11+ Best Online Course Platforms For Educators and Coaches

Online Course Platforms Enables People To Sell Their Intellectual Properties In An Organized Way. Best Online Course Platforms Provides Great Assistance In Building Your Online Teaching Business. You Can Also Use Online Course Platforms Free Of Cost If You Know Where To Look At.

If you are looking for the best online course platforms to build your online coaching business, here in this blog you can some of the most popular paid and free online course platforms.

These online course builders enable you to easily create an e-Learning website, create and sell courses, share lessons with the learners, create exciting quizzes and competitions to provide the learners a fun experience and accept payments easily. Here’s a brief list of the best online course platforms for you.

Here are my top recommended Online course platforms that give superb experience

Best Online Course Platforms Of 2024


White-Labeled Websites & Mobile Apps
Advanced Marketing Tools
Integrated Payment Gateways
Secure Platform
Quizzes, Certificates & Badges


Drag & drop builder
Automatically trigger e-mails
Course-specific discussion forums
Integrates with the most popular apps


Fully integrated
Email automation


Free content to collect email addresses
Broadcasts and automated campaigns
Unlimited video bandwidth
Add rich text, images, videos, and testimonials


Versatile course creator
Flexible pathways
Synchronized transcript
Branded digital certificates


Import existing content
Built-in content creation tools
Create courses with any content type
Full video & content hosting


Automatic email notifications
Hosts teleconferences
Easy access to support
Shows students’ activity completion and comment rates

Academy Of Mine

Seamless experience
Self-paced courses
Extensive eCommerce functionality
Detailed course analytics


Branded learning experience
Create, deliver and sell online courses from one place
Cloud-based content library
Automate admin tasks


Custom domain
Course completion certificates
Zapier Integration
Power Editor

“Online learning is the future and will undoubtedly replace land-based learning in the future.” Since the Covid 19 outbreak, online course platforms are experiencing huge growth. More and more companies are using the best online course platforms to train employees for better personal development and interaction.

The E-learning platform is speeding up as more & more people choose to study online to maintain social distancing and if you want to continue your academic life, in this pandemic situation then you must know what are the best online course platforms?

Are online courses is your bread and butter? And you are searching for an ideal course creation platform that suits your needs and goals? Then you must read the entire article to analyze the growth of the online learning market since the Covid-19 outbreak! Do, you know the latest study of Research and Market forecasts the online education market as $350 Billion by 2025!

Since last year, online teaching is tremendously growing to reach & engage the maximum number of students. Plus, the advantage is it is cheaper, effective, and requires less time compared to traditional education!

The pandemic has forced schools, universities, and companies to remote work and this booms the usage of the best online learning platforms. And, you can divide this platform into two categories such as course marketplaces and course creation software that helps you to customize your course landing page, or you can earn money by selling courses!

Generally, a college professor and an online entrepreneur are in dire need of the best online course platforms to create engaging multimedia lectures that include video, text, PDF, and audio files. After a lot of research, I have picked out the top online course platforms based on features, integrations, support, pricing, and more.

So, without any ado let’s get started with the best online creation platforms where you can build sales landing pages, upload your videos, add assignments and quizzes plus host live webinars.


What Are Online Course Platforms?

online course platforms
Online Course Platforms

An online course platform is also referred to as an E-learning platform that allows you to create and manage learning programs with educational content that lets you provide live instruction on a particular subject or many different topics. A Learning Management System is a type of platform that includes course authoring software, assessment tools, adaptive learning engines, eCommerce sites, and learning content management solutions that are integrated and presented to the learner as one solution.

It is quite similar to offline classes and online tutoring sites where an instructor provides lectures through video, image, text, audio, and PDF files. There are a number of various types of online learning, such as taking a variety of forms and setups and differing between industry, offerings, and more. Moreover, online learning builds a strong foundation for future academic success by providing a comprehensive and engaging online curriculum and offers courses, certificates, and degrees from different companies and universities.

Do you know that YouTube is currently used as the best online learning tool with video tutorials, step-by-step guides, how-to clips, explainer videos, and much more and hence one of the most engaging online learning platforms! Moreover, the best online course creator software provides features such as easy content uploading, marketing features, better sales funnel, and much more, plus some platforms also allow you to build your course for free!

