14+ Best ZenBusiness Alternatives For Incorporating An LLC (Ranked & Reviewed)

Are you looking to create a company but confused about which LLC filing service is best suited for your needs? Here in this guide, we have listed the top ZenBusiness LLC Service Alternatives to help you find out which online formation service is the best option for you.

Looking for the best ZenBusiness Alternative that will assist with your company formation? It might be difficult to decide which online LLC service would be ideal for your business when there are so many options available. This comparison of ZenBusiness Alternatives is designed to help you quickly learn about a few of their competitors and determine which one will be a better fit for your needs.

If you are planning to form an LLC we can assist you in finding the perfect online incorporation companies for your requirements. One of the most popular business formation services today is ZenBusiness. They have helped more than 70,000 businesses and have received over 5,000 ratings on Trustpilot. Are you aware that there are software firms that are comparable and might be a good fit for your LLC business? Some of the best ZenBusiness alternatives are Incfile, Northwest Registered Agents, IncAuthority, Firstbase, Rocket Lawyer, MyCompanyWorks, and more.

Although ZenBusiness is among the top providers of online incorporation services, there are certainly other ZenBusiness LLC Alternatives that we believe you should be aware of. When looking for incorporation services, it’s usually a good idea to compare the prices. That’s why we’ve done the research for you with top competitors of ZenBusiness that provide more effective customer service or less expensive business formation services.

Use the curated list of ZenBusiness alternatives below to compare them for your business and make an informed decision. Let’s get started.

So, here are my top picks if you are looking for the best alternatives to ZenBusiness for starting your LLC:

What Are The Best ZenBusiness Alternatives & Competitors?

Best Free LLC Formation
Incfile logo

LLC formation service providers with low prices
A wide variety of other services is available
Worry-Free Compliance & quick order turnaround
No hidden fees or automatic service renewals
Good Registered Agent Service
Outstanding customer feedback
Online Access to Incorporation Documents
Best For Incorporation
FirstBase logo

Best for LLC or C-Corp formation
Registration in Wyoming or Delaware
Tax ID (EIN) setup with the Internal Revenue Service
Helps your US business bank account setup
Physical address in the US
Over $150,000 in exclusive deals & perks
Free 1:1 calls with tax & legal experts
Provides Registered agent service
Provides Lifetime expert support
Includes post-incorporation documents
Best Customer Support
Northwest Registered Agent logo

Hassle-free business formation service
Lifetime customer support from local experts
Includes registered agent service
Offers Mail Forwarding services
Inc Authority logo

Free LLC service in addition to paid packages
Simple-to-use checkout process
Basic company registration is completely free
Great range of extra services
Includes registered agent & tax consultant
Doola LLC

100% Accurate Formation & Refund Guarantee
Employer Identification Number
US Bank Account + Payment Processor
US Mailing Address
US State + IRS Tax Filings
Stress-Free Annual Compliance Reminders
Digital Document Access
Rocket Lawyer

Offers a monthly subscription plan
On-call lawyers to resolve your questions
Top-quality legal compliance and services
7-day free trial plus company formation
Seamless user experience & Business Formation
MyCompanyWorks Logo

Offers fast turnaround time
Dedicated features to ensure legal compliance
Excellent customer service and reviews
Offers affordable, dissolution service packages

Name Check and Clearance
Get A Registered Agent
US Phone Number
Formation And EIN
US Address with Mail Forwarding
US Business Bank Account With Debit card
Ongoing Business Support

CorpNet Logo

Offers secure self-service
Corporate supplies and trademark registrations
Excellent customer feedback
Live experts at your service
Free corporate compliance tool
Hashtag Legal logo

Customizable plans for each customer
Specialized in online business and startups
Provides legal advice in addition to form filling
Offers business consulting services
Nationwide Incorporators logo

Registration business agreement & templates
Customized company documents and certificates
Add-ons such as registered agent services
All plans include services from an attorney
BizFilings logo

Preparation and filing of all LLC documents
24/7 compliance monitor and guidance tools
LLC Business Name Verification
Support from incorporation specialists
MyCorporation logo

