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Brilliant Directories Review (2022), Features, Pricing, LTD & Alternatives.

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Want to create your own membership sites & Business Directories? But can’t find the right tools? Brilliant Directories comes to the rescue. BrilliantDirectories is an efficient software to deploy its own directory scripts to cater to multiple purposes. Read this Brilliant Directories Review and get access to Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deals.

Looking for Brilliant Directories Review? Here we go.

Brilliant Directories is a full-featured packed platform that will effectively manage multiple websites without stress. Brilliant directories is a platform that requires no plugin to function.

Build professional websites with Brilliant Directories. Brilliant Directories can be used in customizing the look and feel of the website, or in uploading a brand’s logo or images to showcase a brand’s identity. Creating a landing page has never been easier! Using the Pre-Made Elements on statics pages allows admins and designers to create multiple signup pages.

Looks interesting, Right? Welcome to our detailed Brilliant Directories Review. In this Review of Brilliant Directories, we will cover some key aspects of this platform like Brilliant Directories Overview, Brilliant Directories Features, Brilliant Directories Pricing, Brilliant Directories Alternatives, Brilliant Directories Appsumo Deals, and more.

So let’s get started.

Brilliant Directories Review

9.9Expert Score
Can't Recommend Brilliant Directories Enough!
I chose Brilliant Directories because it had everything I needed when I was looking to create my membership website. The support and community inside Brilliant Directories is a great help, and you have access to literally thousands of other BD website owners who all come together to share their experiences, tips, and help. If you are looking to create a directory, I can not recommend Brilliant Directories enough. No matter what you are wanting to do, there is a theme suitable for your needs!
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
  • They are professional and have excellent technology that fits my needs. Their platform allows for users to monetize it and Brilliant Directories is not counting my potential revenue.
  • The customer support people are great. Also, their Facebook page has a very active community that shares ideas and is there to help you 24/7.
  • Members can join on their own, while you control everything from the admin area.
  • Maximize revenue from members and advertisers with automated payments.
  • Allow website visitors to search for members in your professional online directory.
  • You and your members can post articles, events, coupons, classifieds, and more!
  • Create a stunning directory using your own logo and robust design settings.
  • Generate additional revenue by selling and managing banner ad spaces.
  • Stay connected to members with email newsletters and contact list tools.
  • Publish and promote upcoming events to keep your member community informed.
  • Increase your Google page rankings and attract more visitors with dynamic SEO.
  • Premium hosting and top-rated email support are included with every plan.

Brilliant Directories Overview

Brilliant Directories is an all-in-one directory platform designed to help businesses design and launch online communities. Introduced in 2009, Brilliant Directories has so far helped more than 20,000 organizations turn their business ideas into reality and grow their membership database. Administrators can utilize available themes to build membership websites or directories and personalize them using brand-specific images, a logo, social media links, text, and other elements on a real-time design editor.

The application has a self-service member dashboard that enables users to access profile pages and companies to monitor payments, transactions, email history, and other things. It provides a searchable directory where business people can post company information, show corporate listings, interact with leads, and get ratings or reviews.

Designed to provide a recurring revenue stream to any business, the Brilliant Directory system includes advanced reporting, a fully integrated CRM, easy-to-use CMS, a seamless SEO Center, and Payment Processing through its multi-language, international solution.

Additionally, the email marketing module offered by Brilliant Directories enables users to create and schedule personalized email campaigns and newsletters for segmented lists and more. Now let’s see the Brilliant Directories features.

Brilliant Directories Feature

Over the years, Brilliant Directories developers have significantly expanded the functionalities of this website-building software. Brilliant Directories offers several useful features to satisfy the needs of users with no technical background and those looking to upgrade from an antiquated platform.

🔥 Web Page Builder

Even if you have no prior coding experience, you can create, edit, and manage your site using the built-in web page builder. You only need to use the visual editor, which functions similarly to Microsoft Word, to customize your website. To provide a service that is even more individualized, you can also use your own HTML and CSS code.


My Brilliant Directories review can confirm that the software features reliable SEO tools that allow both admins and prospective members to play with keywords, titles, and meta descriptions to boost search visibility. Finally, you receive hosting features like SSL certificates, daily backups, a controlled email management system, and login protection, depending on the pricing plan you select.

