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Looking For A Complete Envato Elements Review? You have just landed on the right place.

So as you already know that Envato Elements is a service provided by Envato. You must have also heard that it give creators, designers, and other access to an impressive, expanding library of digital assets.

Yes, you heard it right.

Envato Elements offers WordPress plugins and themes, HTML templates, fonts, graphics, illustrations, photos, audio files, videos, and more. Sounds amazing right?

Welcome to my detailed review of Envato Elements Review. In this EnvatoElements Review, I will discuss all the services that it offers, its features, pricing, and alternatives. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Envato Elements Review

9.9Expert Score
I've used Envato Elements for years and I simply couldn’t do my job without it. The dashboard is easy to navigate, the assets are beautiful, bright, and innovative and the content never stops evolving. This site also saves me hundreds of hours of work and the inspiration through the newsletters is priceless!
Ease Of Use
Quality Output
Value For Money
  • A single subscription grants access to unlimited downloadable content
  • All items may be used with a single commercial license.
  • New products are added on a daily basis
  • A huge collection of themes, photos, videos, templates, and design assets is available.
  • Price is reasonable
  • Premium access to EnvatoTuts+ is included with each membership.
  • It’s a great deal at an adequate price.

What Is Envato Elements?

Envato Elements is a service by Envato and a leader in digital products. It empowers creators and designers while giving them access to an impressive, expanding library of high-quality assets, which they can use for commercial purposes.

Envato Elements is a paid membership service that offers unlimited access to more than 2,400,000 assets, including pictures and videos, that can be used on the payment page.

Evanto Elements

Customers who use Envato Market have access to a wide range of resources, including exclusive WordPress templates, code, videos, fonts, and more. They also have access to an active forum where users can ask questions and discuss the value of the various resources.

You don’t have to be concerned about download limits or credits. As a result, you have the freedom and flexibility to test out various graphics, files, and themes before deciding which ones are best for your specific project.

The digital assets on Envato Elements were created by a sizable community of independent designers. A revenue-sharing model is used to pay each designer for their efforts. The content producers who provide the assets for Envato Elements receive a portion of the revenue.


Envato Elements Features: What Does Envato Elements Offer?

Visitors to the Envato Elements website are welcome to explore the available content at their leisure, but I advise signing up because Envato regularly updates the free digital files that are available on the home page.

Using your Envato account will allow you to log in. You should have an account if you’ve ever purchased anything from an Envato marketplace like ThemeForest.

If not, it only takes a few seconds to sign up for a new account.

Envato Elements Account Creation

When you start browsing Envato Elements, you start to get an appreciation for how big its archive is.

While I am writing this Envato Elements Review, their asset repository items include:

  • WordPress Themes (1,116+ items) – Business, blogging, e-commerce, portfolio, multi-purpose themes, etc.
  • WordPress Plugins (502+ items) – Forms, email marketing, social media plugins, etc.
  • Photos (955,551+ items) – Many high-quality techs, people, food, landscape, etc. royalty-free stock photos.
  • Graphics (24,335+ items) – Plenty of objects, illustrations, icons, vectors, and backgrounds.
  • Graphic Templates (52,716+ items) – UI and UX kits, infographics, and product mockup templates.
  • Add-ons (2,064+ items) – Presets, actions. layer styles, brushes, etc.
  • Fonts (6,666+ items) – Sans serif, seriff, decorative fonts, and more.
  • Presentation Templates (26,654+ items) – Keynote, PowerPoint templates, etc.
  • Web Templates (2,281+ items) – Admin, email, landing page, and website templates can be found here.
  • CMS Templates (993+ items) – Drupal, Ghost, Magento, Shopify, and Tumblr templates to use.
  • 3D Renders (26,174+ items) – Renders for a wide variety of objects.
  • Stock Video (616,900+ items) – Motion graphics and stock video footage.
  • Video Templates (16,840+ items) – Product promos, broadcast packages, and titles.
  • Music (19,501+ items) – Many royalty-free idents and tracks to choose from.
  • Sound Effects (101,470+ items) – Animal, cartoon, game, and nature sounds.

