ZenBusiness Vs Incfile: Who Is The Winner And Why?

If you need to set up an LLC but don’t want to go through the hassle of doing it yourself, there are a few options.

There are numerous online incorporation services, but which one is best for your requirement of company?

With a variety of companies like ZenBusiness & Incfile, it can be difficult to determine which is the best option for your LLC formation needs.

If you’re looking for a comparison between ZenBusiness Vs  IncFile, you can find it here. Which company formation service should you use to start a new LLC? Check out some easy steps to start an LLC.

We spent a lot of time looking into different options for forming an LLC, including ZenBusiness. Our comparison of Incfile vs. ZenBusiness will help you make an informed decision about which service is best for your startup company.

First, let’s talk about what a good value for an LLC formation service looks like before we get into our comparison of IncFile and ZenBusiness in detail. If you are looking for the best incorporation service providers, Firstbase.io, and Doola are the best to go!

IncFile and ZenBusiness, on either hand, are two of the most cost-effective choices with useful extras like free registered agent service. Their prices and features make them two of the most highly rated LLC services on the internet. So, let’s get started!

Bottom Line
most popular
ZenBusiness Logo
Overall Best LLC Formation Service
Bottom Line
ZenBusiness specializes in business formation services, and despite being a young firm, it is outperforming its competitors thanks to low-cost plans and excellent customer support. With prices starting at $49, they are one of the most cost-effective LLC services accessible.
One of the best choices for most business owners looking to form an LLC or a corporation
The platform makes the filing procedure as simple, fast, and pleasant as possible
Offers affordable LLC formations and incorporation plus several other services for a successful startup launch
Provide you with templates for important legal documents, such as an Operating Agreement, corporate bylaws, or a banking resolution
Faster turnaround time and basic web services for your company
ZenBusiness will take care of the required continuing compliance filings with your state and ensure that your company remains in good standing
ZenBusiness can secure a domain name with your chosen LLC name if it is available
Lowest pricing plans that make them stand out from the competition
A well-designed dashboard will allow you to track the formation of your LLC in real-time
Thousands of LLCs, Corporations, DBAs, and business name registrations have been filed using the #1 specialist filing service in the US
ZenBusiness provides extended customer support hours compared to its competitors
Customers can cancel their automatic membership renewal at any time with ZenBusiness
The functionality of a business website is limited
best values
Incfile logo
Free LLC Formation Service
Bottom Line
If you’re on a tight budget, Incfile is an excellent choice. Their most basic plan (Silver) is an amazing offer, as it is free save for state levies. They also come with several extras, such as a complimentary year of registered agent service and free LLC compliance reminders.
An easy-to-use LLC formation service is available in all 50 states
Incfile states that your documents are usually sent to state authorities within a single business day
Incfile’s DBA/Fictitious Business Name, Certificate of Authority, and business license research services all have fees that are comparable to or lower than those of competitors
Access to an online dashboard that displays order statuses, crucial deadlines, and previously produced and submitted papers in a clear and concise manner
Incfile has a good user interface that most people should find simple to use
Provides low rates and great customer service
Complete your order in under 10 minutes withΒ a quick and easy checkout process
Quick order turnaround and file your LLC document within 1 business day
There are no hidden fees or service renewals that are renewed
Includes a full year of registered agent service for free in all their packages
Starting at $0 + state charge, theirΒ business creation services are the cheapest on the market
Offer unlimited phone/email support, and provides access to a real-time order tracking tool until you receive your final documentation
Includes online storage for your formation documents and a dedicated dashboard that records crucial deadlines and compliance notifications
Every Incfile customer is eligible for a free one-hour business tax consultation with a registered specialist
Limited support options

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Key Comparison Points Between ZenBusiness Vs Incfile

In this review we have researched the following key consideration factors:

  • We compared features and prices to get a sense of overall cost-effectiveness.
  • Researched out their previous track record.
  • Analyzed the level of service provided to customers.
  • The ease of use of the service and the ordering process was tested.
  • Analyzed the time it takes to incorporate a new online service.