🔥Member Management

Your clients’ experience begins with the self-service dashboard where they can log in to fill in, check, or change their contact details, publish content, and communicate with other members. As an admin, you personalize the member form fields as per your business’s needs and leave it up to your members to do the rest. With this Manage Members feature of Brilliant Directories, you can create:

Dynamic Member Profile Pages

Your individual and business members will have their own public profile pages on your website. Profile pages are automatically and dynamically optimized to rank well in search engines. Your members can add information about themselves and visitors can contact members, leave reviews, and more.

Self-Service Member Dashboard

Simplify your management tasks and focus on your website’s growth while your members manage their own accounts. Members can update their contact information, and subscriptions, keep track of leads and reviews, upload content, and more.


Create Membership Packages

Create unlimited free and paid membership levels. Charge members monthly, yearly, and even semi-annually! Control member access with over 40 privileges and restrictions that you can adjust to differentiate the benefits of each membership level.

If you are interested in building membership sites, you can check our listing blog on “Best Membership Site Builder“.

Intuitive Management System

The member manager comes ready with all the essential tools you need to keep track of your website’s members. View their transaction history, payment subscriptions, email history, and more. You can even edit the information members add to their accounts.

Import Members to Your Website

Importing existing members as a CSV file to your new website is a painless process. You can even sort members into predefined categories during import, geocode your members, and import profile images.


Customize Member Form Fields

Boost SEO rankings by enabling members to add more information to their listings. You can decide what information you would like your members to input, making your directory’s member pages highly valuable and informative.

🔥Content Publishing

Thanks to the Site-Wide SEO Editor, members don’t need to concern themselves about whether their content will stand out in search engines, regardless if it’s a blog post, a photo gallery of products, or artwork. Brilliant Directories allows you to easily Publish & Promote Tons of Content for Your Community.

All-In-One SEO Tools

You can dominate search results with powerful SEO to attract organic traffic from search engines. SEO is having an optimized website that ranks well in search engines like Google and Bing. Brilliant Directories provides all the tools to succeed and that’s why your directory comes with optimized web pages right out of the box.

Out-rank the competition and take the guesswork out of having an optimized directory website. With the use of Brilliant Directories, you can:

  • Customizable Meta Tags
  • Perfect URL Structures
  • Microdata & Schema Markup

Simple Blog Tools

Publishing articles is now one of the best ways to improve your website’s SEO and generate more page views. Brilliant Directories includes a full-featured, search engine optimized blogging system with a visual text editor. Build your online community and create additional resources to complement your directory listings.

Brilliant Directories -add-blog-article-to-website

With the tools, you can:

  • Publish Articles – The visual text editor allows you to easily create articles with images, links, headings, and more.
  • Schedule Posts – Draft your articles in advance and set a scheduled date for when you want your articles to be published.
  • Dedicated Blog – Your blog articles have their own section on your site, separating them from your members’ articles.

Events & Activities

Keep your community up to date by sharing events or allowing your members to post their events. Publish events with locations, images, links, start dates, and more. Include “Tickets” and “More Info” buttons to link to external sites where event tickets can be purchased.

Brilliant Directories -publish-event-membership-website

Events can be sorted by location and displayed in a list view or organized on an interactive calendar. Brilliant directories allow you to :

  • Publish Events– You and your members can publish events with details, images, ticket links, and more.
  • Interactive Calendar– Events published to your website can be organized and displayed on an interactive calendar view.
  • Sort by Location– Events can be sorted by location. These events with a physical location will have a Google Map display.

Photo Galleries


Photo galleries are integrated into many features that come with the Brilliant Directories platform. Products, classifieds, properties, and more all have integrated photo galleries. You and your members can also create custom photo albums – perfect for websites that showcase artwork, design ideas, locations, and more.

  • Upload Images– Create a new photo album, add a title, additional details, and keywords and upload your images.
  • Arrange Order– Choose the specific order you want your images to appear. Images can also be moved to other albums.
  • SEO Friendly – Album and photo titles, descriptions and keywords ensure they are all optimized for search engines.

Deals & Coupons

Deals and coupons are great for driving business to your website, to your business members, and encouraging affiliate marketers to register on your website. For example, you can check the Appsumo deals site and the Pitchground deals site, where there are various deals and coupons. You can create that type of site with Brilliant Directories.

brilliant directories-share-coupon-deals-directory

Members can publish deals and coupons. The coupon code will be displayed on the detail page with a button that links to the business’s website where the product or service can be purchased.

