Best Direct Mail Marketing Services And Companies

Increase your visibility with the Best Direct Mail Marketing Services. Get better response rates and number of creative opportunities with the best mail marketing companies.

In this digital age, companies are more focused on digital marketing & advertising, right? And when it comes to direct mailing seems really boring! Do, you feel direct mail is outdated? Then you are wrong guys! Direct mail is the best way to reach a wide range of audiences and you can better build a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

With the growing range of digital advertising platforms, direct mail marketing is still an appealing and extremely viable option! If you combine it with a digital strategy, then direct mail services are highly effective. Even though so many people believe that direct mail is dead, there are still countless direct mail companies on the market today. Direct mail services boast better response rates, greater visibility, and highly innovative creative opportunities when compared to online efforts, and should be a key component of any marketing campaign in 2024. To provide you with greater assistance here is a brief list of the best Direct Mail Marketing services.

Best Direct Mail Marketing Services

psprint Expert's Recommended

Online print production
EDDM postcard marketing
Wide range of direct mail products
Direct mailing postcards

Gunderson Direct Easy To use

Boost response rates
Data Broker Services
Landing page optimization
Mail Delivery Tracking

Print Label And Mail Convenient Option

Custom design
Postcard printing
Drip mailing campaign
Saturation mailing list

Cactus Mailing Popular Option

Postcard Designs
Mailing lists
Addressing and mailing service
Google Display

Vistaprint Premium Software

Printing services
Quality marketing material
Easy Tracking
4000 templates

MailShark One of a kind

No Money Down
Free Design
Small weekly payments
High quality printing

Now the question is, how to choose the best direct mail marketing services? Choosing a well-planned direct marketing campaign can take you straight to your ideal customers, and will help you stay focused on getting the most out of your direct marketing campaign. A recent survey shows that 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions, 54% of consumers say they want direct mail from brands that interest them. To be honest, direct mail marketing also reduces the risk of using a fake email generator for businesses as it helps them to avoid scams!

Direct mail breaks through the digital clutter. 80% of millennials report being attentive to direct mail, while 50% say they ignore digital ads. According to HubSpot, 18% of B2B marketers’ budget is assigned to direct mail marketing and print advertising. With the recent reports of the Data & Marketing Association, the average direct mail response rate is 5–9x times higher than email response rates. Small Business Trends also revealed that most consumers feel that direct mail is more personal than online interactions. In fact, 70% of consumers feel direct mail is more personal than online interactions, 54% of consumers want direct mail from brands that interest them.

Here, in this article, I will provide you a list of the best direct mail services where you can choose the right one that suits your business. I have ranked and reviewed based on experience, and of course my personal experience with them.

According to Statista, the revenue of direct mail advertising in the U.S. will amount to approximately 10,1 billion U.S. Dollars by 2024:

NOTE: The global direct mail advertising market size was $58.41 billion in 2020. The market size of direct mail marketing in 2022 is expected to grow up to $61.14 billion at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7%. The growth is mainly due to the companies rearranging their operations and recovering from the COVID-19 impact, which had earlier led to restrictive containment measures involving social distancing, remote working, and the closure of commercial activities that resulted in operational challenges. The market is expected to reach $66.28 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 2%.


What Is Direct Mail Marketing Services?

Direct mail marketing is a strategy used by marketers to engage prospects and customers offline by sending printed mailers, dimensional packages, perishable items, corporate swag, or other physical items. Direct mail marketing leverages physical mailers delivered to consumer addresses in support of a brand’s marketing efforts. Plus, it can carry highly customized, printed messages to consumers to support different lifecycle marketing use cases.

Direct mail marketing is a valuable way to connect with prospects, leads, and clients in a meaningful way. Direct mail campaign is highly valuable in terms of time and budget, however implementing direct mail manually entails management of quite a few moving parts namely in cost, packaging, and shipping. The results of direct mail marketing are compelling as it has the power to create direct connections with your most valuable contacts, with high response rates for relatively low investment.

Direct mail refers to any type of mail that can be sent unsolicited through the USPS and includes a variety of formats. Some common formats include Emails, online adverts, flyers, database marketing, promotional letters, newspapers, outdoor advertising, postcards, websites.