These five factors are critical to keep in mind as you compare these services and decide which one is best for you. Your business may benefit from either ZenBusiness or Incfile. This comparison of ZenBusiness Vs Incfile reveals that they are both excellent value incorporation services. In the end, we believe ZenBusiness has a slight advantage over Incfile because they include just enough additional features to compensate for Incfile’s pricing opportunity.

ZenBusiness Reviews: Is This A Good Deal?

ZenBusiness Best for startups

All-in-one platform that helps you turn your idea into making a money-making business and run your business from an all-in-one dashboard.

Yes! LLC formation costs are some of the cheapest in the market, thanks to ZenBusiness. The good news is that you can launch your company for as little as $49! (plus state fees). All of their LLC formation packages include one year of registered agent service at no additional cost after that. An excellent value for money, a registered agent is an essential part of any company’s legal structure. A Worry-Free CPA Assessment and an Operating Agreement are also included as part of every package.

For the duration of your business, the ZenBusiness platform has been designed to meet your specific needs and requirements. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to a personal dashboard where you can keep track of important business documents, receive notifications about state compliance, and even manage your company’s domain name and website.

You can get your formation done as quickly as possible and get your business documents at a very low cost. Get expert service during business hours and allow you to grow your business with a simple setup. ZenBusiness is very open and honest about the various options they have available to their customers. You can choose from a Starter, Pro, or Premium plan depending on your needs. If none of these options suit your needs, you can create a plan from scratch to meet your company’s specific requirements. With ZenBusiness you can make your business formation needs stress-free
by conducting a DBA name search.

ZenBusiness also has an online dashboard where you can access all of your paperwork. Free with Pro and Premium plans, you can add the Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee, which covers the costs associated with regaining good standing if you miss deadlines on paperwork. For your convenience, it also provides annual filing alerts and submissions. You can select the filing option and add-on services, such as a registered agent, an EIN, annual compliance, or expedited filing speeds, that best suit your requirements. They’re able to offer a lot of great features that other services don’t, while still maintaining their prices reasonable.

To know more, you can check our guide on ZenBusiness LLC Formation


Incfile Reviews: Is Incfile A Good Company?

Incfile affordable LLC Filing Services

Start your business with $0 state filing fees and get a free registered agent for one year.

Yes, in a nutshell. On top of all that, Incfile is a great value in terms of its basic features. In spite of the fact that the first year of their Silver formation package is free, there are a few extra costs to consider, such as state fees. A free website is included with Incfile’s packages, but the cost of web hosting is an additional $240 per year at $20 per month, so you’ll end up paying more in the long run even with Incfile’s first-year offer. If you’re looking to save money while starting a new business, that’s a significant amount of money. Since a domain name is not included in the website’s price, you will also have to pay for that separately.

A free registered agent will be provided for the first year, which will be renewed for $119 per year after. In addition, Incfile’s middle and top-tier packages have a lot to offer. Consider Incfile because you’ll only be presented with additional services that are useful to the tier you pick. Plus Incfile willΒ send you notifications about important filing dates for your entities as part of every Incfile package. Due dates for annual reports and franchise tax reports are alerted to you via these emails, which are sent on a regular basis.

Check our in-depth review on Incfile Business Formation


Comparison Of Overall Pricing

ZenBusiness: ZenBusiness is a comprehensive incorporation company that offers some of the lowest prices in the industry. A year of registered agent service and a business governing documents framework, as well as an accounting assessment, are included in the $49 fee. They also have an affordable $149 plan that includes a federal tax ID number (EIN), annual report service, legal compliance, and a finance resolution guideline.

ZenBusiness pricing
ZenBusiness Pricing Plans

Incfile: Incfile’s entry-level incorporation package costs just $0 plus state fees, which is even more impressive than ZenBusiness’s price, and all of Incfile’s packages include 12 months of registered agent service, after which you’ll pay $119 per year. A business document and an EIN are included in their $149 Gold package.