  • Share Deals– You and your members can publish deals with coupon codes, images, additional info, and purchase links.
  • Expiration Dates – Deals can have expiration dates applied to them to help encourage users to promptly redeem them.
  • Perfect for Affiliates– Members who are marketing affiliates can publish their affiliate links with the deals they share.

🔥 Monetization Tools

As mentioned earlier in this Brilliant Directories review, the vendor offers an abundance of payment options and gateways, including Stripe, PayPal, BluePay, and Authorize.NET.

You can use Brilliant Directories to generate recurring income through paid membership. Members, sponsors, and advertisers can add banner ads to their websites or earn extra money through Google AdSense to increase revenue from advertisers.

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10+ Payment Gateways

Brilliant Directories powers over 20,000 websites worldwide. We understand how important it is for your website to accept and process payments in your local currency. You can choose from 10 popular payment gateways that you can integrate to start accepting payments right away.

Brilliant Directories Payment Gateways

Multiple Revenue Channels

Maximize revenue with multiple ways to collect payments and generate revenue. You can accept payments from worldwide members right from the start.

  • Automated Recurring Payments
  • Manage Subscriptions, Refunds & More
  • Past-Due Payment Handling
  • One-Click Member Upgrades
  • Capture & Sell Leads to Members
  • Google AdSense & Banner Ads
  • Sell Additional Products & Services

Google AdSense & Banner Ads

Place banner ads on your website to generate additional revenue. Use Google AdSense or sell ad space yourself and upload custom banner ads. The included Banner Ad Manager makes it quick and easy to place banner ads throughout your website.


Maximize revenue from advertisers, sponsors, and members by utilizing valuable ad space on your website.

  • Google AdSense – With integrated Google AdSense, simply paste your ad codes and your ads will display on your website.
  • Monetize Ad Space– Sell valuable ad space on your website by charging advertisers a monthly, yearly, or one-time fee.
  • Custom Banner Ads – Upload your custom banner ad images with the Banner Ad Manager to place them throughout your site.

Lead Management Tools

With this tool, you can Generate Revenue & Add More Value for Your Members.

Capture leads from your website visitors and sells them directly to your active members.

  • Easily Generate Leads
  • Automated + Manual Matching
  • Easy For Members to Purchase
  • Simple Backend Management

Premium Website Hosting + Security

As a SaaS solution, secured hosting is always included to protect your billing & payments. Keep Your Website Secure with Cutting-Edge Security Protocols. Brilliant Directories premium cloud hosting is included with your website. You’ll save on the expensive costs of hosting, troubleshooting, website security, and the headaches that come with managing your own servers. We do all of the heavy liftings – always included with every plan.

  • Connect Any Domain
  • Secure SaaS Platform
  • Daily Backups & Exports
  • SSL Security
  • Closed-Source Network
  • Controlled Email Address Management
  • Login Attempt Protection
  • Multi-Site Management

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🔥 Brilliant Directories Themes & Directory

The directory setup on the Brilliant Directories platform is praised as easy, quick, and efficient. Additionally, the developers give users the option to bulk import their members because the product is designed to be used by both novices and experts.

Whether you are targeting the legal, finance, real estate, the nonprofit sector, you will have no problem finding a suitable theme. Brilliant Directories reviews further show that the professional directory themes are extremely easy to edit. It’s simple to include your logo, images, text, and other branding components. Furthermore, each theme is white-labeled, meaning that Brilliant Directory does not include its branding in the finished product. Types of themes you get:

Find Service Providers

The best business directory themes for B2B and B2C websites targeting specific industries. Allow website visitors to find, contact, and get matched as leads with your professional members.



Home Services, Medical, Wellness, Legal, Insurance, Wedding, Finance, Beauty, Pet Services, and more.

  • Searchable Member Listings
  • Lead-Capture Forms
  • Sell Leads to Your Members
  • Verification Badges
  • Instant Email Notifications
  • Customer Reviews
  • Mobile-Friendly / App-Ready
  • And so much more…

Local City Directory Themes

Create a business directory for your local city or region. Publish local listings, hot spots, deals, events, news, general information, and more with optimized directory themes perfect for communities.



Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor Sites, Local Community Directories, Travel Guides, and more.

  • Free & Paid Business Listings
  • Self-Managed Profiles
  • Collect Business Reviews
  • Search by Category
  • Sell Banner Advertisements
  • Promote Local Events
  • Google Map Integrations
  • And so much more…

Membership Themes

Simplify tasks for your entire member organization: easy to set up, manage members, post events, publish news, send emails, and more.



Chamber of Commerce, Alumni, Parent–Teacher, Political, Non-Profits, Foundation, Charities, Religious Institution, and more.

  • Manage Member Data
  • Online Member Directory
  • Member Endorsements
  • Manage Payments & Dues
  • Event Listings & Calendar
  • Publish News Updates
  • Send Email Newsletters
  • And so much more…

Classifieds & Real Estate Listings

Allow members to post content directly to your websites such as classified ads, real estate listings, jobs, open houses, and more. List items and properties to buy, rent or sell.



Craigslist, Zillow, OfferUp, Nextdoor, Eventbrite, Kijiji, Indeed, RetailMeNot, RedFin, and more

  • Self-Signup for Users
  • Live Google Map Search
  • Photo & Video Galleries
  • List Open Houses
  • Connect with Sellers
  • Sell Leads & Referrals
  • Useful Search Filters
  • Featured Homepage Posts
  • Moderate User Posts
  • Collect Payments Online

🔥 Email Marketing, Newsletters & Social Media Sharing

More than 40 personalized email marketing templates are available from Brilliant Directories and can be used for campaigns, account upgrade confirmation emails, or welcome emails. Users of Brilliant Directories have reported saving thousands of dollars thanks to the internal email marketing tools.

Administrators can send newsletters to their members as well as distinctive email marketing lists to keep them informed of the most recent events in the community. Brilliant Directories enables you to add a link to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page to your directory homepage to help your community’s marketing efforts.

🔥 Brilliant Directories Integration – Sync Your Data with 3,000+ Apps

Send your Brilliant Directories data out to thousands of 3rd party tools and solutions. Connect with :

  • Paypal
  • Elementor – Read our detailed Elementor Review here
  • Stripe
  • Hubspot CRM – Read Hubspot CRM Review Here
  • Google Drive
  • Slack
  • Google Meet
  • Google Sheet
  • Google Task
  • Google Slides
  • Trello – Read Trello Review here.
  • MailChimp
  • Zoom
  • Asana – Read Asana Review here.
  • Infinity
  • Gmail
  • Facebook
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • ConvertBox
  • WordPress
  • ClickUp
  • Clickfunnels – Read ClickFunnels Review here.
  • ThriveCart
  • Razorplay
  • MailerLite – Read Mailerlite Review here.
  • ClickBank – Read ClickBank Review here.
  • Instagram
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Telegram Bot
  • Airtable
  • CharAPI
  • And more…

🔥Some Other Powerful Membership Features

  • Build Membership Plans
  • Recurring Subscriptions
  • Manage Member Lists
  • Self-Service Profiles
  • Add Staff Accounts
  • Capture & Sell Leads
  • Sell Banner Ad Slots
  • Track Refunds/Past Dues
  • Send Email Newsletters
  • Fully-Integrated SEO
  • Include PDF Downloads
  • 100% Mobile-Friendly
  • Promote Events & News
  • Post Job Listings
  • List Classified Ads
  • Publish Products & Deals

Who Uses Brilliant Directories?

Over 30,000 groups, organizations, and website owners around the world trust Brilliant Directories with their membership communities and online directory websites.

It can be used by:

🔥 Associations

  • Alumni Associations
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • HOA Communities
  • Political Committees
  • Foundations & Charities
  • And more…

🔥 Business Owners:

  • Domainers
  • Internet Start-Ups
  • Subscription Sites
  • Online Entrepreneurs
  • Web & Marketing Agencies
  • And many more…

🔥Clubs & Groups

  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Church & Religious Groups
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Sports Leagues & Clubs
  • Rotary Clubs
  • And many more…


  • Event Organizers
  • Fraternities & Sororities
  • Chapter Networks
  • Property Managers
  • Schools & Universities
  • And more…

Specification: Brilliant Directories Review (2022), Features, Pricing, LTD & Alternatives.