🔥 Envato Elements Stock Video

Envato Elements Stock Videos

Currently, when I am writing this Envato Elements has 3,016,588 stock videos. It include both Stock Footage (2,636,056) and motion graphics (380,532).

Here you will get all the footage and video in the grid view. There are some very important features that are available in the dashboard here.

On the side panel of the dashboard, there is a panel where you can see various filter settings like:

  • Resolutions: You can filter the footage on the basis of resolutions. Resolutions options available are: 720p, 1080p, 2k and 4K. You can choose from the option and select your footage/Video for the results.
  • Frame Rate: There are various options for frame rates like 24 fps, 25 fps, 29.97 fps, 30 fps, 50 fps, 60 fps, 15,873 More than 60 fps.
  • Length: You can select the footage on the basis of the video length.

🔥 Envato Elements Video Template

envato Elements Video Template

Currently, while writing this Envato Elements Review, there are 57,323 video templates now.

On the side panel, there are filters like:

  • Category: You can choose a video template on the basis of various categories such as Broadcast Packages, Elements, Infographics, Logo Stings, Openers, Product Promo, Video Displays, and more.
  • Applications Supported: You can filer out the video template on the basis of applications supported like After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro, and DaVinci Resolve. This feature is great for video editors using different video editing software.
  • Resolution: Just like the stock video, you can filter and choose a video template. Resolution option available are 720p, 1080p, 2k and 4k.
  • Plugins: Some items require additional plugins to work. You can exclude these items from the results by checking the plugin filter box.

🔥 Envato Elements Royalty free audio tracks/music:

Envato Elements Music

Envato elements offer you 128,596 royalty-free audio tracts. You can either search music by name on the search box above or you can filter out the result according to your needs.

Filters available here are:

  • Genre: Various options that you will get here are African, Blues, Caribbean/Island, Celtic, Children/kids, Cinematic and more.
  • Mood: Options available here are Angry/Aggressive, Chill/Mellow, Dark/Suspenseful, Dramatic/Emotional, Epic/Powerful, Funny/Quirky, Happy/Cheerful, and more.
  • Instrumental: options available are Accordion, Acoustic guitar, Banjo, Bass, Bells, Cello, Drums, and more.

Other necessary filters that you will get are Categories, Vocals, Tempo, Length, and Properties. You can use all these filters to find the perfect music for your project.

🔥 Envato Elements Sound Effects

Envato Elements Sound Effects

Envato elements have a neverending collection of royalty-free sound effects. Similarly to music, you can either search them by name or filter them out to find the best one for you.

Filters options available here are:

  • Category: You can search music by various categories like Game Sounds, Transitions & Movement, Domestic Sounds, Human Sounds, Urban Sounds, Nature Sounds, Futuristic Sounds, Interface Sounds, Cartoon Sounds, Industrial Sounds, Sound Packs, Miscellaneous and more.
  • Other filter options available are Length and Properties.

🔥 Envato Elemments Graphic Templates

Envato Elements Graphic Templates

Now, 198,626 graphic templates are there while I am writing this Envato elements review. Filter available to choose your suitable graphics template:

  • Category: Choose from categories such as Print templates, Product Mockups, Websites, UX and UI Kits, Infographics, Logos, and more.
  • Orientation: You can also filter the graphics templates with orientation filters. Options available are Landscape, Portrait, and Square.
  • Applications Supported: This filter is really useful for video editors and photographers who are using photo editing tools. This filter allows you to filter the results by supported applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch.
  • Properties: You can filter out the result by Vector and Layered also.