Online Course Platforms offer various benefits such as:

  • Immediacy: It allows users to learn things easily whenever they want
  • Comfortability: Users can learn in any environment they prefer
  • Opportunity: It helps users to find opportunities in almost any subject/topic
  • Cost-effective: Compared to traditional courses, online courses can be free and often less expensive
  • Self-paced: Online platforms let users move and learn at their own pace

Features Of Best Online Course Platforms

What Are The Features Of Best Online Course Platforms?

Benefits Of Online Learning

With the rising number of covid positive victims, social distancing is a new normal activity and colleges are moving to online classes worldwide. But there are some highlighted features of eLearning that the best eLearning organizations need:

  • Collaboration Of Various Learning Tools
  • Strong Reporting With Customization
  • Web-Based Business Support
  • Brand Integration
  • Online Course Catalogs
  • Self Registration
  • Responsive Design Features
  • Natural User Interface
  • Accreditation Support
  • And Other Availability Features To Provide Useful Online Assets Worldwide

Above, I have mentioned a detailed list of how to choose the best online platform, now let’s jump into the best online course platforms below!

What Are The Best Online Course Platforms?

Here is my top list of the best online course platforms to choose from in 2024:

  1. Best Free Online Course Creation Platforms: Thinkific
  2. Best Online Course Platforms For Students: LearnWorlds
  3. Best Online Course Platforms For Business Professionals: Kajabi
  4. Best Online Course Platforms For WordPress: LearnDash
  5. Best Online Course Platforms For Webinars: Podia
  6. Best Online Course Platforms For Coaching: Teachable
  7. Best Online Course Platforms For Training: Ruzuku
  8. Best Online Course Platforms For Enterprise: Academy Of Mine
  9. Best Free Online Course Platform For Beginners: WizIQ
  10. Best Online Learning Platforms: TalentLMS
  11. Best Online Course Creation Platform For Data Science: Udacity

List Of Best Online Course Platforms

Detailed List Of Best Online Course Platforms

Whether you are a teacher, student, or online entrepreneur, online platforms offer all types of tools that will help you to develop, launch, teach, and manage an online course and allow you to focus on your content. Here, are my top suggestions for businesses and individual creators to earn money with interactive software to engage their existing audience. Take a look at the best online platforms, and get your job done easily!

Best Online Course Platforms Of 2024:



Best Free Online Platform For Course Creation

Import existing content
Built-in content creation tools
Create courses with any content type
Full video & content hosting

Thinkific is one of the best online course creation platforms where you can easily create, market, and sell your own online courses. With this online platform, you can sell with confidence on a website that includes pre-built instructors, curriculum, key learnings, and course review sections. Plus, this tool provides easy navigation and also lets you manage your clients and course materials with a user-friendly dashboard. It also enables you to easily make and customize courses that match your brand.

Thinkific provides you with both course material and a landing page and also provides helpful cues and tips to build a valuable course. It also includes video lessons and other sample templates of quizzes, downloads, surveys, and instructor messages, at regular intervals throughout the course.

It includes the easiest website builder where you can choose pages you want to include, add your copy, pick a theme, and many more. Moreover, you can showcase your courses with themes specifically designed for selling education. And Thinkific effortlessly integrates with your favorite business tools such as PayPal, Shopify, stripe, and Mailchimp.

Thinkific Features:

  • Import existing content: It allows to import of existing content quickly with its intuitive drag and drop course builder.
  • Built-in content creation tools: Now you can create text & HTML lessons, presentations, quizzes, surveys, and more directly in the system.
  • Create courses with any content type: Thinkific has full support for video, audio, PDF, text, HTML, voice-over slide presentations, surveys, quizzes, and downloadable attachments alongside 3rd party content tools like Typeform, Google Docs, and more.
  • Full video & content hosting: It eliminates the hassle of external hosting and provides fast & reliable hosting for your video and course content.
  • Embed 3rd party tools and sites: It allows you to expand your course with externally hosted content & apps, i.e.: Google Apps & Typeform Forms.
  • Student surveys: Thinkific collects assignments and student feedback with Thinkific’s survey tools and also engages students and builds community with interactive in-course discussion.
  • Allows you to create text & HTML lessons, presentations, quizzes, surveys, and more directly in the system
  • Create & deliver an unlimited number of courses
  • Allows you to effortlessly add, delete, or rearrange sections of your course pages
  • Offers comprehensive support for analytics and ad tracking including Google Adwords, Facebook, and retargeting campaigns
  • Monitors and optimize your business with group and cohort reporting, detailed segmentation, data exports, and more
  • Automatic updates are available with built-in security and SSL and work optimally for you and your students