Benefits Of Using Direct Mail Marketing Services:

With the rise of digital media over the past two decades, marketers have increasingly turned to the power of digital communication to reach wider audiences. Direct mail marketing is a useful component of an overall marketing campaign because it has certain benefits:

  • Higher engagement levels: Direct mailers get response rates that are 10 to 30 times higher than email marketing response rates. It gives you a much bigger advantage for capturing your target audience’s attention and building engagement with your brand.
  • Targeted new customers: Direct mail marketing helps you to target your audience based on factors like zip code alone, which will give you a good indication of their demographic profile. Plus, you can use your mailers to feed into other channels, by, for instance, including a QR code on your mailer that encourages them to download your app, so that you’ll be able to reach the customers through your digital marketing channels as well.
  • Tangible offers: We generally overlook promotional offer in email inboxes and even sometimes overlook it. Direct mail is highly visible and leads to a much higher response rate than email marketing or other forms of digital marketing.
  • Better response rate: direct mail marketing enjoys a response rate 30x higher than the most powerful digital channel, email. Plus, it has the power to boost ROI by 20% as part of an integrated campaign.
  • Limitless possibilities: Direct mail creates limitless possibilities to delight and entertain recipients. Using this platform, marketers can deliver a variety of creatively presented items such as handwritten cards, innovative swag items, personalized gifts, sweets & treats, gift cards, experience tickets, and more.
  • Less competition: With the best direct mail marketing services, businesses can reach new customers. But with the advent of online marketing, fewer companies invest in a customer’s physical mailbox. So, it has less competition. For this reason, direct mail marketing stands out from the crowd!
  • Easy & affordable: Unlike most modern marketing channels, there is no learning curve to get started with direct mail. It includes fewer elements to learn and metrics to track. There are more complicated and clever direct mail tactics, and there is no need to have extensive knowledge.

Key Features

What Are The Features To Look For In Direct Mail Marketing Services?

With the best direct mail marketing companies, you will get a variety of services to choose from, design tools or services, and a good turnaround time. Here are some of the key features to look for when choosing a direct mail service:

  • Design tools and services: The best direct mail marketing services handle design or provide you with design tools to create your mailers. It can be in the form of flyers, postcards or brochures.Always find a service that can support a range of colors options and has versatile design features.
  • Mailing lists: Generally companies have already ready to use mailing lists, plus you can buy or rent these lists depending on what company you partner with.
  • Speed: This is a must have feature. Generally, direct mailing services have quick turnaround times. Always look for a company that can get your order ready within two to seven business days.
  • Tracking options: Some companies will offer tracking options for your campaigns, like call tracking or mail tracking software. This feature allows you to take a closer look at the effectiveness and reach of your email campaign.
  • 24/7 Customer support: Make sure that your direct mail marketing services offer FAQs, live chat, phone or email support. If you face any problem, customer support team will be there for you. Always, make sure you get a feel for your new partner somehow before signing up.
  • 1-1 personalization: Mail marketing campaigns are more effective when triggered by a recipient and based on variable data printing. They are often sent to all people without any difference in design and timing.In this way, you can personalize your direct mail newsletter against your competitors and also et a chance to synchronize your direct mail with other marketing channels.
  • Transparency and data security: Direct mail marketing companies often process sensitive information, such as personal data, contact information, financial records, health records, and similar.You need to understand that your reputation depends on the security provided by your subcontractors. Many small businesses are facing cyber attacks and always make sure that your direct mail marketing company cares about data security as much as you do. They must be transparent about all their data processing practices and privacy policy.

What Are The Best Direct Mail Marketing Services?

Here, is my complete list of the best direct mail marketing services to choose from in 2024:

List Of Best Direct Mail Marketing Services

Detailed List Of Best Direct Mail Marketing Services 2024

Direct Mail Marketing Services is a part of the strategic multi-channel marketing campaign and a crucial tool for driving brand engagement. And the good news is, it is a great way to strengthen relationships with your customers and prospects. If you are a serious marketer, then direct mail marketing is still a game-changer for you and builds deeper connections compared to email marketing! Here, are my top suggestions that let you build legitimacy to your brand and foster stronger brand recognition.

Best Direct Mail Marketing Services & Companies:


Gunderson Direct

Best Direct Mail Marketing Agency For Content Marketing

Boost response rates
Data Broker Services
Landing page optimization
Mail Delivery Tracking
Custom Visit Site

Gunderson Direct is a marketing agency specializing in direct mail. It works with large companies and startups who rely on top-of-funnel leads and want a more reliable, measurable, and scalable approach to driving sales. Unlike other direct mail providers, it is over 18 years of building and improving direct mail programs through its proprietary testing and optimization process. Using this direct marketing agency, your clients get higher quality leads, leading to increased customer profitability.

Gunderson Direct has a client list that includes some of the most successful brands in their industries such as Personal Capital, One Medical, and Zip Recruiter, and delivers high-end direct mail services at the lowest possible cost. This direct mail service includes strategic planning and analysis, speed to scale functionality, production, printing and mailing, strategic data, and analytics and provides 98% client satisfaction that meets expectations!