🔥 Envato Elements Graphics

Envato Elements Graphics

Currently, there are 103,005 graphics in Envato Elements. Various filters available are:

  • Categories: You can select graphics from the category like Backgrounds, Textures, Social, Patterns, Icons, Objects, and Illustrations.
  • Applications Supported: Options available for filtering are Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, and Affinity Designer. This is truly useful for graphics designers using graphics designing software.
  • File Type: You can filter the result using different file types like JPG and PNG.
  • Properties: Vector, Layered and Tileable are the three options here by which you can filter.

🔥 Envato Elements Presentation Template

Envato Elements Presentation Template

Current Envato Elements offers 75,584 presentation templates. You can filter them by Application Supported such as Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slides.

🔥 Envato Elements Photos

Envato Elements Photos

4,314,635 royalty-free stock photos are available there. Filter options available are:

  • Colors: As the Colour tone of a photo is the main factor when choosing a photo for a particular project, Envato Elements offers various color filters such as Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black, Grey, and White.
  • People: While this filter is in the BETA stage but still you can filter the result. You can use this filter to search pictures with the number of people in the picture. For example: If you want your photos to have 2 people, you can filter with “2 People” options.
  • Orientation: Orientation options are available such as Landscape, Portrait, and Square.
  • Background: You can select images by Isolated or Blurred Background.

🔥 Envato Elements Font

Envato Elements Font

Envato Elements have hundreds of different fonts to download from. You can filter them by:

  • Category: Filter the fonts by using categories such as Serif, Sans-Serif, Script and Handwritten, and Decorative.
  • Spacing: Filter the font usings spacing like Normal, Monospace, Condensed, and Expanded.
  • Optimum Size: You can also filter the fonts using sizes such as Large (Display / Poster), Small (Book / Magazine), Condensed, and Any Size.
  • Properties: Filter the fonts by properties such as web font.

🔥 Envato Elements Web Template

Envato Elements Web Template

There are 4,286 web templates useful for website builders In Envato Elements. You can search and filter them by:

  • Category: Categories available are Admin Templates, Email Templates, Site Templates, and Landing Page Templates. A landing page template can be used to build landing pages.
  • Properties: You can also filter the web templates by Responsive, Retina Ready, PSD Files Included, and SKETCH Files Included.

🔥 Envato Elements CMS Template

Envato Elements CMS Template

Currently, when I am writing this Envato Elements Review, there are 1,182 CMS templates. You can filter them by:

  • Category: Categories available are Drupal, Joomla, Magneto, Muse, OpenCart, Prestashop, Shopify, Unbounce, Ghost, and Tumblr.
  • Properties: Filter the CMS template by properties such as eCommerce Ready, Responsive, Retina Ready, PSD Files Included, and SKETCH Files included.

🔥 Envato Elements WordPress Themes, Plugins, and Template Kits

Envato Elements WordPress Themes, Plugins, and Template Kits

Envato Elements offers you various WordPress themes, plugins, and template kits. You can filter them with category, properties, and Compatibility.

Now a part of Envato Elements, WordPress plugins, and themes. Additionally, more than 600,000 royalty-free stock images are available for use.

The resource library of Envato Elements regularly receives new additions. Finding the exact thing you’re looking for is still very simple despite all of these options. To facilitate searching, the majority of their top-level categories are divided into sub-categories.

🔥 Envato Elements Free Files

Envato Elements Free Files

You can get 12 free files every month like 12 hand-selected files, including fonts, presentations, videos, and more. For this, you have to create an account and you can download the free files easily every month.

Note: If you have a WordPress website, I recommend installing the Envato Elements WordPress plugin. This allows you to browse through the archive from within the WordPress admin area and insert media directly into your posts and pages.

Envato Elements User Experience

The user interface is kept simple overall by Envato Elements. Before choosing to subscribe, you can even browse their library for free. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and begin downloading things if you find something you like.

Once you’ve registered for a free Envato account, you can choose between a monthly subscription and an annual plan (which is a better value).