Thinkific Pricing:

Thinkific offers a free course creation and flexible pricing plans:

  • Basic plan costs $39/mo
  • Pro plan costs $79/mo
  • Premier plan costs $399/mo




Best Online Course Platform For Students

Versatile course creator
Flexible pathways
Synchronized transcript
Branded digital certificates

LearnWorlds is the best online course platform for creating, selling and promoting your online courses. It allows you to craft better learning experiences for your customers and boost usage, satisfaction, and retention for professional and compliance training, continuing education, and employee/customer onboarding. With this E-learning platform, you can engage learners with video interactions, note-taking, interactive ebooks, self-assessment, certificates, SCORM, and much more.

Plus, this tool effortlessly converts your videos into exceptional experiences with automatically extracted transcripts, quizzes, and tables of contents. Now set up profitable marketing funnels and increase your ROI and build a successful online business with a fully e-commerce-enabled platform. LearnWorlds integrates with your favorite affiliate tools and increases your sales such as ConvertKit, HubSpot, SumoMe, Zapier, Google Analytics, Freshdesk, Google Tag Manager, and more.

LearnWorlds Features:

  • Versatile course creator: It allows you to experience the most versatile course experience with beautiful themes for your course player and flexibility for free, paid, private, drip-fed, or curated course pathways.
  • Create pages quickly: With the intuitive drag and drop block-based builder you can choose between hundreds of templates and create high-converting landing pages.
  • Question banks: This platform creates huge pools of questions and connects them to multiple courses and tests. You need secure, randomized tests for continuing education (CE) and certification programs.
  • Flexible pathways: This tool allows users to navigate freely, sequentially, or set their own restrictions. Plus you can even schedule the delivery of your online course with drip feed.
  • Synchronized transcript: With this online learning platform, you can boost audience understanding by showing an interactive transcript that is automatically extracted from your video. Plus you can make your videos more accessible and much easier to navigate.
  • Branded digital certificates: You can design, develop and award your own personalized Digital Certificates which makes learners showcase their competencies at the end of their learning adventure.
  • An ideal cloud-based LMS with advanced eCommerce-ready features for selling online courses, educating customers, or training employees
  • The interface is user-friendly and integrates with several other programs like Zapier and Mailchimp
  • LearnWorlds is more than an online learning platform with better flexibility and adaptability with the quick support team
  • Extremely helpful and responsive with over 100 LMS options
  • Provides multilingual support that helps you to launch your site in less time

LearnWorlds Pricing:

LearnWorlds comes with a free 30-day trial and offers 4 subscription plans:

  • Starter plan costs $24/mo
  • Pro Trainer costs $79/mo
  • Learning Center costs $249/mo
  • For Corporate Plan contact the vendor for further information




Best Online Course Platforms For Business Professionals

Fully integrated
Email automation

Kajabi is one of the best course online platforms and gives you all the tools you need to build, market, and sell it with just a few clicks. Plus, it also lets you create courses, coaching programs, membership sites builder, podcasts, newsletters, communities, and more. Kajabi makes it incredibly easy to turn your knowledge into products you can sell and build a successful online business. Not only this, you can keep track of the real humans your business serves, tag people based on your on their behavior, make personal notes, and then use that in your marketing, automation, and products.

It is overall the best high-end course platform with more built-in tools and features and is best suited for email marketing automation. Not only this, the Kajabi mobile app gives customers one-click access from wherever they are, without having to remember passwords or rely on clunky mobile browsers.

