Best Podcast Interview Software Of 2024: A Complete Guide To Record A Podcast Remotely.

If you are planning to start a podcast, one of the big problems most podcasters face is to record a podcast, right?

Of course, there is various remote call recording software that will help you to make professional audio podcasts with the better sound quality! But again, the question comes will they help you to record a podcast remotely? This guide will solve all your questions!

Before you record a podcast, there are various other things you can’t forget! Firstly, you have to upload a podcast! Imagine, if you want to conduct online podcast interviews, then you need remote recording apps right? After a lot of research work, we have picked Podcast Interview Software that will definitely suit your podcasting needs!

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Podcasting has a series of steps from recording to editing to scheduling to planning. Moreover, you have to host a podcast and submit it to various directories to help your audience discover your content. One of the main benefits of podcast interview software is you can easily record the audio for each person. This means even if there occurs any internet connection problem, the audio remains still high!

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Moreover, there are various WordPress Plugins for your podcast, that will help you to create multiple channels for your podcast without compromising the quality of your audio!

If you are looking for free podcast interview software, then this guide is a must-read for you! Check out to find out which are the best podcast interview software and a perfect remote recording software!

How To Record A Podcast

Steps To Record A Podcast

Best Podcast Interview Software

To record a podcast, you need to have 3 things that will help to cover every single thing you need to. Let us have a look below:

  • First, you have to plan so that your recording goes smoothly
  • Second, you need to have an equipment to record a great quality show
  • Third, you need to have a software that help you to capture your audio

Now the biggest question is, what is the best podcast interview software that is trending right now? To answer this question, we have put together a list of top remote podcast recording software that will ensure a great audio recording experience in your planning process.

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Best Podcast Interview Software

Quick List Of Free Podcast Interview Software

Consider the following list for the best podcast interview software that will let you record remote conversations for your podcasting:

Top Podcast Interview Software:



Best Podcast Remote Recording Software
Iris podcast interview software
Iris Interview Software

Iris is one of the best podcast remote recording software with high-quality video and audio. The best part is Iris helps you to record podcast interviews in high definition. Moreover, you can record your video and audio locally up to 4k and stream the video conference in 720p.

With this podcast interview software capture full frame interview with great audio and video quality. Now you can invite guests to join podcast using Iris with even installing and meeting id.This remote podcast recording software is mainly developed for remote interviews with podcast guests around the world. It is very simple to use, and provides high quality recordings and just works without any problems.

Iris works with every browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, Opera, and on any device so you and your guests don’t have to download another piece of software. Get a free 1 hour trial with this free podcast interview software.

Iris Features:

  • Records HD video and audio
  • Helps you to schedule,send invites to add to your calendar quickly
  • No need to install any software
  • Works with any browser or device
  • Ensures your video and audio are always safe
  • Provides you the files in the format you need to edit
  • Helps you to add team members and set permissions
  • Technical support is fast and helpful

Iris Pricing:

  • $9/m: 2 hours of recording, high-quality separate files, team members
  • $19/m: 5 hours of recording, video conference files
  • $29/m: 10 hours of recording, team members
Iris Pricing



Free Podcast Recording Software
Riverside interview software
Riverside Interview Software

Riverside is a free podcast recording software and has been the most used software during this pandemic. Get crystal clear audio, This remote podcast recording software helps you to record amazing sound quality audios and allows you to upload your audio and video while you are recordings within seconds.

Now you can live stream your interview to Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and a custom RTMP destination simultaneously without any monthly subscription. With Riverside, you can add your media, set your audio and video settings, customize your video, and export. It’s that easy! Just upload your logo and frame to the video and make it look professional.

Riverside helps you to schedule and invite 8 guests with one click and get a separate track per participant and works from Chrome browser on laptop or desktop. Here are some Riverside features below:

Riverside Features:

  • The easiest way to record podcasts
  • Record locally uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio for every guest
  • Helps you to record locally up to 4K video resolution
  • Ensures fast and secure recordings
  • Easy to schedule your guests and producers
  • Livestream with your community
NOTE: Recently, Riverside has new upgrades in features. With the all-new magic editor, you can edit recordings easily and quickly in just a few clicks.