Before choosing whether to download an asset after finding one you like, you can read more about it on its own page. To access the files, click the “download” button when you’re ready.

An asset must either be registered to be used for a specific project or downloaded for trial use before it can be downloaded.


The latter choice is best for people who want to inspect a specific item before deciding whether or not to use it. If you download something, you can continue using it even if your subscription is canceled.

Zip files of the items you choose will be downloaded. On your computer, you can extract the required files and use compatible software to open them.

You can use the PNG or JPEG versions of an image in addition to the Illustrator or Photoshop versions if you download a background image or other types of graphics. Having PNG or JPEG versions allow you to use that image immediately without having to open a particular software application first.

Finding the Items You Need in Envato Elements

You will need to focus your search if you want to find what you’re looking for in the vast library of digital assets.

Fortunately, Envato makes it easy by letting you search through categories and use filters to make sure that search results are more pertinent.

Envato Elements


You might prefer to use the search bar that is visible at the top of every page if you are certain of what you want. For better results, you can limit your search to a single category.

Clicking on the “Browse” button at the top of the page will take you to the “All Items” page.

The top of this page features a list of item categories. A selection of items from each category can be found below. As you can see a preview of each category, is a great way to browse the various items.

If you hover over the “Browse” button, a list of item categories and sub-categories will be shown.

This is a useful menu as you can access it from any page on Envato Elements.

Utilizing filters is one of the best ways to find appropriate digital items. As we already discussed before, Envato Elements offers various options for filters that will help a user to find the most appropriate items for him/her projects.

A list of filters will appear on the left side of the page when a category is chosen. Limiting the items that are displayed to certain subcategories and other pertinent tags, enables you to further refine your search.

Any large digital library with millions of items must have effective search functionality.

The search bar at the top of each page may be all you need to use to find items if you use the right set of keywords, but I discovered that I often browsed through categories and used filters to focus my search.

As related items are displayed below the main description area, be sure to look there as well.

Envato Elements Pricing: How Much Does Envato Elements Cost?

Envato Elements comes 3 pricing plans:

🔥 Envato Elements Individual Plans

This plan starts from $16.50/m. Features you will get with the plan:

  • Millions of creative digital assets
  • 50M+ additional stock photos
  • Simple commercial licensing
  • Cancel any time

🔥 Envato Elements Student Plans:

This plan starts from $11.50/m. Features you will get with the plan:

  • Graphic & presentation templates
  • Stock photos
  • Design assets, fonts, 3D & add-ons
  • Video templates & stock video
  • Music tracks & sound effects
  • WordPress themes & plugins
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Simple Commercial license
  • 60+ million assets
  • Cancel any time

If you are a student, you can go with the plan. With this plan, you can save 30%.

🔥 Envato Elements Teams Plans

This plan is best suited for small teams. The more you can add members, the more you can save with the plans.

  • For 2 members – From $14.50/m per member
  • For 3 members – From $12.42/m per member
  • For 4 members – From $11.38/m per member
  • For 5 members – From $10.75/m per member


  • Teams save up to 35%
  • Scale & change members at any time
  • One central location for all downloads


🔥 Envato Elements Enterprise Plan:

It has Customized Pricing.

If you have a team of more than 6 members then, you have to go for enterprise plans. perfect for large teams and organizations. With this plan, you will get Custom licensing, Tailored indemnification, and Dedicated account management.


For all the plans, there are no contracts or long-term obligations. You have the choice to pay annually or monthly, and you have the right to end your membership whenever you want.

You have unlimited access to digital items with each subscription. Remember that just because you downloaded something doesn’t mean you own it.

How Does the Envato Elements License Work?

Licensing is kept simple with Envato Elements. All downloadable assets are covered by a commercial license. This enables you to use those resources in both your own work and your work with clients.

 – One commercial license.

The same license conditions apply to every item available in Envato Elements. You receive extensive commercial rights to use the products in client and private projects.