Kajabi Features:

  • Fully integrated: Kajabi ensures that your business is more than a course and your products are automatically integrated with your website, marketing campaigns, emails, offers, CRM, analytics, and more.
  • Email automation: With Kajabi’s visual editor lets you create and customize beautiful emails that integrate video, countdown timers, and more, plus build strong audience relationships.
  • Pipelines: With Kajabi pipelines you can easily optimize, automate and scale your business with custom automation triggers and full platform integration, and allows you to create personalized experiences for your audience without any extra effort.
  • Analytics: Now it is very easy to make informed decisions and view reports, user forecasting, customer progress tracking, and see how customers are engaging with your business.
  • Better payment plans: With this online course platform, you can experience simple seamless integration with Stripe and PayPal gets you paid easier, faster. From recurring to one-time to trial payment plans to one-click upsells, Kajabi does it all.
  • Better website connection: With this tool, your website connects everything about your business in one place. Plus your content, your marketing, your products work seamlessly together so you can focus on your business.
  • Great online platform to host courses and membership with amazing training videos and customer support
  • It’s easy to learn, setup and manage with an unlimited number of landing pages
  • Offers as an all in one solution for sales, website, checkout, emails, automation, funnels, and more
  • Fully integrates with email marketing, tagging, email automation, site creation, squeeze pages creation, e-learning platform, forms, surveys and saves both time and money
  • Provides amazing features with great UI and allows you to create better communication with your students
  • It is the best solution to create courses, coaching programs, membership sites, podcasts, newsletters, communities, and more

You can check what makes Kajabi a better option in our Kajabi vs Teachable blog.

Kajabi Pricing:

Kajabi comes with 3 subscription plans:

  • Basic plan starts at $119/mo
  • Growth plan starts at $159/mo
  • Pro plan starts at $319/mo




Best Online Course Platform For Coaching

Custom domain
Course completion certificates
Zapier Integration
Power Editor

Teachable is the world’s most user-friendly and powerful online course creation platform. With this tool, you can experience an incredible opportunity to use your classroom skills in a new, profitable way. This tool allows you to create online courses or host online coaching and earn a full-time income on the platform used by the world’s best online teachers to reach millions of students worldwide.

With its easy-to-use online course creation platform, you can create courses without ever having to worry about tech, hosting, design, or marketing integrations. Teachable is a perfect platform for beginners with the cheapest pricing options with easy-to-use features. With this tool, you can learn how to create your own online school and set up your first course using Teachable without any technical skills required.

With just 3 simple steps you can create your own online course platform:

  • Create your course or coaching service
  • Seamlessly upload your content
  • Make your school beautiful

Teachable Features:

  • Bring your online courses and coaching services to life with student side features
  • Seamlessly take clients from booking to intake to scheduling and learning with its native integrations with Calendly
  • Easily link your existing website to Teachable under a custom domain
  • Engage your students with quizzes and course completion certificates and ensure transformation with course compliance controls that require course completion to move on
  • Easily integrate with Zapier to take support to the next level with Zendesk, Olark, Intercom, and others
  • With the power editor, you can customize your online school experience and create engaging, multimedia lectures, videos, and coaching sessions
  • Allows you to create gorgeous, money-making sales pages with our flexible page editor
  • Easily track sales and student insights with our comprehensive dashboards

You can also check for some sites like Teachable from our platform.

  • Very easy to use platform for hosting online classes and is super convenient for both the novice online course creator
  • Allows you to create professional and high-quality video courses for online clients
  • Clean UI with simple sales page builder and more customizable options like more fonts and layouts
  • Great teaching platform for adding new chapters, creating quizzes, and editing content
  • It allows for full branding of the online course pages by utilizing custom HTML/CSS
  • Video hosting is done directly on Teachable, so no need to figure out embedding, etc from other sites plus offers many free courses and resources for online teachers

Teachable Pricing:

Teachable provides 3 pricing plans:

  • Basic plan costs $29
  • Pro plan costs $99
  • Business plan costs $249




Best Online Course Platform For Webinars

Free content to collect email addresses
Broadcasts and automated campaigns
Unlimited video bandwidth
Add rich text, images, videos, and testimonials

Podia is another best online course platform to host unlimited files and videos and offer payment plans, upsells, quizzes, drip content, and student comments. Plus it includes powerful marketing tools to boost your sales, from pre-launch to post-purchase. Not only this you can also get a beautiful, modern, mobile-friendly website for your brand. This is a great online course platform for digital downloads and membership and sells one-off downloads like eBooks, audiobooks, PDFs, cheat sheets, checklists, and presets.