Gunderson direct mail services are based on strategies that have been proven time and again to generate results quickly and efficiently through a process that includes six key steps:

Establish and refine campaign goals

Strategic planning


Creative development

Flawless execution

Detailed campaign analysis

Gunderson Direct Features:

  • Boost response rates and ROI: Direct mail offers an exceptional way to test various approaches because you can easily control your audience, your offer, and message in a precise way that’s impossible with other media. It accelerated three-drop testing and planning approach that offers a unique approach to testing multiple variables including offer, creative, format, and lists that eliminates delays. This mail service consistently delivers breakthrough results, more predictable performance, and a strong a way that maximizes learning while minimizing risk.
  • Data Broker Services: Gunderson Direct provides its clients with deep insights into list selection, sourcing, strategy and analysis. As a registered list broker, it offer your clients preferential pricing in addition to access to data sources and platforms not available to other agencies and client-side data purchasers.
  • Landing page optimization: Dynamic landing pages serve as the funnel to capture customer response and data from direct mail efforts. Landing pages can be key to measuring top of funnel activity in a timely manner, which help speed efforts to learn from testing and to scale programs.
  • Mail Delivery Tracking: When the mail arrives in-home can be critical information for mailers who need to balance resources to handle response volume. It also helps you build response curves for your clients based on when mail gets delivered, not just when it mails. It uses tracking software to provide daily delivery counts by zip code that clients can view through their own secure portal.
  • Client dashboards: A cloud-based, customized dashboard is built to a client’s specs for reporting and analytic needs so performance data is always available in an easy-to-read graphical format. Dashboards display current program data, plus historical data, to provide a long view of a client’s direct mail performance.
  • Gunderson Direct is a great place to work and helps you to set actionable goals for the agency to work towards that ensure a long term growth
  • Analyze your audience, your message strategy, your creative execution, and other essential attributes for your market and brand
  • Handles all aspects, from design to production to mailing, and provides an all-in-one suite of services
  • Offers an easy to use ROI calculator on their website with advanced analytics
  • Gunderson Direct can help with every aspect of a direct response mail campaign from initial strategy to design, printing to shipping
  • Gunderson Direct can help you create direct mail collateral from your in-house database as well as external sources

Gunderson Direct Pricing:

Gunderson Direct pricing is not given by the vendor. For detailed information contact the team.




Budget-friendly Direct Mail Marketing Services

Online print production
EDDM postcard marketing
Wide range of direct mail products
Direct mailing postcards
Custom Visit Site

PsPrint is another best direct mail marketing services that offer customers a fast, affordable, and convenient way to print and professionally mail your print marketing materials. Its mailing services include processing your mailing list, CASS certification, Inkjet addressing, Postal presorting. If you need a mailing list, within just 15 minutes you can create a highly targeted mailing list that meets your exact demographic specifications. Plus, you will be able to select businesses or consumers based on ZIP code, age, income, and a host of other details.

Plus, PsPrint provides a fast turnaround and lets your printed products can be mailed 2 to 5 business days after the printing job is finished. With this mailing service, you can save your time and there are 3 easy steps to start your mailing:

  • Step 1: Just place your direct mail order with PsPrint and it will print and mail to your list of specific addresses anywhere in the U.S.
  • Step 2: In this step, you just need to upload & attach both your print ready artwork and mailing list to the order.
  • Step 3: Here, you need to inform about the mail overs that were not mailed within 24 hours of the mail list attachment.

With this mailing service, you just need to upload your artwork, select your mailing services option, and then you can let our mailing experts take care of the rest. There are various products available for direct mail, which includes:

  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Greeting cards
  • Invitations
  • Booklets
  • Catalogs
  • Newsletters

PsPrint Features:

  • PsPrint is the leading online print production and design company dedicated to helping customers stand out from the crowd with their printed materials
  • Provides EDDM postcard marketing which is a perfect stratey for eaching local customers with a powerful, yet affordable, message
  • PsPrint has graphic designers that help you get the exact look that you want and allows you to manage all your custom printing services for a wide range of direct mail products online.
  • Whether you are printing brochures for your nonprofit organizations, business cards for your business, postcards for your startup or invitations for your wedding, PsPrint wants to help you shine and empower you to do what you do best by building a community and make a lasting impression
  • Offers direct mailing postcards delivered to a list of addresses, or for qualified nonprofits, and lets you save on postage with its nonprofit mailing postcard product
  • Allow you to reach hundreds or thousands of highly targeted customers at a very low cost with the best online printing companies
  • This direct mailing service can help you choose the right mailing options so you can take full advantage of your mailing list which include a coupon or redemption code so you can track your response rate
  • Allow you to target lists by gender, income, geography, buying habits and interests, other important demographics that will help you predict the best customer segment to market a particular product, service, or sale to
  • Highly versatile and can deliver any message to any audience in an impressive full-color format and provides high-quality postcards so your customers equate your products and services with quality
  • Features mailing list options, management of the assembly process, and a fast turnaround time and offers a handful of products to mail your current or potential customers

PsPrint Pricing:

PsPrint automatically prints your order at the plant closet to you which means you save on both shipping time and expenses and offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Place your order today, and get high-quality commercial printing at affordable printing prices. No pricing options are listed on the official website.