Established company with a good reputation
Corporation and LLC Maintenance Service
4-tiered packages with expansive options
Unlimited customer support
Trademark and Copyright Filings
Swyft Filings logo

Offers multiple service packages
Provides direct and personal customer service
Helps you with the required initial IRS paperwork
Help answer some of your basic legal and tax questions
Flexible pricing models with decent turnaround times
Personal Customer Support

Facts About ZenBusiness LLC Formation

If you prefer an engaging chat-based approach to creating an LLC, ZenBusiness is a great option. They also provide a wide range of LLC services that can support your company’s compliance with state regulations. If you are looking for ZenBusiness discount codes, then check the latest deal on ZenBusiness Coupons And Promo Codes!

Online incorporation services are provided by ZenBusiness, which frequently receives positive customer reviews. They can also assist you in opening a business bank account and receiving free tax advice, among other things. However, it’s crucial to take into account the ZenBusiness alternatives in case you have distinct needs.

ZenBusiness comes with a  high informative straightforward and appealing website. We appreciate that ZenBusiness uses simple, informative language to describe its LLC services. It might be a little tricky to distinguish between pricing as it comes with auto-renewing subscriptions and one-time charges. Overall, ZenBusiness provides business formation services at a reasonable price. Also, Read Our Guide On Top-Rated Incfile Incorporation Service Alternatives In 2022.

Additionally, they provide a Worry-free Compliance Solution. In exchange for your purchase, ZenBusiness will submit your LLC Annual Report on your behalf every year. If you want someone to take care of the yearly LLC filing with the state, this is an excellent function. Check our guide on ZenBusiness Vs Incfile: Which Is The Best LLC Service?

ZenBusiness offers a variety of features depending on your pricing model and location, but some of its standout features include:

Let’s quickly examine some of ZenBusiness’ fundamental elements as a business. The following are the most crucial aspects of ZenBusiness to be aware of before looking into other ZenBusiness alternatives:

  • Reasonable Pricing: There are three service tiers offered by ZenBusiness, each with a different set of features. One can avoid paying too much for features and functions they might not require by starting out at a more basic and cheaper service tier and upgrading as necessary later. Additionally, while still on a cheaper plan, you can choose to add on specific services, like a company website and domain name, for an additional fee. ZenBusiness’ LLC formation service is available for as little as $39. Although this pricing is less than most of its alternatives, it still includes a number of worthwhile services, such as a full year of registered agent service for free. Read Our Guide On Cost To Incorporate Or Form An LLC.
  • Amazing Customer Support: ZenBusiness offers customer support over the phone, via email, or by online chat. All three of these methods have been tested by us, and in our testing, they consistently deliver prompt responses and precise information. We’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes to speak with someone on the phone or in a live chat, despite the fact that they claim to respond to all emails within one working day. Check our guide on S Corp Vs LLC: Differences & Benefits
  • Accurate Tracking Record: ZenBusiness was founded in 2015 and has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Even though ZenBusiness is one of the newest firms in the company formation area, its team has managed to distinguish the company in this crowded market with its fast technology adoption. ZenBusiness employs automation to carry out a range of commercial activities, allowing them to charge less than many of their competition. ZenBusiness has formed hundreds of firms in its brief time in operation, and they claim that its objective is to create over a million new ones in the following 5 years.
  • Faster Turnaround Time: Rather than basing your formation speed on the real filing periods of each state, as most businesses in this sector do, ZenBusiness will structure it based on the bundle or fast filing you select. However, they seem to be either just as quick or a little bit quicker than other formation services. It’s crucial to note that they do mention that your state of the formation may affect how accurate these estimations are. If you want an accurate estimation, just choose your state on their site to receive a speedy response.

User Feedback Compared

Zenbusiness reviews trustpilot

Customer reviews are the most crucial components of any service that helps create an LLC. We made the decision to establish this user feedback analysis section to make it easier for you to evaluate each company’s client reviews. It explains how ZenBusiness Incorporation Service Alternatives compare to one another in this important category.