With the membership option, you can earn recurring revenue by launching a membership with unlimited plans, posts, and files and also charge for one-on-one coaching sessions or one-to-many webinars with its Zoom and YouTube Live integrations. One of the best features is launching your own affiliate marketing program and setting custom commission terms, inviting affiliates, and more. It provides full support 24/7 for creators and provides you guides, articles, videos, tools, webinars, and 7-days-a-week live chat support to help you tackle your toughest challenges.

Podia offers various features that fit your business and customers’ needs where you can host all your content, upload, and sell to your students. Here are some types of courses below:

  • Standalone course where you can create your online course and includes text, images, videos, audio files, MP3, links, PDF, PSD, quizzes, and more
  • Drip course where you can deliver your course content to your students section-by-section set to a schedule of your choosing
  • Pre-sell courses where you can take payment before you launch and also validate your next course idea
  • Cohort-based courses where you can set a future start date and create a sense of community and allow for live interaction
  • Pre-launch courses where you can test ideas and collect emails before investing in and launching your latest course

Podia Features:

Podia is designed to shine a spotlight on your brand and customize the look and feel of your entire site. Here are some amazing features below:

  • You can add rich text, images, videos, and testimonials to your sales pages
  • Get full control over how you want everything to look and where you want elements to appear
  • Looks amazing on all devices such as desktops, mobile phones, and tablets
  • Allows you to increase the size of every order by offering relevant upsells (like additional products) to customers who purchase your online courses
  • Podia has covered with unlimited video bandwidth on all plans and now there is no need to pay for third-party video hosting
  • Includes built-in features like broadcasts and automated campaigns, and replaces your expensive email platform
  • Offers free content to collect email addresses and build your audience and you can set up an email funnel to nurture your new leads and sell your course
  • Fully customizable to get a beautiful, modern, mobile-friendly website for your brand or bring your own custom URL
  • Podia never takes a cut of your sales and allows the pay the standard processing fee charged by Stripe or PayPal
  • Increase conversions by offering online course payment plans as an alternative to single-payment pricing
  • Create unlimited content, students, emails, or earnings and sell as much as you can
  • With an on-page chat widget, it lets you close deals with site visitors and engages with logged-in course customers

Podia Pricing:

Podia is a unique course builder and comes with a 14-day free trial and offers 3 subscription plans:

  • Mover plan costs $39/mo
  • Shaker plan costs $79/mo
  • Earthquake plan costs $179/mo




Best Online Course Software For WordPress (LMS)

Drag & drop builder
Automatically trigger e-mails
Course-specific discussion forums
Integrates with the most popular apps

LearnDash is the only WordPress LMS Plugin to build an online course platform created by e-learning experts and includes superior quizzing capabilities, an immersive learning experience, and is structured using online learning principles to maximize your content delivery. Plus you can have complete control when selling online courses with a better pricing model, up-sell offerings, reminder notifications, and watch your sales soar!

Not only this, LearnDash includes the largest active online communities of online course creators, educational institutions, and WordPress professionals who have extensive experience setting up e-learning programs, publishing add-ons, videos, and tutorials plus it has other innovative features. With LearnDash you can easily connect to the tools that you already know and create a unique learning platform such as Zapier, BuddyPress, MailChimp, Slack, and many more. Plus this platform automatically delivers content according to a predefined schedule, at the exact time when your students should receive it or you can add a notification e-mail to be delivered at the same time.

LearnDash Features:

  • Comes with a drag & drop builder with advanced quizzing, and dynamic content delivery to create a distraction-free environment for learners
  • Automatically trigger e-mails based on actions learners take in a course
  • Allows you to encourage conversation among learners by adding course-specific discussion forums
  • Using leaderboards you can award and display the learners who obtain the best scores on quizzes in your courses
  • LearnDash integrates with the most popular apps for running a business such as PayPal, WooCommerce, 2checkout, Samcart, GamiPress, and many more
  • Provides more control over your learners and courses than nearly any learning management system on the market
  • Provides detailed reporting on enrollment, progress, and performance
  • Easy to customize where you can choose logos, colors, course display, and lesson options with just a few clicks
  • Supports images, videos, audio, SWF files, HTML5, SCORM, xAPI, and more
  • Full assignment management program where you can approve, comment, and award points on submitted assignments
  • Includes amazing page builders options like Elementor, BeaverBuilder, and Divi
  • Flexible prerequisites to set access to courses, lessons, and quizzes based on a set of prerequisites
  • This best LMS plugin awards course points for actions and badges and certificates awarded to students once they complete a course