Cactus Mailing

Best Direct Mailing Postcard Campaign Service

Postcard Designs
Mailing lists
Addressing and mailing service
Google Display
Custom Visit Site

Cactus Mailing provides the best direct mail marketing service that generates more business with a postcard campaign service. This mailing company has helped over 17,000 businesses to get new customers and increase sales with its postcard campaign service. And the good news is, you will get a free no-obligation direct mail marketing plan for your business!

It provides direct mail services for various industries such as dentists, restaurants, salons & spas, healthcare, children and education, exercise and fitness, real estate, and B2B companies. The team is so friendly and has great customer service as they are quick, communicative, and steady! The marketing experts of Cactus Mailing helps to increase your brand awareness and boosts sales for your marketing campaigns.

Cactus Mailing includes everything you need to market your business with postcards such as design, mailing list, printing, addressing, postage, and delivery to the post office. Plus, it has fast turnaround times which makes your direct mail postcards are printed 5 to 6 business days after proof approval and list processing. One of its unique features is, it includes a smart marketing concept that combines the effectiveness of direct mail and the vast online reach of Google Display ads to increase response rates and branding of your business.

Cactus Mailing Features:

  • Postcard Designs: With direct mail marketing services, create postcard designs that looks professional and eye-catching and make people respond with colorful designs. It comes with the right design elements such as attention-grabbing headline, and call to action and also helps to design and create direct mail postcards. Plus this mailing company provides full-service graphic design team that can provide you with unique and fully-customized postcards.
  • Mailing lists: It provides your clients with the most accurate and up-to-date direct mail lists available the highest response rates possible. Plus, they offer a full range of direct mail lists allowing you to accurately target good prospects for your business. Their lists include consumer, business, occupant, new mover, new homeowners, pool owners, pet owners and more.
  • Addressing and mailing service: If your postcards are going in the mail, they will address and mail them to you. In this way, you will save both time and money and get your mails faster, with lower postage rates and no shipping costs to pay.
  • Google Display: Now you can advertise to the right person at the right time with Google Display advertising. Cactus Mailing helps you to setup your ads with advanced demographic, interest, and geographic targeting to get your message across to potential customers. Plus, they have on staff that utilize this targeting to show your message to customers most likely to buy from you.
  • Landing pages: If you want to increase conversions on your marketing campaigns then landing page is the ultimate solution. A landing page speaks specifically to the offer or promotion of the marketing campaign and helps you to get more phone calls, form submissions and inquiries!
  • A full-service direct mail marketing company that provide design, printing, mailing lists, and addressing and mailing services
  • Offers a free no-obligation direct mail marketing plan for your business with increased response rates
  • Includes everything you need to market your business with direct mail brochures such as design, mailing list, printing, addressing, postage, and many more
  • Cactus Mailing easily puts a tracking phone number on each mailer and lets you track how many calls originated from your direct mail campaign
  • A very simple mail marketing company that offers design, printing, and mailing services

Cactus Mailing Pricing:

Cactus Mailing company doesn’t provide any pricing details, for more information connect with their direct mail experts.




Best Postcard Mailing Services

Printing services
Quality marketing material
Easy Tracking
4000 templates

Vistaprint is another popular direct mail marketing service that offers a great direct mail postcard service. With this mail marketing service, you can easily create your own postcard designs! They allow you to print, stamp, and mail postcards right to your customers in 3 simple ways:

  1. Design your cards: You can choose a matching design or 1000s more.
  2. Build a list: Here, you can tell them to buy a targeted list
  3. Mail it for you: In this way you can avoid hours of work , and get discounted postage.

With this mailing company, you can simply design your card, send them your list of addresses. Using mailing lists you can target your audience by demographic data, like income, hobbies, new homeowners, or any B2B industry. VistaPrint includes various features which include a drag-and-drop designing platform, dual printing facilities, and 24/7 customer support.

For 20 years, Vistaprint has helped small business owners, entrepreneurs and dreamers create custom designs and professional marketing. Plus, it includes printing services that are intended to help you find custom products you need such as business cards, promotional marketing, and more.

Vistaprint has various promotional products- Labels and stickers, Trade shows, Business cards, Marketing materials clothes & bags, and many more. If you are looking to get mailing services from the same provider as your other promotional products and needs then Vistaprint is the best choice to go for!