– Register items each time they are used

When you download something, you get a perpetual license for one use. All you need to do to reuse an item is go to your downloads and register it once more for different use.

– Certain common-sense limitations apply:

  • You can’t redistribute or re-sell items;
  • You can’t use items in on-demand services;
  • You generally can’t use the items you’ve downloaded as a basis for merchandising. For example, you can’t print an item from Envato Elements onto a T-shirt.

– License if you stop using Envato Elements

Any item in the Envato Elements library may be used for commercial projects if you have paid for access to it. You cannot download any more things if you decide to cancel your subscription.

On the contrary, you may still use any items that you had downloaded and registered for a project before the subscription was terminated.

Who is Envato Elements For?

Here are some of the main groups that could benefit from using this service:

  • Audio producers looking for sound effects for their compositions.
  • Bloggers who are searching for high-quality images to go along with their blog posts for a blogging platform.
  • Business owners who could use ready-made business cards, stationery, and website templates.
  • Illustrators and graphic designers who want more font, action, brushes, and layer style choices.
  • Podcasters who could use audio for their podcast episodes.
  • T-shirt designers and creators who want starter templates and graphics.
  • Vloggers in need of video templates and stock video files.
  • Website owners, agencies, and freelancers who need various WordPress plugins and themes.
  • Web designers need HTML templates, WordPress themes, and other similar assets for the sites they’re working on.
  • Anyone who creates or uses audio and/or visual content should be considered part of Envato Elements’ target market.

Envato Elements Alternatives

🔥 Envato Elements vs Motion array

Motion Array and Envato Elements are good, affordable subscription sites for digital assets. If you are a video creator, then Motion Array is a better choice. But if you are a designer or content creator who needs to have unlimited access to digital assets, then Envato Elements might suit your needs better.

🔥 Envato Elements vs Storyblocks

Storyblocks has a bigger video library. Envato Elements offers a wider range of digital products. Storyblocks has better licensing, all files are yours forever even if you end the subscription. Envato Elements is cheaper.

🔥 Envato elements vs Adobe stock

Adobe stock is paid platform where you can get high-quality images, vectors, videos, or templates which is royalty-free means you don’t get a copyright claim against using them in your creation. Adobe Stock is the right choice for you if you want any royalty-free images, video, vectors, graphics, or every material you get in High quality so do not worry about the quality.

🔥 Envato Elements vs Freepik

If you are on the most extreme budget out there, Freepik might be a good temporary solution and, even better yet, Envato Elements’ free alternative. Even though Freepik isn’t as comprehensive or as large as Envato Elements, Freepik is a free platform that allows you to get graphic design services done.

Conclusion On My Envato Elements Review

I think that many people will gain something from using this service. The monthly fee for using the service is incredibly low when you take into account how many items are at your disposal. You don’t have to be concerned about being locked into a long-term contract because memberships can be canceled at any time.

What is particularly pleasing is the quality of items that are included. You will find many low-quality images, videos, and graphics if you search through many stock image websites. Envato could have increased the number of their items by adding more, but they chose to implement quality controls to make sure each item was worth downloading and using.

I constantly need images for my blog posts, tweets, and other social media posts because I run a blog and a website. Web developers, graphic designers, and other creatives who work online benefit a lot from Envato Elements.

The ability to download all of the fonts and website designs required for client projects is a huge advantage of using this service. Business owners who need attractive stationery templates can take advantage of this service because there are many different styles of stationery design templates available.

Envato Elements, in my opinion, will serve as an “All-in-One” solution for some customers, providing them with everything they require, while serving as a cheap add-on for other customers’ other purchases.

Visit Envato Elements and take a look around to see what it has to offer.

Specification: Envato Elements Review, Pricing, Features, Alternatives and More


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Envato Elements Review, Pricing, Features, Alternatives and More
Envato Elements Review, Pricing, Features, Alternatives and More

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