Riverside Pricing:

  • Basic($9/m): Record 2 hrs/month of studio-quality audio and video, separate audio tracks
  • Standard($19/m): Record 5 hrs/month, separate video tracks, accept live-call ins
  • Pro($29/m): Records 15 hours/month, separate audio and video tracks
  • Enterprise: Includes all pro features, custom recording packages, full-frame view
Riverside pricing plan




Best Podcast Interview Software
SquadCast Podcast Interview Software
SquadCast Interview Software

SquadCast is one of the best podcast interview software that connects podcast hots, co-hosts, and guests to record studio-quality studio-quality audio from everywhere. With this remote podcast recording software, you can record your podcast in an editable format, create engaging podcasts and locally record audio and video much faster.

SquadCast helps you to reach new audiences, expand brand awareness and create repurpose content for social media. With this podcast interview app, you can feel secure with your audio and video and create top-quality content with less effort. Be a master audio producer and create a clear and engaging podcast with SquadCast!

SquadCast Features:

  • Helps to record studio-quality podcasts and to connect with anyone and from anywhere
  • Offers 7 days free trial
  • Helps to record a podcast in an editable format, faster and quicker
  • Progressive uploads and content is auto-saved during recording
  • Record studio-quality video with up to 3 guests remotely
  • Records quality audio and video to create a clear and engaging podcast
  • Bulletproof your remote interviews with progressive uploads and cloud backups
  • Easier and faster high-quality production with separate participant tracks

SquadCast Pricing:

  • Indie Audio($20): 7 days free trial, 5 hours audio-recording per month, basically for small podcasts
  • Pro Audio($50): 12 hours audio recordings per month, rollover recording time, built for large podcasts
  • Studio Audio($150): 25 hours of audio recordings per month, built for multiple podcasts
SquadCast Pricing




Free Podcast Interview Software
Zencastr Podcast Interview
Zencastr Interview Software

Zencaster offers HD video recording with the all-new open video beta option that helps you to record 1080p HD video with up to 4 guests. You can try this free podcast interview software, as it offers a 7 days free trial.

Additionally, Zencastr has a cloud-based Soundboard for a live recording where you can insert any audio clips, add intros, ad, or other audio. Additionally, there is an automatic postproduction feature where you can mix your tracks into one audio and video mix. In addition to that, it offers local audio and video backups and automatic cloud file storage in Dropbox or Google Drive where your files are safe and secured.

Zencastr is simple to use and works on every browser and you can easily record anywhere without installing anything.Now you just have to send a link and your guest will receive a separate track per with just one click!

Zencastr Features:

  • Records 16-bit 48k WAV audio track per guest with no time limits
  • Helps to mix your videos with synchronized audio and automatic postproduction
  • Built-in VoIP chat and Footnotes to record all in one place
  • Cloud-based Soundboard allows you to insert audio clips for live editing
  • Get automatic postproduction to mix your tracks into one audio and video mix
  • Automatic cloud file storage in Dropbox or Google Drive and make your files safe and secured

Zencastr Pricing:

  • Free( Hobbyist): Records in high-quality MP3, unlimited guests and recording time, an extended trial of 1080p
  • Professional($20/m): Unlimited audio recordings, live editing Soundboard, record in high-quality MP3
Zencastr Pricing




Best Podcast Recording Software For iOS And Android
Ringr Interview Software
Ringr Interview Software

Ringr is one of the best podcast interview software, that allows you to record a conversation with anyone and anywhere in the world. Additionally, Ringr has both iOS and Android apps that helps your guest to join the interview call from their phone and works well with Chrome and Firefox.

This podcast interview software offers the users to choose between two different plans. Moreover, both the plans helps you to get extra buffer time and let you get a quick introductory call with your guest before the interview recording starts.

You just have to send an email invitation using Ringr and schedule call time, then you have to connect with all participants using the Ringr Mobile app or a desktop browser. Each device helps you to record high quality audio and you can easily upload your audio to the Ringr cloud. Good news is you can try out the premium plan for free, with 30 days free trial.

Ringr Features:

  • Helps to record conference call anywhere in the world
  • Available for both Mobile and desktop devices
  • With this podcast format, premium members can separate tracks
  • Unlimited calls, storage and a green room to chat before you start a recording
  • Includes studio-quality split track downloads with the new conference calling feature

Ringr Pricing:

  • Basic($7.99/m): Call resuming, new conference calling, excellent sound quality, unlimited storage and unlimited calling
  • Premium($18.99/m): Auto export to FTP,excellent studio quality, compatible with both Android & iOS, audio format MP3, OGG, Bit rate 22kHz, 44kHz, 48kHz, unlimited storage with unlimited calling
  • Enterprise: Call resuming, excellent studio quality, works on both mobile and desktop, supports audio format MP3, OGG, unlimited storage and unlimited calling
Ringr Podcast Interview




Remote Podcast Recording Software
Cleanfeed Interview Software
Cleanfeed Interview Software

Cleanfeed is another remote podcast recording software, that helps you to record live with anyone in the world, whether it is interviewing or co-presenting any other recording. With this podcast interview software, you can easily connect with multiple people with minimum requirements such as browser, and a microphone.