  • Vistaprint gives small businesses the tools to create professional-level marketing material and offers printing services which include Business cards, photo calendars, branding services, logo design, website, and digital marketing
  • Vistaprint makes it simple to get precisely what you need such as quality marketing material, customized calendars, or even holiday cards
  • Vistaprint delivers all orders within three to 15 days after they’re processed
  • Easily track your order through your Vistaprint account or the tracking number located in your order confirmation email
  • Great direct mail marketing solution that provides you with 4000 templates to create your designs

VistaPrint Pricing:

Vistaprint comes with 2 pricing plans:

  • ProShop costs $99/year which is best-suited for mid market to enterprise level business with 10+ employees who order print and promo products often
  • Custom plan price is not provided in the official site. But it is best suited for supporting a distributed sales model with multiple locations or associates




Overall Best Direct Mail Marketing Services

No Money Down
Free Design
Small weekly payments
High quality printing
Custom Visit Site

Mail Shark is more than a direct mail company and acts as an extension of your marketing team. Over the years, it has helped countless businesses to meet their marketing goals with custom direct mail solutions. From expert mailing list consulting and professional design to commercial printing and postal expertise, this mailing service acts as a one-stop-shop for all your direct mail needs.

Whether you are mailing to everyone in your area or targeting a specific demographic, their full-service options take the hard work and confusion out of direct mail. MailShark includes both Saturation Mailing Lists that target the majority of addresses within a geographic location that helps you to boost brand exposure and Targeted Mailing Lists that allow you to pinpoint specific addresses you’d like to mail to, as opposed to blanketing the neighborhood with your direct mail piece.

MailShark doesn’t sell standalone direct mail lists and target your prospects through the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) to standardize address data and ensure delivery. This direct mail service also offers easy and affordable print-only options on all our products, and also provides EDDM services for you.

MailShark Features:

  • No Money Down: It provides the cost of your market analysis, mailing list, artwork, printing, postal sorting, and delivery.
  • Free Design: It includes a team of professional graphic artists creates custom designs for each direct mail piece.
  • Small weekly payments: By splitting the cost of your direct mail campaign into small, weekly payments, they make your direct mail marketing costs easier to fit into your weekly budget.
  • Expert guidance from start to finish: They provides a dedicated team of direct mail experts that will help you create the perfect mail piece and a direct mail strategy that fits your needs and increases your sales.
  • High quality printing: One of the most affordable and effective ways to accomplish this is with printed marketing materials. Whether you need direct mail pieces or handouts for events and in-store marketing,they cover everything you want. They provide printing and design work in-house, giving you the ability to ensure the best pricing, quality, and customer service.
  • High-quality mailing lists: Here you can get the best mailing lists available. Plus, this company run your lists through the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) to standardize address data and ensure delivery.NCOA is also available for targeted lists on request.
  • The most effective campaigns involve sending more than one mailer to each household over time, and you can schedule an ongoing campaign with Mail Shark’s Annual Mailing Program
  • Allows you to increase your chances of being noticed by sending memorable items, such as oversized postcards, magnets that can be hung on the refrigerator, and even interactive mailers with scratch-off prizes or smartphone-friendly QR codes
  • Enables you to use different marketing tools at each step in the process to create a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy
  • Very easy to use and execute a well-performing campaign at no cost
  • Offer several mailing list options to help you effortlessly reach your ideal prospects
  • With the use of a targeted mailing option, you reach a more defined audience and connect with customers who are likely to be interested in your product or service

MailShark Pricing:

MailShark direct mailing services don’t provide any pricing details. For more information, contact their mailing experts.




Best Direct Mail Solutions For Printing

Targeted mailings
Different sizes
Own list of customers
Store inventory
Next Day Flyers

NextDayFlyers is an independent provider of Every Door Direct Mail products that are not associated with nor sponsored by the United States Postal Service. They offer mailing services with large quantities in its one-stop shops such as postcards, brochures, menus, rack cards, and custom items plus you can also rent a list from NextDayFlyers.

With NextDayFlyers you will get a quick turnaround and get your mailers quickly. It allows you to ship your entire campaign from its in-house postal service and you can easily pick up your order from any of its locations. If you use NextDayFlyers, your company can send appointment cards, brochures, business cards, Greetings cards, mailer boxes, and many more.

NextDayFlyers has a 2-4 business day print turnaround for Presorted First Class (3-5 business day mailing turnaround) and also provides other direct mail solutions for pricing and print turnarounds. NextDayFlyers also lets you design your mailer where you can choose the cardstock, size, coating, and discuss your campaign with in-house graphic designers. It will also store your inventory, verify addresses and presort your products plus you can also rent lists for campaigns as well.