LearnDash Pricing:

LearnDash comes with 3 pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan costs $159 and includes 1 Site Licence
  • Plus Package costs $189 and includes 10 Site Licence
  • Pro Pacakage costs $329 and includes 25 Site Licence




Best Online Course Platforms For Training

Automatic email notifications
Hosts teleconferences
Easy access to support
Shows students’ activity completion and comment rates
$74.75 visit site

Ruzuku is one of the easiest creators that lets you connect with your audience and create inspiring content and this tool allows you to focus on creating content and engaging your students. If you are looking for an easier way to teach online then Ruzuku is the easiest option with a bunch of plugins. This online creator tool includes everything you need to start creating courses that provide distinctive value through writing, speaking, and teaching. With Ruzuku, you don’t need to worry about the complexities of accepting credit cards or how to support international customers.

Plus these best online course delivery platforms integrate with MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and various other payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal to accept payments and there is no scope of transaction fees.

Ruzuku Features:

  • Accept payments through Stripe, PayPal, or your own payment system and create free courses
  • Integrates with Mailchimp and allows you to host and stream audio and video
  • It provides live courses (scheduled calendar-based) with automatic email notifications
  • Ruzuku hosts teleconferences with slides, group chat, and automatic recording
  • Easy access to support via Phone, Skype, Email, Facebook Group, Knowledge Base, Training Courses, and Tutorials
  • Allows students to post images, PDFs, and videos in their responses plus general course-wide Q&A and forum
  • With the Course, Health feature shows students’ activity completion and comment rates, with data for the whole course or by lesson
  • Includes On Demand (aka Evergreen) courses with drip content
  • Very user-friendly platform with great customer support
  • Allows students to have social profiles, bios, and photos in the course community
  • Provides Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) with daily backups
  • Allows you to send email announcements to all participants in the course

Ruzuku Pricing:

Ruzuku offers a 14-days trial and comes in 3 subscription plans:

  • Bootstraper plan starts at $74.75/mo
  • Up-and comer plan starts at $83.08/mo
  • University plan starts at $125/mo



Academy Of Mine

Best Online Course Platform For Enterprise

Seamless experience
Self-paced courses
Extensive eCommerce functionality
Detailed course analytics

Academy Of Mine is the best eLearning platform that works best in different business niches where you can create, manage, and deliver the highest quality educational content in a unique way that works for your business. Plus it also provides your customers, users, partners, or employees the tools they need to succeed and also build brand awareness, increase revenue, help your customers retain knowledge, and supercharge your training business.

Academy Of Mine is a great LMS System with Webinar and Virtual Training where you can set up live courses webinars that allow you to give classes to students across the globe in real-time, all from within your LMS. Plus includes slides, documents, and course content, and have discussions with your students right there next to the content. Not only this, but it also integrates with your favorite web conferencing tools including Zoom and GoTo, and lets you enjoy full web-conferencing capability with video, audio, integrated presentations (PPT, PDF, etc.) with notation functionality, screen sharing, session recording, real-time chat with students, and more.

It is the best to fit for organizations that are looking to perform Professional Training and Development including but not limited to Continuing Education and areas such as Healthcare, Software, Tax, Legal, Safety Training, and many others.

Academy Of Mine Features:

  • This online platform strengthen your brand and deliver a seamless experience for your students with a platform that is completely yours
  • Build self-paced courses that include text, video, audio, SCORM, PDF, live streaming, quizzes, and much more
  • Easily integrates with your offline business with your LMS and allow students to join in-person classes online in real-time
  • Includes extensive eCommerce functionality, allowing you to sell courses individually, in bundles, per membership, and in bulk
  • Provides you with detailed course analytics including student progress, grades, activity, and statistics, and you can even share and export your reports via Excel
  • Includes On-board corporations by selling course seats in bulk and delegating student management to them
  • Automatically award custom certificates with dynamic fields based on passing percentages and students progress
  • Allows you to set a delivery schedule for the content within your course determining when what section will become available
  • Limitless integrations with any of your favorite programs and platforms
  • Helps you to take your eLearning business to the next level with its robust LMS and generate significantly more revenue
  • Enables you to add their logos, and even customize the slugs of their login and registration URLs so that students can enjoy the personalized feel afforded to them
  • A dynamic platform, that will help you achieve your organizational goals in a cost-effective, scalable manner
  • Best suited for small to medium-sized businesses who are searching for a robust training system for their employees or clients

