitio’s dashboard tells you how much storage space and bandwidth you have used, and in the case, an upgrade is needed – you are clicks away!

On the other hand, local backups are not easily scalable for more or less data space. They require you to acquire and set up new physical pieces whenever you need more space, or to settle for having a few that are not used when your demands are in decrease.

👉 Publitio Uses

Publitio attempts to take the pain out of the whole Media Asset Management (MAM) process by easing common tasks used by the majority of web & mobile apps, such as media files uploading, storage, processing, and delivery, thus saving development time, reducing costs and making a life of developers easier.
Publitio helps you to build a perfect online presence for your online business model, whether you are an online entrepreneur or an online local business owner. Publitio is an amazing digital asset management tool that is perfect for:

  • Image & Video Storage: Publitio Dashboard and REST API come with convenient ways for uploading and storage media files. We support a wide range of file types for both images & videos, up to 5GB in size. Every uploaded file is getting stored and backed up on our back-end (built on top of AWS S3 and Azure Blob) so you can rest assured your files will be available when needed.
  • Image & Video Processing: Media processing includes everything from image & video transformations, manipulations, conversion (transcoding) between formats, watermarking, etc. Publitio URL-Based API allows on-the-fly processing of both images & videos, which is so simple to use – you get a transformed file just by changing an extension or a few optional parameters in the file URL. Check out what image & video transformations are possible or try the demo for yourself.
  • Image & Video Delivery: When it comes to media assets delivery, Publitio infrastructure is built ground-up to scale: it can handle hundreds of millions of requests by design. We partner with Microsoft Azure & Amazon AWS to ensure that your images & videos will be always available, optimized (for both mobile & desktop end-viewers), and delivered at the best speed via our global networks of servers and CDNs.

These are the potential use cases of the Publitio Image & Video Management Platform. We have made it pretty easy to connect your back-end with Publitio REST & URL-Based APIs. Our bottom line is this: don’t try to build an in-house media assets management solution. Save your time & focus on the core of your business. Let us handle your entire image & video workflow.

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👉Publitio Alternatives

⚡ Publitio vs Vimeo

Vimeo is a social media app that lets you share and capture videos. You can watch new videos in a variety of different categories, and you can share your own content right from your device. Though it is not easy to download protected videos from Vimeo, people can still download them using some special tools which can be a point of concern on security and ownership. Vimeo does have an API, but it is only available on pricey custom plans. As a result, you will not get API access with low-cost plans. and the most important factor to not consider Vimeo is that it doesn’t come with any WordPress plugin support.

Publitio is used with LearnDash using the Gutenberg block from the free Publitio WordPress plugin. Publitio hosting is known to be the best for you. Since it is very affordable some LearnDash users use it for just video hosting but use VooPlayer to embed their video for Video progression. Owing to URL-based transformations, it allows you to perform various video transformations and conversions between formats. It also provides you with a system to control the video files over the web. You can use the Watermark dashboard on this platform to create a watermark for your video files and protect them from theft. You can also apply the watermark while uploading the video file to the platform.

⚡ Publitio vs Canto

Canto is already an existing player in this industry and is used by many brands worldwide nut does not offer security protection like Publitio. On the other side, a young and restless Publitio aims to be the next cloud storage layer. Both of them are digital asset management software, so they offer a vast media library for all your visuals. While Publitio has a freemium version, if you want more storage or other features, you can choose from 3 different plans.

Canto offers is best for multiple users, which allows you to work in a team and share your assets with other team members, while Publitio is personal and is best known for the security of your digital assets. Publitio also offers URL-based transformation, which means that you can modify the asset’s format from the URL.

Also, if you opt for a premium subscription to Publitio, you can benefit from domain-level protection. So, if you have a business or you are a content creator, and you need digital asset management software, try Publitio, which one is the best option for you.

⚡ Publitio vs Cloudimage is used to resize, store, and deliver your images to your customers through a fast CDN. Cloudimage automates the transformation and optimization of images on the fly and accelerates their distribution via the Content Delivery Network (CDN). But that’s the limitation with Cloudimage, you cannot store your digital assets because Cloudimage isn’t meant to be a digital asset management API tool like Publitio. Publitio, is Video and Image API, a SaaS that streamlines a website’s entire image and video management pipeline. Publitio strives to be the standard for online images and video acquisition, transcoding, and distribution.

Publitio will not only help you customization of your digital media but also provide you the infrastructure to establish a fast and secure connection with any domain of your choice.


Publitio is more than just a cloud to store and transfer tons of media content from your website. Ultimately, it’s about improving your workflow and saving time and money. A user-friendly tool is even better. In addition, a variety of automatic features are available like video/image resizing, cropping, watermarking, overlaying, merging, rotating, and converting formats without the need for third-party software.
Publitio makes static media assets more dynamic and allows for easy organization without requiring users to be code geeks. Nowadays, there is so much digital information that we definitely need to store it safely somewhere and have access to it whenever we want and need it. Please don’t take our Publitio review for granted and try it for yourself.

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Publitio Review, Pricing, Features and Alternatives
Publitio Review, Pricing, Features and Alternatives

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