NextDayFlyers Features:

  • Includes large or small targeted mailings with a real address and recipient ink jetted on each piece and different postage rates available
  • NextDayFlyers can be used for any quantity to mail, a specific list of people, from small postcards to large-sized flat pieces
  • Allows you to use different sizes such as Postcards, rack cards, brochures and custom products (i.e., folded cards, greeting cards and booklets)
  • Provide your own list of customers or NDF can help you get a targeted list and also permits regular bulk mail
  • Helps your compamy to rent list from NDF, store inventory,verify address and save your money and effort
  • NextDayFlyers is an online printing company that delivers top-quality printed marketing materials with one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry
  • From business cards to banners, they have everything we need for printed goods and have a great turnaround time
  • The ordering process was incredibly simple with NextDayFlyers and have a lot of options to choose from in terms of paper selection, coating, and edges
  • They provide a variety of products that should fit every need, plus provides the ability to go pick up cards and saves time on shipping
  • NextDayFlyers offers a wide variety of products that you can customize and very easy to use, very affordable, and of great quality

NextDayFlyers Pricing:

NextDayFlyers comes with various pricing options for different quantities such as:

  • For 1000 4″x 6″ Postcard they charge $125.00
  • For 2000 6″x9″ Postcard they charge $175.00
  • For 5000 8.5″x 11″ Trifold Brochures they charge $325.00




Best Direct Mail Solutions For SaaS Companies

Account-based marketing program
Omni-channel campaigns
Tracking account engagement
Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns
Custom Visit Site

SaaSMQL is a B2B growth agency that helps SaaS startups scaling revenue with highly targeted campaigns. Plus, they generate sales opportunities from top accounts by automating and scaling a profitable Account-based marketing funnel. Plus, they select the best accounts that match your ideal customer profile and prioritize them based on real-time intent data.

SaaSMQL also engages with the decision-makers and influencers from those accounts via the integrated campaigns. These mailing services track marketing attribution and campaign ROI to optimize the program and scale pipeline and revenue. Not only this, they have several templates that they tested for B2B demand generation campaigns, and you can pick the one you prefer. Plus, they customize the design, print the box, build the list of recipients, and ship the packages. SaaSMQL also measures ROI by connecting to your Salesforce instance.

As part of a targeted ABM strategy, they are the best way to convert unresponsive leads into opportunities and generate pipelines from enterprise and mid-market accounts. Generally, they take around 4 weeks to get started after you have committed to launch the campaign. By this time, they can create and approve the box design, build and verify the list, and print the assets.

It is the best direct mail marketing services that easily integrates with your current inbound and outbound funnels to trigger a direct mail sequence for the right person at the right time and also provides an integrated campaign funnel that combines emails, ads, and direct mail into a consistent and well-timed workflow.

SaaSMQL Features:

  • Account-based marketing program: SaaSMQL aggregate your webiste and CRM data with third-party intent data to identify the accounts that are more likely to buy. With this data,they are able to generate a segmented list of ideal accounts and select your “Dream 100” companies, the accounts with the highest potential value where they’ll focus most of their efforts and budget.
  • Omni-channel campaigns: Using a combination of LinkedIn Ads, Targeted Display Ads and Direct Mail, SaaSMQL are able to engage with decision makers and convert your top accounts into qualified opportunities and pipeline.
  • Tracking account engagement and ROI: They easily measure how accounts engage with your campaigns and send real-time notifications to the sales team as soon as a named account shows interest.They also leverage your campaign data to optimize subsequent programs.
  • Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns: They manage the full execution of highly-targeted campaigns to convert your ideal accounts to opportunities.By integrating a direct mail approach with your current campaign flow, they can engage high-value prospects and accounts with a tangible offer, and incentivize them to engage with your solution.
  • Targeted SaaS demand generation: SaaSMQL help SaaS startups generate 6-figure deals from emnterprise accounts with highly targeted account-based marketing campaigns.
  • Generate opportunities such as branded gift boxes to convert qualified leads into meetings from target accounts
  • Helps you to warm up cold accounts and open the door with companies that are not aware of your solution
  • Nurture leads where you can stay top on mind with existing leads without relying only on emails
  • Generate new webinar registrations with a custom invite delivered to your prospects’ office
  • Drive booth traffic with an incentive to stop by your booth at a tradeshow
  • Lost opportunities can be reactivated with a targeted direct mail campaign

SaaSMQL Pricing:

They haven’t provided any pricing details on their official website. If you want more information you can contact them or book a 30-minutes intro call.



Modern Postcard

Best In-House Mailing Services For Enterprises

Delivery Point Verification
Coding Accuracy Support System
Lower postage costs
Identify and update addresses
Custom Visit Site

Modern Postcard is the smartest, lowest, and quickest mailing solution on the market. By using Direct Mail Services from Modern Postcard, you will ensure that your campaign goes out on time and budget and they provide everything in-house including printing, list processing, inkjetting, folding, mailing, and delivery tracking. This company has a unique combination of technology and state-of-art operations that saved customers $1.6 million in postage last year.

