Firstbase Vs Stripe Atlas. Which One To Choose And Why? (Compared)

Firstbase and Stripe Atlas both help for launching a business in the US. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Here in this guide, we have made a detailed comparison between Firstbase Vs Stripe Atlas to make it easy for you to choose!

Starting a business in the United States eases everything, right? If you are looking to incorporate your company and manage everything online both and Stripe Atlas helps you to launch your legal entity in the US. But, how to choose between Firstbase Vs Stripe Atlas? Let’s get started with a detailed comparison guide with Vs Stripe Atlas! is one of the best alternatives to Stripe Atlas that helps you to launch and run a US business, stay compliant, and manage everything your business needs, from anywhere online! One of the greatest company formation services is Firstbase, which gives business owners an easy way to expand and access the most effective startup environment on the globe.Get started with today!

As an alternative, Stripe Atlas is yet another tool that aids in business formation. Stripe Atlas enables you to launch a business from any location in the world by reducing time-consuming paperwork, complicated legal requirements, and numerous costs. But the only drawback is, that Stripe Atlas has a limited business structure and supports only C corporations and LLCs.

So let’s get started with our detailed comparison between Firstbase Vs Stripe Atlas.

Before we start, here are the best LLC services online in the US that you must try to form your LLC: Basic Overview is an all-in-one platform that aims to launch, manage and grow your business across the globe and has helped more than 13,000 companies and 160 countries to launch their US business in minutes. This online platform automates the entire company formation process with compliance and 24/7 global customer support. provides a one-stop-shop for opening a US bank account, getting free consultation packages for tax, legal, and marketing services, and receiving over $20k in credits and incentives for further services and tools. This includes the creation of entities as well.

Here’s what you are getting with the incorporation service:


  • It grants its clients access to the most potent startup ecosystem globally
  • It offers its customers a full year of registered agent costs
  • Automated bank account opening & compliance
  • Tens of thousands in credits for a variety of services
  • Provides a safe and secured dashboard
  • Offers legal guidance & free tax consultation
  • Expert customer support for a lifetime
  • Automated document generation & stock issuance
  • Seamless integration with payment processors
  • Comes with a single pricing plan

How Firstbase Is Better Than Stripe Atlas? is our top recommendation due to the following benefits:

  • Fast & Easy Processing: Instead of taking two weeks with Stripe Atlas, their application process simply takes five minutes. From the ease of your couch, you can file remotely.
  • Good Option For Non-US Citizens: For everyone in Wyoming and Delaware, US LLC or C-corp formation is available with Stripe Atlas. Only US citizens may incorporate with Stripe Atlas, and only in Delaware.
  • Easily Accessible Dashboard: Firstbase provides the needed post-incorporation documentation in addition to preparing and filing your legal paperwork. You can manage all of your documentation from one simple dashboard.
  • All-In-One Platform: Includes Free US business bank account, Free registered agent for 1-year, Free expert tax & legal consultations, and US address setup.
  • Free Tax And Legal Consultations: Customers can get free tax and legal consultations from professionals on foreign-owned US corporations through, which will help you start on the right track and prevent unnecessary costs.
  • Top-Notch Security: The United States Postal Service has granted Firstbase permission to access and hold client mail, which it does so in completely secure locations under the guidance of qualified personnel.
  • Fast Tax ID Number (EIN) Setup: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has given Firstbase permission to offer enhanced EIN services as a third-party provider.
  • Lifetime Support: provides expert lifetime support. Moreover, their support staff speaks English, Russian, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • $200k Startup Rewards: Exclusive startup incentives of $100,000 from firms like AWS, G Suite, Brex, etc. After spending $1,000, you are reimbursed $50.
  • No Surprises Or Hidden Fees: helped thousands of companies launch and grow in the US. They have flat and transparent pricing that includes everything your business needs.
  • Unlimited Mailbox: The fact that Firstbase Mailroom can manage an endless amount of incoming mail with an unlimited number of scans for an endless number of users is an extremely attractive fit if you or your business receives a lot of mail.
  • Full Integrations: First Base can handle everything from business creation through annual paperwork filing, reducing overall your administrative workload. This gives you more time to focus on developing your company, and that’s what you do best.
  • Overall Great Value: There aren’t many services that offer a greater value than Firstbase. They offer their registered agent services for just $99 each year, which is a wonderful price and will hold your hand through the entire company formation procedure for just $399.
  • ‍24/7 Global Customer Support: Receive informative, genuine human responses from their dedicated support teams anywhere you go.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Within 60 days of your purchase, you’ll receive a complete refund, less any applicable state and third-party fees, if you’re dissatisfied for any reason.


Stripe Atlas: Basic Overview

Using Stripe Atlas, customers can establish a business in Delaware from any location in the world. You save the stress of time-consuming paperwork, office lines, complicated laws, and numerous costs. As an alternative, Stripe Atlas developers will work with you to quickly establish a professional C corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC). Stripe Atlas is a robust, secure, and user-friendly tool for incorporating a business. Stripe Atlas enables you to launch a firm from any location in the world by reducing time-consuming paperwork, complicated legal requirements, and various costs.