Academy Of Mine Pricing:

Academy Of Mine comes in fairly and reasonably pricing with 30 days free trial:

  • Essential plan costs $599/mo and basically for simple training needs
  • Professional plan costs $899/mo and suits advanced training needs
  • Enterprise plan has custom pricing and for custom needs




Best Free Online Course Platform

Branded learning experience
Create, deliver and sell online courses from one place
Cloud-based content library
Automate admin tasks

WizIQ is one of the best free online course platforms for virtual classrooms and LMS software where you can teach or train your students, customers, or partners.

This platform provides the best education and training and allows you to create beautiful learning portals, customize logos, banners, URLs, favicons, and colors to match your brand. Plus WizIQ leverages you to create and sell interactive courses to be consumed for self-paced or live classes. In addition to this, it also expands your reach, enrolls students from around the world, and generates an additional revenue stream with MOOCs.

Plus you can deliver learning on the go with WizIQ mobile apps for Android and iOS make learning portable and accessible 24/7 on personal, handheld devices. WizIQ also lets you deliver live classes from your LMS, CMS, and website with the WizIQ Virtual Classroom plugin and one of the best video conferencing tools specially designed for teaching, training, and collaborating online.

If you are a teaching professional and want to reach a live audience then WizIQ is the #1 leading eLearning platform for end-to-end management of online learning operations. With the new update, it provides clean and lean design, integrated learning delivery platform, WebRTC, and Microsoft Azure-powered and is capable of executing live, self-paced, and scheduled courses.

WizlQ Features:

  • Set up your online learning portal within minutes and allows you to create, deliver and sell online courses from one place
  • Enables you to upload learning material in any format to the cloud-based content library and create interactive courses
  • Allows you to automate admin tasks like enrollment, attendance monitoring, and reporting
  • Easily tailor the look and feel and name of your portal and courses to offer a branded learning experience
  • Deliver all types of learning such as live, micro, flipped, and self-paced with the least investment and effort
  • Allows you to create course content in your favorite format and supports almost all text, audio, video, PPT, and HTML formats
  • WizIQ offers multiple ways to deliver learning and engage learners and let you maintain sync between your teaching style and different learning styles and create online courses in minutes
  • WizIQ understands your exact needs and gives you everything to create an online course in one place
  • Easily upload, import, or drag and drop content from your own site, computer, or any third party website
  • Deliver a mix of active and passive learning and provide learners more control over their learning by using different content types
  • Allow learners to attend live sessions or access content from anywhere anytime and from any device with WizIQ native mobile app
  • The multi-language support allows you to go global and translate the interface in the selected language
  • A great comprehensive, ready-to-use platform for all forms of online instruction

WizlQ Pricing:

WizIQ pricing starts from $25/month and offers a free trial with 3 subscription plans:

  • Professional plan is best for individual teachers
  • Enterprise plan is best suited for colleges & universities, corporate trainers, test prep institutes
  • Pay-per-Use is for audio and video communication and charge per minute pricing


Note: Price is not provided by the vendor. Please contact the team for more information.


Overall Best Online Learning Platform

Assessments engine
Surveys engine
Videoconference support

TalentLMS is one of the best online course platforms for training programs to help teams grow. It has an intuitive interface that can be easily accessible on any device and allows learners to jump anywhere and at any time. Almost 70,000+ teams find this platform successful and create your training program with simple clicks!

TalentLMS helps you to share a file with other people and provides reports to make better decisions. Plus this platform matches your branding and localizes to your users’ languages for training that feels like it’s built just for them. In addition to this, it delivers the same great training experience for any scenario and every team, whether they’re your employees, customers, or partners. This online course creation platform provides onboard training, compliance training, customer training, partner training, sales training, and more.