Modern Postcard has postal analytics that identifies strategies for the fastest mailing and deepest postage discounts. Plus, it also helps you to determine a best-fit postal solution based on your mailing lists, order quantity, postage type, and the size of your mail piece. The best part is, there are extra fees for our postage analysis and the only goal is to help make your mailings more efficient and effective. Once they identify a solution, they will automatically apply it to your order and nothing else is needed from you!

It offers sumo size postcards that give you plenty of space to work with and is the largest postcard that can mail at bulk rate postage. Modern Postcards serves as the best direct mail marketing service that provides high-quality targeted mailing lists, in-house mailing services, and printing for small, mid-market and enterprise businesses.

Modern Postcard Features:

  • Standardizes addresses and adds zip+4: DPV (Delivery Point Verification) and CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) are the systems the USPS uses to define the deliverability of a particular address. The CASS system will define a range of addresses and validate accuracy and DPV then will determine if that particular address is a valid, mailable address.
  • Lower postage costs & speed up delivery for bulk mail: Dropshipping analysis is a form of work-sharing with the USPS in which the mailer delivers the mail at their expense to a postal facility closer to the destination. The further downstream the mail is entered into the mail system by the mailer, the greater the postage discount, and this is accomplished by shipping the mail through the use of a common carrier. They only take advantage of this method when the postal is greater than the shipping costs.
  • Identify and update addresses: In this features the NCOALink service takes your mailing list and compares it to the USPS database of registered moves for the past 4 years (48 months). If this service finds any moves, it will apply them back to your mailing, and Modern postcard will also send you back a list of these moves so you can update your house database.
  • More postage discounts: Priority Mail Open & Distribute (PMOD) is a cost-efficient way to drop ship smaller mailings in order to achieve the same postal discounts as larger drop shipping methods. Instead of the traditional over-the-road transportation methods, PMOD uses USPS Priority Mail to transport these smaller mailings to the destination NDC or SCF.USPS Priority Mail has a 1-3 day delivery service standard which also makes this method a good option for time-sensitive marketing campaigns.
  • Unique option to pass along USPS discounts: Using Co-mail analysis helps them to pass along unique discounts to save you postage. With this service allows us to remove some burden off of the USPS by mingling your cards with other cards headed to similar destinations. Then, they can easily ship the bulk of cards closer to their end location to be dropped in the mail stream.
  • Modern Postcard is great for all mail marketing in real estate and are very helpful for creative ideas and designs and send postcards out promptly
  • Best for postcard campaigns and will always provide you with a quick turnaround, and high quality
  • Provides amazing customer service and was incredibly helpful to deliver postcards at the right time
  • Modern Postcard helps you to craft quality, customized direct mail campaigns and print promotions to help your business stand out, acquire new customers and be successful
  • Allows you to add highly detailed geographic and demographic data to your existing mailing list and target audiences for higher responses

Modern Postcard Pricing:

Modern Postcard doesn’t provide any pricing information. For immediate assistance, you can contact them for pricing and get a free consultation and action plan.




Best Direct Mail Automated Service

Drag and drop
Integrate with your own tech stack
Track delivery & response
Triggered drip campaigns

Postalytics is the best free direct mail marketing service and provides the smart way to do direct mail marketing. Great for savvy marketers as it is integrated with direct mail campaigns that literally take minutes and quickly informs you on the delivery and response status of each piece you send. Plus, it synced with your CRM or marketing automation to complement your email and digital marketing.

Postalytics allows users to manage direct mail in a way that reduces excess sends and saves time. Integrating Postalytics into marketing automation workflows allows for personalized, multi-touch campaigns to specific audiences that blind mailings would not be able to achieve. This direct mail marketing company helps you stand out by delivering personalized messages directly into the hands of your audience to form a deeper impression than email alone.

Easily import unlimited lists from all of your sources, including events, tradeshows, conferences, salespeople, and data vendors. There are no restrictions and no extra costs. The advances in offline delivery and online response tracking provide clarity and insight into the impact of every Postalytics campaign.

Postalytics Features:

  • Drag and drop: You can send personalized mailers in minutes without the hassles of traditional direct mail. Plus, you can design, proof and organize templates with direct mail editor, send campaigns intelligently via high-speed print/mail partners, & track delivery & response in campaign dashboards.
  • Integrate with your own tech stack: Using this best direct mail maketing services you can leverage your CRM, marketing automation, eCommerce and other software to drive automated print campaigns. Plus, you can combine direct mail with email and digital marketing for maximum ROI with minimum effort.
  • Track delivery & response: Postalytics provides real-time dashboards keep you up to date on exactly where your mail is in the delivery process. With every postalytics campaign, you will get free detailed campaign dashboards, intelligent mail barcode delivery tracking, personalized URLs and personalized QR codes to track responses.
  • Triggered drip campaigns: Triggered direct mail works for you 24 x 7 x 365 by automatically sending your postcards & letters when “triggered” by your automation tool. With the smart send campaigns include easy list importing that creates a library of reusable mailing lists. Plus you can import your own lists via our integrations or file upload tools.
  • No minimum orders: Postalytics allows you to scrub adsresses against USPS address databases, kick out bad addresses and intelligently route your mail through their nationwide network of high speed, print & mail partners.Plus, you can send 1 piece or 100,000 pieces, and they’re all treated the same.