Incfile Pricing Plans

Who Wins?

What’s the point of paying $49 for a service when you can get the same thing for free? ZenBusiness’ offer of free incorporation is enticing, but we believe the additional features it offers are worth $49. ZenBusiness’ top-tier packages include more value than Incfile’s comparable packages, especially when you consider that ZenBusiness includes an annual report service. So here, we can clearly see that ZenBusiness is the winner.

Features Comparison

ZenBusiness and IncFile’s entry-level LLC formation service packages are extremely similar in terms of the features they include. For a year, both companies will handle the complete preparation and filing of your articles of organization.

Zenbusiness: Apart from the filing option, Zenbusiness provides you with add-on services that will fit your need like the registered agents, employer ID number (EIN), annual compliance, or expedited filing speeds. In order to legally form your business, Zenbusines collects and files all the paperwork with the state that you select at checkout.

Why Choose Zenbusiness
ZnBusiness Features

Incfile: Clients need to be aware that the process of forming a company goes far beyond simply filing the paperwork with the state. The members of an LLC or the directors and shareholders of a corporation may or may not be listed in the state where the company is registered, depending on the state’s regulations. Members’ names and ownership percentages are listed in custom Operating Agreements created by Incfile for the LLC. Custom bylaws and organizational meeting minutes for corporations also include the names of the Directors and Shareholders, along with their respective shareholdings.

Who Wins?

ZenBusiness, on the other hand, includes an operating agreement template as well. ZenBusiness, in our opinion, has made up some points here. While it’s not the most useful feature, the operating agreement template does still add some value.


Customer Support Comparison

Zenbusiness: In order to contact ZenBusiness’s customer service, you can use the company’s website’s live web chat feature, phone, or email. Using any of these three methods, you’ll be connected to a friendly and knowledgeable representative who can address all of your concerns. Wait times for phone or chat support rarely exceed a few minutes, and they respond to all emails within one business day. They are happy to chat with you during their business hours from Monday – Friday, 8 am – 8 pm Central time, or Sunday from 10 am-7 pm Central time. In case, you have any questions regarding Zenbusiness you can send them an email within 1 business day.

Incfile: Both phone and email customer support are available at Incfile, and they have significant experience with both. You can reach them in a variety of ways, and they’re always quick to respond, providing us with a wealth of information in the process. In their experience, they have received more comprehensive responses via email than over the phone, but they’re still helpful in any case.

Who Wins?

In terms of customer service, these two companies have a lot in common, and their operating hours are also quite similar. This is a toss-up, from our viewpoint.

Usability Comparison

Zenbusiness: ZenBusiness makes the process of forming a corporation a breeze. Choosing a package and filling out the order form with your personal and business details is all you have to do. They’ll take care of the rest.

Incfile: Using Incfile’s services is really quite simple. They personalize your steps as you fill out their order form based on the state you’re forming a business in and the type of business entity you’re forming. They also provide links throughout the application to assist you in determining whether or not you require the various features provided by each package.

Who Wins?

The IncFile website is more user-friendly and streamlined than the ZenBusiness website, in our opinion. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s a little advantage for IncFile.

Formation Speed Comparison

Zenbusiness: Unlike other organizations in this market, ZenBusiness structures your formation speed based on the package or rush filing you select. In general, though, they are either as fast as or slightly faster than other formation services. Simply enter your state and click “Get Turnaround Time” to see your turnaround time.

Incfile: Incfile ensures that your business formation documentation will be sent to your state within one business day, which is a nice feature. Their turnaround times are determined by how quickly each state processes a business creation, so they can be as quick as a few days in some states and as long as several weeks in others. In several states, they also provide enhanced service, which can significantly speed up the formation process.

Who Wins?

The ZenBusiness strategy of hurrying up or slowing down your formation process according to how much money you spend on their platform isn’t really one we particularly like. The processing rates of Incfile are excellent, thus this is a victory for business.