TalentLMS Features:

  • Content-friendly: TalentLMS build courses from scratch by using all types of media like videos, presentations and docs and also helps to reuse content if already created.
  • Assessments engine: It allows you to build a variety of tests with options for multiple-choice, drag-and-drop matching, ordering, fill-in-the-blank, and open-ended questions.
  • Surveys engine: It helps you to build surveys to gain insights into your learners and training and lets you send, collect and analyze responses in one spot.
  • Videoconference support: TalentLMS offer live training sessions with an integrated videoconferencing tool or connect apps like Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings, and GoToTraining/Webinar/Meeting.
  • Reporting: With this tool you can access extensive reporting about everything happening in your account, with a timeline to see all system actions and a report builder to dive into the details.
  • Integrations: TalentLMS simplify processes with native integrations with BambooHR, Salesforce, GoToMeeting, Shopify, and more or integrate with over 2K apps through Zapier.
  • GDPR Friendly: It easily comply with GDPR by collecting approval, excluding users who have opted out of data collection in your reports, and allow users to self-delete.
  • Allows you to customize the look and feel of your account with ready-made themes or use your own CSS or JavaScript on top
  • Enables you to discover everything you can change inside TalentLMS to create a learning platform perfect for your needs
  • Offer training that’s available on any device with our native apps for iOS and Android devices
  • Supports multilingual language in over 30 languages including Spanish, German, and French
  • Easily fine-tune roles and permissions for different users, so everyone only sees what they need to see

TalentLMS Pricing:

TalentLMS offers a free trial and comes with 3 basic plans:

  • Starter plan costs $59/mo
  • Basic plan costs $129/mo
  • Plus plan costs $249/mo
  • Premium plan costs $429/mo




Best Online Course Creation Platform For Data Science

LinkedIn profile optimization
Learn at your own pace
Knowledgeable mentors
Data-driven solutions
Custom visit site

Udacity is another best online course creation platform with the latest digital skills and allows you to build Build expertise in data manipulation, visualization, predictive analytics, machine learning, and data science. With the skills you learn in a Nanodegree program, you can launch or advance a successful data career. Plus you can start acquiring valuable skills right away, create a project portfolio to demonstrate your abilities, and get support from mentors, peers, and experts in the field.

Udacity Features:

  • Get real-world projects and immersive content built in partnership with top tier companies, and master your technical skills with these best online course platforms
  • Get access to resume support, Github portfolio review, and LinkedIn profile optimization to help you advance your career and land a high-paying role
  • Allows you to Learn at your own pace and reach your personal goals on the schedule that works best for you
  • Get to know from knowledgeable mentors who will guide your learning and are focused on answering your questions, motivating you, and keeping you on track
  • Enables you to combine skills in programming and statistical analysis to uncover insights communicate critical findings, and create data-driven solutions
  • Udacity develops its own content with tight collaborations with industry-leading partners such as Google, AWS (Amazon), Mercedes or Nvidia
  • A great place to start and get an idea of what to expect from this popular e-learning community
  • The lessons are designed to be hands-on and provide practical learning that you should be able to apply to your job
  • Allows you to gather knowledge and earn new skills in programming, business, data science, and more
  • Udacity for Enterprise prides itself on its customized learning paths tailored to your company’s needs and one to one support for you and your team

Udacit Pricing:

Price is not provided by the vendor. Please contact the official website for more information.


Final Words


Online learning platforms offer high-quality courses based on modern video content and in-course interaction. If you are a passionate professor, teacher and want to sell courses then you must know the best online course platforms to achieve your goals!

Before you sell your courses from your website, the most important factor is to have a good understanding of the popular topics of your course content, right? Engaging students is not so easy in case you are not familiar with popular online classes! Choosing the right platform will not only improve your learning skills but also help you to get the most out of it.

In this recent situation, students are more focused on highly informative and impactful education to be successful in their real life. Remember, you must create classes on the most popular topics with better engagement, interactive communication and provide better insights.

Personally, I feel that online course creation is the best platform to upload your content, train your student and earn high revenue for course selling. But the critical factor is you need to plan, research, develop and understand the market properly! If you want my opinion to start your course creation, I will recommend you to start with Teachable which is the best platform for beginners with high-end features at a reasonable price.

But for overall performance, Thinkific is the best option and if you are searching for a high-end information course creator Kajabi is a good option.

Thank you guys, for reading this article. I hope, you have enjoyed it and are now able to create online courses from the best platforms, right? Don’t forget to share which one suits your need! If you have any questions, drop them in the comment section below!

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