With Cleanfeed, you can send high quality audio without any unwanted processing. It is the most technically advanced system where you can connect with any link and can be connected from any device such as Mac, Windows,Linux or Android.

There are different plan you can easily choose using Cleanfeed! The best part is with the free plan, there is no limit on the number of connections you make, and I would suggest you to start with this plan if are a beginner. Now you can easily have your live interview or recording within minutes and collaborate globally. Upgrade to the next level of Cleanfeed Pro that starts for $22/m and get access to exclusive features such as multitrack recording, advanced invites, audio repair, multiple sources, and many more!

Cleanfeed Features:

  • Easy to use tool for live audio recording in your browser
  • High-quality crystal clear audio used by major broadcasters around the world
  • Built-in recording without any external mixers
  • Helps you to bring multiple parties together
  • Connect with anyone and from any device such as Mac, Windows, Linux or Android
  • Send high-quality audio without any unwanted processing and get access to the best codecs and stereo audio on 3G or 4G networks

Cleanfeed Pricing:

  • Standard( Free): Multiple parties, high-quality audio, unlimited session recording
  • Cleanfeed Pro($22/m): Multitrack recording, advanced invitations, audio repair, multiple input devices, email support
Cleanfeed Pricing




Free podcast interview software
ClearCast Interview Software
ClearCast Interview Software

ClearCast allows you to record your audios in high quality even with a low connection. In addition, you can get perfect quality 320kbps, 44.1kHz at every tier with 20 minutes of recording time for free. You can definitely give a try to this free podcast interview software, as it comes with three packages. The first one is ”Evaluation”which is free to use with 20 minutes of record time, the second one is ”Lite” where you will get 10 hours of record time and the third one is ”Standard” where you will get 40 hours of record time.

See a demo video below for better understanding of this podcast recording platform:

ClearCast Features:

  • Records perfectly with clarity
  • Helps to record high-quality audios regardless of connection quality
  • 20 minutes of recording time, totally free

ClearCast Pricing:

  • Evaluation($0): 20 minutes of record time in MP3 format with 320kbps speed limit and sound hertz 44.1kHz
  • Lite($25/m): 10 hours record time, in MP3 format with 320kbps speed limit and sound hertz 44.1kHz
  • Standard($40/m): 40 hours record time, in MP3 format with 320kbps speed limit and sound hertz 44.1kHz
ClearCast Pricing



Soundtrap For Story Tellers

Free podcast interview software
Soundtrap Interview Software
Soundtrap Interview Software

Soundtrap for Storytellers is an amazing podcast creation app, that will help you to record high-quality podcasts easier than ever! With their interactive features, you can automatically transcribe your recording, or else you can edit a text or a document. Spotify has owned Soundtrap and added amazing to make the experience more memorable for podcasters. Use this free podcast interview software, with the free 1-month trial.

You can easily record and automatically transcribe your voice and upload to Spotify to make your podcast easily discoverable or just download your podcast and distribute it to any other platforms. Moreover you can collaborate with anyone by just downnloading the app in your desktop and share the link to multiple people and record your participant’s podcast on separate tracks in the studio.

Everything is stored in the cloud, so you can easily access your studio, whenever you want. See below some amazing features of this remote podcast recording software

Soundtrap Features:

  • Helps you to transform spoken word into text and edit your recording to the next level with their game changing interactive transcript
  • Easily share an interview link to anyone and ask them to join your podcast remotely without any sign up
  • Create your own jingle and complete your production with sound effects
  • Increase discoverability of your podcast by uploading your podcast directly to Spotify
  • Allows you to invite multiple people to collaborate on your podcast and record in high quality audio
  • Easily publish your podcast and transcript directly to Spotify without hassle
  • Accessibility is easy as everything is stored in the Cloud

Soundtrap Pricing:

  • Soundtrap for Storytellers($14.99/m): Unlimited projects, 3800+ loops, remote interviews, automation, high-quality downloads, publish podcast to Spotify, Interactive Transcripts
Soundtrap pricing




Free podcast interview software
Zoom Interview Software
Zoom Interview Software

Zoom is a free podcast interview software, where you can start producing podcasts on your own. It is basically built for virtual meetings or for hosting conference calls. Using this zoom app, experienced or aspiring podcasters can create, collaborate, record, and improve their cast.