Registered Agent Service

ZenBusiness: ZenBusiness offers a secure registered agent service online and manages all interactions with your state’s Secretary of State or another officer in charge of business formations to guarantee that all of your legal and tax paperwork is correctly managed and shared. This platform also gives you a permanent physical office and protects you from fines and penalties. The registered agent service from ZenBusiness ensures that you receive all legal notices at your place of business. All of ZenBusiness’ LLC formation packages include registered agent service, which costs $99 per year if done separately.

Benefits Of Registered Agent Service
ZenBusiness Registered Agent Service

Incfile: It’s critical to understand the regulations and standards for Registered Agents, whether you’re thinking about launching a firm or already have one. Incfile’s registered agent helps you to conduct business in the same state where your organization conducts business, and also saves you from legal problems. With any LLC formation, IncFile gives a complimentary year of registered agent service, after which they charge $119 each year.

Who Wins?

Both platforms provide registered agent services with their LLC formation packages and charge accordingly. But, we prefer ZenBusiness as it costs $99/year which is cost-effective compared to Incfile.

Experience Comparison

ZenBusiness: ZenBusiness is a newbie to the industry, successfully launched in 2015, yet they’ve already helped thousands of people start businesses. ZenBusiness can help you in starting a new business that is open to everyone in the country. They assist millions of companies in their quest for success. They also offer worry-free services, world-class support, and an all-in-one platform that gives them everything they need to succeed at every stage of their business.

Incfile: Since its founding, Incfile has aided over 500,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners in the formation and growth of their companies. Incfile journey began in 2004 in Houston, Texas when business registration meant a lot of paperwork and pricey consultants.

Who Wins?

Incfile will guide you through the inner workings of your business, from paperwork and taxes to banking and bookkeeping. Incfile is a clear winner since it has served millions of entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. We prefer, Incfile as it is a one-stop shop for building your business.

Customer Reviews

ZenBusiness: ZenBusiness is a leader in customer feedback, with more than 6,200 reviews available online, almost all of which are favorable. Their customers are clearly pleased with their services, and they frequently compliment their efficiency as well as the platform’s overall ease of use.

Example Of ZenBusiness reviews:

ZenBusiness reviews

Incfile: While ZenBusiness has fantastic reviews, IncFile still surpasses them. IncFile has over 26,500 ratings, yet they still have a 4.8 out of 5-star rating.

Incfile Reviews

Order Tracking

On both of these service providers’ websites, order tracking tools are accessible. Simply connect to your account and go to your profile for seeing your ordering process.

Additional Services

ZenBusiness and IncFile both offer plenty of various business services, and there’s a lot of overlap between them. They both provide registered agent services, operating agreement templates, modifications, and EIN acquisition, for example.

Only ZenBusiness, on the other hand, offers a publication service for LLC forms when they are required. IncFile, on the other hand, will conduct a trademark name search, something ZenBusiness does not offer.

Similarities Between ZenBusiness Vs Incfile

Here are the simple points which are common in both ZenBusiness and Incfile:

  • Performance: Whether you choose ZenBusiness or IncFile, you’ll obtain a service provider capable of promptly forming an LLC. If you’re in a rush, they both have choices for speeding up the formation process.
  • Excellent Customer Feedback: While IncFile has a greater amount of reviews, both of these companies receive extremely excellent feedback from their customers.
  • Registered Agent Service: Every LLC formation package offered by IncFile and ZenBusiness includes a full year of registered agent service. This is a useful feature because every LLC requires a registered agent.
  • Experience: Both IncFile and ZenBusiness have supported in the formation of thousands of businesses over the years and have a depth of knowledge. You may be confident that they have the necessary experience to incorporate your legal LLC.
  • Customer Service: Both of these businesses have customer service team that can solve your biggest issues. 
  • Inexpensive: ZenBusiness and IncFile both are very affordable when compared to other company formation services. In reality, these two businesses offer some of the most competitive pricing.

What Is The Best Business Formation Service For You?