Supported Device

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Web-Based


Lifetime, Subscription

Language Supported


Videos: Brilliant Directories Review (2022), Features, Pricing, LTD & Alternatives.


Brilliant Directories Pricing

Brilliant Directories have 3 simple pricing plans:

🔥 Brilliant Directories Monthly Plan – $145/ month

This includes:

  • Includes Premium Hosting
  • Includes Friendly Email Support
  • Manage 100,000 Members
  • Over 1,000 Built-In Features
  • Easy Payment Processing
  • 100% Unbranded / White Labeled
  • Unlimited Software Updates

🔥 Brilliant Directories Yearly Plans – $950/ year

The Averages cost of this plan is $79 per month. Thus you can save 45%. The plan includes;

  • Includes Premium Hosting
  • Includes Friendly Email Support
  • Manage 100,000 Members
  • Over 1,000 Built-In Features
  • Easy Payment Processing
  • 100% Unbranded / White Labeled
  • Unlimited Software Updates

🔥Brilliant Directories Lifetime Deals – $1,450/ one-time.

Pay Once & Own It For Life. The plan includes:

  • Includes Premium Hosting
  • Includes Friendly Email Support
  • Manage 100,000 Members
  • Over 1,000 Built-In Features
  • Easy Payment Processing
  • 100% Unbranded / White Labeled
  • Unlimited Software Updates

🔥 Brilliant Directories Appsumo Deals

Appsumo is a lifetime deal website where you can get LTD of software and tools. Luckily, you can get Brilliant Directories LTD under Appsumo deals at a more affordable price.


Brilliant Directories Alternatives

Looking for Brilliant Directories Alternatives? Here are some of the best Brilliant Directories Alternatives.

🔥 Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a provider of cloud-based financial management and accounting software. Sage Intacct’s software solution is suitable for small to midsize accounting firms and can provide financial reporting and operational insights as well as the ability to automate critical financial processes. Sage Intacct’s cloud financial management solution manages all core financials and provides professional services to help implement Sage Intacct software.

🔥 MemberPlanet

MemberPlanet is a nonprofit management software designed for both small and growing organizations. The system is applicable for use by arts and cultural organizations, associations, international and national groups, and philanthropic foundations.

Key features of Memberplanet include association and membership planning, charity and event planning, and nonprofit marketing and outreach. Association and membership management is offered as either a standalone application or as part of a larger integrated suite.

🔥 eSyndiCat Directory

eSyndiCat Directory is a full-featured PHP directory software that can be used as an addition to your existing site or as a stand-alone platform. Using eSyndiCat Directory Software your website can achieve top rank and take the leading positions in the most popular search engines.

🔥 phpMyDirectory

Build and manage a powerful website with ease. Built using PHP and MySQL, phpMyDirectory can be used to create websites focused on a business directory, classifieds, link indexing, and more. The development process is largely dependent on the feedback of our clients.


Brilliant Directories Support

The vendor has created a space packed with resources through their Bootstrap portal. Everyone needs some help now and then – and Brilliant Directories are dedicated to providing you and your team with all the resources to succeed. As a Brilliant Directories customer, you’ll always have access to free email support and more! Some of the Brilliant Directories Support options available are:

  • Quick Start Videos – Learn How to Setup Your Directory Website Quickly and Easily. Follow along with the video tutorials to learn the ins and outs of Brilliant Directories.
  • Search Knowledgebase -Use the extensive support documentation to quickly find the answers you’re looking for.
  • Facebook Group – Improve your skills and connect with fellow BD users.
  • Watch Webinar Replays – Watch replays of training workshops and register for their next weekly training session.
  • Private Phone Support – Get education, consulting, and support to help your website grow and succeed.
  • Submit a Ticket – Need help troubleshooting an issue? Create a support ticket.


Frequently Asked Question On Brilliant Directories Software

1. Who are the typical users of Brilliant Directories?

Ans: Brilliant Directories has the following typical customers: Startups, Enterprises, SMEs

2. Which operating system does Brilliant Directories support?

Ans: Brilliant Directories supports the following operating system: Windows, Mac.

3. What is the deployment type?

Brilliant Directories has Cloud Based deployment.

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Brilliant Directories Review (2022), Features, Pricing, LTD & Alternatives.
Brilliant Directories Review (2022), Features, Pricing, LTD & Alternatives.


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