The good news is that now you can easily take remote interviews using Zoom LiveTrak L-8 where you just need to plug one cable into a phone and you can have your remote guest with you. In addition to this, this podcast interview app offers you the option to record each person’s audio track separately and also helps you to promote your online recording to multiple social media platforms.

To be true, this app is not basically built for podcasters first but if you have already had a zoom account then I would recommend you to start with this free tool! Zoom platform seamlessly brings together remote and in-person teams, for work that goes wherever you do.

Zoom Features:

  • Helps you to create and co-host podcasts
  • Allows you to create, collaborate and improve your cast
  • Free to use podcast interview app
  • Option to record guest’s separate audio tracks
  • Promote your podcasts to multiple social media platforms
  • Helps you to connect, communicate, and express your ideas so you can get more

Zoom Pricing:

  • .Basic(Free): Host up to 100 participants, Unlimited one-om-one meetings
  • Pro($14.99/m): Group meetings for up to 30 hours, Social Media Streaming, 1GB Cloud Recording
  • Business($19.99/m): Host up to 300 participants, Recording Transcripts, Managed Domains
  • Zoom United Business($ 35/m): Host meetings up to 300 participants, Unlimited calling within Global Select, Recording Transcripts
Zoom Pricing




Best Podcast Remote Interview Software
Alitu Interview Software
Alitu Interview Software

Alitu is designed for podcasters where you can experience an amazing sound quality and automate the difficult part of editing and production. Moreover, Alitu comes with automatic audio cleanup with reducing background noises and your audio quality remains consistent. If you need to record crystal clear remote interviews,and keep your listeners engaged then this is a great tool for you!

This is an all-in-one solution to record calls, edit and produce them or you can directly publish.Here, you can fix mistakes, cut out silences and polish your podcast episode. See some highlights of Alitu:

Alitu Features:

  • Rearrange your episodes using simple drag and drop tools designed for podcasters
  • Helps you to edit your shows in minutes and not hours
  • Record your show remotely with guests or solo
  • Help you to fix mistakes, cut out silences, and polish up your episode
  • Connect with your favorite podcast hosting provider

Alitu Pricing:

  • Alitu Monthly($28/m): Record solo, record remotely with guests, upload multiple recordings, auto-mated audio cleanup, trim your recordings
  • Alitu Yearly($280/y): Cut out mistakes, create your theme music, add music to your episode
Alitu Pricing




Best Podcast Interview Software
ipDTL Interview Software
ipDTL Interview Software

iPDTL is basically built for live remote broadcasting using your own web browser and you can find a studio anywhere in the world. In addition to this, you can call guests for podcast and radio interviews from your web browser with multi-track recording.

Not only this, you can easily connect to multiple locations and mix and record the audio in ipDTL’s virtual mixer.ipDTL is trusted by the biggest brands and broadcasters such as BBC, Discovery, Global Radio. Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS. Best podcast interview software for remote broadcasting and affordable to all sectors of the media with minimal environmental impact.

iPDTL Features:

  • Simple to set up from a web browser
  • Helps you to connect multiple locations
  • Compatible with any browser and any operating system such as Windows, Linux and ChromeOS
  • Establish a ‘point-to-point’ connection between two computers

iPDTL Pricing:

Offers 3 days free trial :

ipDTL pricing



Final Words

Hope, this article has helped you to choose some top podcast interview software, but this is not gonna help you to master your interviews at the next level!

Well, to be true you need a good podcast recording tool that will help you to record interviews without any distractions and you can complete control over the silly mistakes and trim them according to your need. But to conduct a good interview you must have great eqipments and editing skills. Moreover, good interview skills will make your podcast more popular and will fetch more audience in the long run.

After a lot of research work, we have picked some best podcast interview software that will help you to edit your episodes and any kind of call connection issues! Connect with your guests with this remote podcast recording software!

Thanks for being a part of this article. So, which software would you choose to record remote podcasts? And which features have best suited your needs? Let me know in the comments section below!

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