Customer feedback records for LLC formation services may range widely in terms of size and reliability. In order to make it as simple for you to evaluate these businesses, we came up with the following analysis of ZenBusiness Competitors:

  • ZenBusiness: 9927 Reviews On Trustpilot With 4.7 Average Rating Score.
  • Incfile: 2754 Reviews On Trustpilot With 4.7 Average Rating Score.
  • Northwest Registered Agent: 386 Reviews On Trustpilot With 4.5 Average Rating Score.
  • Inc Authority: 13,257 Reviews On Trustpilot With 4.8 Average Rating Score.
  • Rocket Lawyer: 5037 Reviews On Trustpilot With 4.7 Average Rating Score.
  • Doola: 3887 Reviews On Trustpilot With 4.9 Average Rating Score.
  • CorpNet: 1257 Reviews On Trustpilot With 4.8 Average Rating Score.

Final Takeaway On ZenBusiness Alternatives

Overall, ZenBusiness offers a number of significant features that define them as a top contender and among the best services available today. ZenBusiness, Northwest Registered Agent, Incfile, and LegalZoom are all reputable companies that offer LLC services as well as trusted incorporation services. You might favor one of them above the others based on your requirements.

If you are on a tight budget and are looking for valuable features, ZenBusiness is a great choice. If you want top-notch customer support then Northwest Registered Agent is a good option. In case, you want an all-rounder service provider Incfile is the best option in the market. We recommend you to go for Incfile as it offers a free LLC formation service and has excellent customer reviews!

However, each formation service listed in this post is a good choice to make. Read over our guide a few times before making your decision. Make a note of the services that will help you the most as you go along.

By doing this, you can be confident that you’re getting what your company requires. If you’re ready to launch your firm, check out our guide to the costs and expenses for an LLC to get going right now!

FAQs On ZenBusiness Alternatives

1. Which Service Has the Best Customer Support?

Most LLC formation services offer good customer service, but Northwest Registered Agent stands out as having the best service. None of these services can compare to Northwest’s resources that itΒ offers or the friendly, knowledgable approach of its staff members.

2. Which Service Has the Fewest Upsells?

Firstbase.io comes with few upsells and they have a one-time payment option of $399 and includes everything for LLC formation.

3. Which Service Has The Best Refund Policy?

Firstbase.io comes with an amazing return policy which is the best in the industry. This service offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. Firstbase will issue a full refund less any state or other third-party fees for cancellations that occur within 60 days of purchase.

4. Do These Services Share My Information With Third Parties?

ZenBusiness and IncFile share user data with outside partners.Β CheckΒ at IncFile’s LLC formation service order form to understand.Β It includesΒ services like a company bank account with Bank of America, a website builder and domain name offers from SnapWeb, and an appointment with an accountant to discuss taxes. When it comes to ZenBusiness, their primary products include extras like corporate websites and domain name registration that are supplied by outside vendors.

5. Do Any of These Services Handle Requirements Like Publication?

ZenBusiness is the only service provider that handles publication requirements. In this case, LegalZoom is not at all good.

6. Are Any of These Services Faster Than the Others?

Because Northwest and IncFile all base their turnaround time estimations on the actual operating durations of each state, their filing times are reasonably comparable in the majority of states.
Incfile and ZenBusiness are the exceptions to this rule since their turnaround times differ depending on the level of service you acquire from them. However, ZenBusiness also speeds up or slows down your formation dependent on how much money you spend. They do differ your turnaround times slightly from state to state.

7. What is the ZenBusiness refund policy?

Due to their 60-day money-back guarantee, you can use their services with security. If you want to cancel an add-on service, you can easily do so by contacting their support team within 60 days, and you will receive a full refund less any applicable taxes or other third-party fees. After 60 days, they will cancel your membership or services,Β no refunds will be offered.

8. Can I Just Form an LLC on My Own, Without a Service?

You surely. In fact, forming an LLC on one’s own without assistance from a professional is rather frequent among business owners. But nothing compares to the peace of mind we have when employing the best LLC services because we have complete faith in their knowledge.

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