Here’s what are you getting with Stripe Atlas:

  • Formation of a company in Delaware
  • Delaware state filing fees
  • Signed documents to establish company bylaws and protect IP
  • Tool to issue stock to founders
  • First-year of Registered Agent Fees
  • Tax ID (EIN) Filing
  • Stripe Atlas Community membership
  • Templates for post-formation legal needs

Stripe Atlas Pros And Cons

  • Stripe Atlas is straightforward, making it easy to use
  • Protects the documents that you submit using advanced technologies
  • Includes free credits
  • Provides access to financial tools for eCommerce
  • Grants you automatic access to the Stripe Atlas Community
  • Only supports C corporations and LLCs
  • You need to have a defined business model to use Stripe Atlas

Firstbase Vs Stripe Atlas Comparison: Key Differences

From the above, now you have a basic knowledge about both the formation services and what you will be getting with both platforms. The price may be the first consideration for most people, but I wouldn’t suggest making your decision based mostly on it. Even though you need to pay for one time only, the service you’ll receive and the choices you’ll have are more essential. Let’s talk about the advantages even if in our situation they all support Firstbase.

1. Firstbase Vs Stripe Atlas: Pricing Comparison

Firstbase comes with one-time pricing of $399 and includes all filing fees and includes additional services including a US bank account, free consultations, and $200k in incentives for software tools and services. Check out the latest deals and grab Firstbase Coupons and Promo Codes today!

Stripe Atlas costs a $500 one-time fee and you can incorporate your company in the US. Moreover, you need to pay some extra ongoing fees, which include Delaware Registered Agent ($100/year), Corporate Tax Preparation (Starts at $250/year), and Delaware (Starts at $225).

You will not anything extra by paying this extra fee, so it is clear that is the winner.

NOTE: If you are looking for discounts  ‘Use code “PARTNER5” to get a 5% discount at checkout.

2. Vs Stripe Atlas: Customer Reviews comes with amazing customer reviews and most of the users are really satisfied with their fast services. Additionally, Firstbase consistently receives 4.8 out of 5 stars for customer service reviews. So, this clearly justifies that most of the users are really satisfied with their services.

Here is an example below:

Firstbase ratings User Reviews

Whereas, Stripe Atlas has negative reviews as they have very poor customer support as well as very expensive. Stripe Atlas receives 3.0 out of 5 stars for customer service reviews. Here is an example:

Stripe Atlas Ratings
Stripe Atlas User Reviews

3. Vs Stripe Atlas: The Available States To Incorporate

While Stripe Atlas just offers you the choice of Delaware, it is less popular for people who aren’t aiming to attract foreign investment. With Firstbase, you can select both Wyoming and Delaware Filings. We highly recommend you to go for

4. Vs Stripe Atlas: C Corp & LLC

Only US residents can form an LLC with Stripe Atlas; otherwise, you could only create a C-Corp, which is a little more difficult to manage and complicated for users who want to run a business.

You can quickly select between an LLC or a C-Corp using Firstbase. In other words, you can either form a C-Corp in Wyoming or Delaware Or even an LLC in either state. It helps you to choose an LLC or Corporation and the registration state for your business.

5. Vs Stripe Atlas: Customer Support

The customer service staff at Firstbase is helpful, problem-solving, and friendly. They went above and above to make sure that I understood some of the technicalities needed. I was really amazed at their same-day response and the best part is they provide support in 4 languages and lifetime expert support. On the other hand Stripe Atlas, their customer support team takes more than 1 business day to respond and provide documents.

6. Vs Stripe Atlas: Services Offered

Compared to other services, handles all aspects of incorporating your new company, including opening a business bank account, preparing post-incorporation documentation, providing a free registered agent service, providing free tax and legal advice, and more.

Additionally, their customers have access to The Network, a highly selected collection of technology and strategic service providers that offer discounted prices on services that any entrepreneur can use to launch a new company while saving money. Your registration cost includes access to the Network. Additionally, offers lifetime professional support in 5 distinct languages.

VISIT FIRSTBASE Vs Stripe Atlas: Other Differences

Here are the other major differences that you need to consider between Firstbase Vs Stripe Atlas:




Application Speed

Under 10 Minutes

Takes Up To 2 Weeks

US Bank Account

Free Business Bank Account In The US


Post-Purchase Consultation

Support In 4 languages & Lifetime Expert Support

Support Only In English

Registered Agent

Free 1-year registered agent

Free 1-year registered agent

Pre-Purchase Consultation

1v1 Consultation Calls


US Address

Free US Mailing Address

Outsourced Mailing Service Only


100’000$ Worth Of Rewards



One-Time Payment

Extra Ongoing Fees

Final Words On Firstbase Vs Stripe Atlas

Are you still not decided what to choose between Firstbase Vs Stripe Atlas? Before you take a final decision you must consider all the above-mentioned points that fit your business needs! I would highly recommend going for Firstbase as it is really flexible and supportive compared to Stripe Atlas!

Firstbase offers a range of services for starting and expanding a US-based business. Including services for company incorporation and registered agents, in addition to a practical virtual mailbox for handling and seeing your physical mail online. Firstbase provides for many of the requirements of rapidly expanding businesses on a single dashboard.

Whether or not your present company is headquartered in the US, Firstbase can help you build a strong US business presence and open up new market opportunities. Firstbase provides excellent value for many businesses with its affordable plans and round-the-clock customer assistance. Whereas, Stripe Atlas is not recommended for its overly expensive cost and you will not get anything extra for it!

Thanks for reading this article. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below! We will be happy to respond to you all!

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