Postalytics delivers more automated direct mail features than any other software tool available such as direct mail template library, list importing & list library, variable data & logic personalization, multi-touch campaign scheduling, address validation & verification

  • Easily construct multi-channel/multi-touch campaigns by sending triggered emails when mail is delivered or your targets respond
  • Configure HubSpot, Salesforce, or Zapier workflows to automatically send postcards or letters to email non-responders
  • Helps you to test your audiences and schedule multi-touch campaigns with lists that become reusable assets
  • Easy to customize, design, and send and helps you to change your target audience, CTA with a simple click and increase the success
  • Postalytics makes direct marketing easy with fast, integrated, and measurable features for smart marketers

Postalytics Pricing:

Postalytics comes with a free plan and offers 2 subscription plans:

  • Free plan costs $0/m and automate your mail & pay per piece
  • Marketer plan costs $199/mo with more features and discounts per piece
  • Pro & Agency plans costs $399/mo with best features and best per piece prices



Print Label And Mail

Best Direct Mail Advertising Company

Custom design
Postcard printing
Drip mailing campaign
Saturation mailing list
Custom Visit Site
Print Label And Mail
Print Label And Mail

Print Label And Mail is one of the best direct mail advertising companies that provide for over 32 years. Plus, they handle your campaign from start to finish or provide only the services you need which include coaching, design, printing, mailing lists, and bulk mail preparation with the lowest postage rates.

Print Label And Mail helps you to create a custom program designed to deliver results and at the same time fit your budget. They provide various options such as:

✔ Full Service Direct Mail

✔ Weekly Mailings (Drip Campaigns)

✔ EDDM – Every Door Direct Mail Do It Yourself Mailings

✔ Label & Mail Service (if you already have postcards printed)

It provides the right mailing lists which is a key to a successful campaign and they represent the biggest names in data management such as KBM, ACXIOM, Epsilon, Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and more. In addition to this, they shop the best sources based on the geographic and demographics requirements of your specific mailing such as targeted consumer mailing lists, email lists, phone number lists, neighborhood saturation mailing lists, and more.

  • Print Label And Mail acts as an one stop shop for direct mail advertising and their services include custom design, postcard printing, mailing list creation, labeling and postage at the lowest rates
  • Includes custom-designed full color postcards which are printed and shipped to you and neighborhood, consumer, or business mailing lists also available
  • One of their bulk mail choices come with a drip mailing campaign, and you can help your clients save money, establish a comfortable budget, and schedule weekly mailings of 500 Postcards or more
  • A saturation mailing list is perfect when you want to reach all the residents in a neighborhood and they help you to target residential addresses or businesses along with the postal address
  • This mailing company provides you with experienced direct mail coaches who will help you to define your perfect prospect and then shop for the compiler offering best match and pricing.The best part is get free consultation without obligation
  • They provide you with all the information you need to be mailing out your EDDM postcards like a pro
  • One-stop-shop for design, printing, mailing lists, mailing services and helps you to handle your campaign
  • Print Label And Design features strong product quality, design assistance, and other printing and mailing options
  • Easily accessible and provides great service and highly recommended for printing flyers or similar things
  • They are very efficient and get you everything you need in a very timely and professional manner and help with your marketing needs

The company doesn’t provide any payment options. For detailed information contact the company for a quote and payment plans.



Final Words

Direct mails are one of the most incredible ways to reach large audiences on a wider scale. From startups to B2B organizations, direct mail is for everyone. Now the question is, there are various direct mail service providers on the market and you need to choose the best direct mail marketing services among them! Let’s have a recap! If you are looking for an effective direct start with your direct mail campaign creation then Gunderson is a good choice! For primary postcard designs, Vistaprint can be a try.

Above are my top 10 picks, that provide high-quality products, quick turnaround times, and in-house services that help you to improve your campaigns. Above are my top 10 picks, that provide high-quality products, quick turnaround times, and in-house services that help you to improve your campaigns.

If you ask me, what do I use if I am in a hurry? NextDayFlyers is the best option to deliver your collateral in just 24 hours. What is your favorite direct mail service that fits your specific needs? Leave your answer in the comment section below!

Hope you have enjoyed reading my Best Direct Mail Services. If you have any questions to ask, drop them below! I will be happy to answer you all.

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