As you can see, ZenBusiness and IncFile share a lot of similarities, but they also have a number of variations. If you’re still confused about which business creation service to choose, consider the following circumstances to see which is the better choice for you.

Regardless of whether you choose IncFile or ZenBusiness, we’re sure that your LLC formation will proceed easily. They are two of the best services for forming a limited liability company.

Starts at $49
Rating 4.8/5
Affordable LLC Service
Highly Recommended

Starts at $0
Rating 4.8/5
Free LLC Service
Highly Recommended

Why Choose ZenBusiness?

Are you seeking the most cost-effective LLC service? Choose ZenBusiness since they have a $49 LLC formation package that includes everything you need to start a successful LLC.

ZenBusiness Best for startups

All-in-one platform that helps you turn your idea into making a money-making business and run your business from an all-in-one dashboard.

Why Choose Incfile?

Are you seeking the most cost-effective LLC service with a lot of favorable responses? IncFile is the easiest way to set up and manage your business.

Incfile affordable LLC Filing Services

Start your business with $0 state filing fees and get a free registered agent for one year.

Final Takeaway

Now the time has come where we have to choose between ZenBusiness Vs Incfile which is really a difficult decision for us. While there were two draws and Incfile won two categories, ZenBusiness came out on top in our most significant area, total pricing and value. As a result, your decision between the two is likely to be based on individual opinions.

In every category, ZenBusiness comes out on top. Their limited packages with significant features ensure that you get your business off to a good start. Although Incfile’s services are similarly reasonably priced, ZenBusiness’s plans provide you with more relevant products at a cheaper price. Furthermore, their intermediate and high-level plans appear to be more expensive at first glance, but after you calculate accordingly you will wind up saving money.

Both the plans come with the biggest money-saving options, with speed formation services. In any case, you can’t go wrong with these two excellent choices.

Still unsure which should you choose? Just leave your queries in the comment section below! We will respond to you all!

FAQs On ZenBusiness Vs Incfile

1. Is ZenBusiness better than Incfile?

Incfile has much more competence and offers a high level of simplicity of use as well as quick formation speeds. ZenBusiness, on the other hand, is a good choice if you want to get theΒ money’s worth, as their $39 plan contains some useful features that you won’t find in Incfile’s free version.

2. Is ZenBusiness trustworthy?

ZenBusiness is one of the most well-liked services in the industry. They have a 4.8 out of 5-star rating on major review sites like Trustpilot. Given that ZenBusiness has only been in operation since 2015, a big number of positive reviews is all the more impressive.

3. Is Incfile a legitimate company?

Incfile is a Houston-based corporation that specializes in business creation and registered agent services. They provide a wide range of services in the areas of formation, compliance, and filing. Easy-to-use LLC formation service available in all 50 states. A registered agent service for firms in all 50 states is provided.

4. Is ZenBusiness worry-free compliance worth it?

ZenBusiness offers a lower cost for a registered agent and includes a Worry-Free Compliance Guarantee as part of their Pro and Premium plans. The added features in ZenBusiness’s intermediate and premium tiers are worth the few extra dollars and save your big bucks.

5. How fast is Incfile?

Every order that is received by Incfile is processed within one business day. Instead of worrying about time-consuming and complicated state filing paperwork, you can focus on other elements of your business with this simple and quick service.

6. Is Incfile good for LLC?

For LLC creation, Incfile is a suitable choice. The service provides a free registered agent service for a full year, as well as a free simple business formation,Β email notifications about continuing compliance requirements for your LLC, and secure online storage of formation records.

7. Is Incfile free?

Incfile.com LLC is a document filing service focusing on the formation of business entities in the United States. They provide one-stop shopping for LLC creation, registered agents, compliance, and starting services. To begin, all of this costs $0 plus the state charge.

8. Is ZenBusiness a good registered agent?

ZenBusiness is also a winner on our list of the finest registered agent service providers, as demonstrated by customer feedback. The Better Business Bureau gave the company an A rating, and it had over 6,500 client reviews with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5-star ratings.

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