FlyingPress Review (2023), Features, Pricing and Alternatives. FlyingPress v4 Updated

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We’ve been using a lot of speed optimization plugins on our sites, but only a few of them are effective. Some of them are difficult to configure and completely break websites. FlyingPress is a trending one. So if you are planning to use it, this FlyingPress Review will be helpful for you.

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You will get: The UI is simple and perfect Easy user interface makes website speed optimization simple. Filled with amazing and useful features Affordable Pricing Support you can count on, whether it's technical or need help in setting up. Provides effective results for your websites Compatible with all major WordPress hosting providers, themes & plugins.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

Looking for a solution to speed up and optimize your website? Welcome to our FlyingPress Review. In this article we have included everything related to new 2023 FlyingPress v4 Update.

Building a website with a website builder or a landing page builder is super easy now a day. But the real hurdle starts after it when optimizing its speed of it. Faster websites will have lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, higher ranking in organic search, and, of course, they will have an overall better user experience.

🏆 Explore the Best WordPress Cache Plugins & Boost Your Site Speed Easily.

So, by now you already have understood that your website is the face of your brand.  People say, “First impressions are the last impressions”. Thus, all you need for your website’s first impression is Speed! Speed! and Speed!

Luckily there is an easy solution: FlyingPress.

FlyingPress is among the newest WordPress Speed Optimization and cache plugin. We will find more about FlyingPress in this detailed FlyingPress Review. So let’s get started.

  • FlyingPress is an all-in-one platform for WordPress site optimization.
  • It offers a range of features, including site speed optimization, image compression, and automatic cache management.
  • The platform is user-friendly and easy to navigate, even for those without technical expertise.
  • FlyingPress is also cost-effective, with plans starting at just $9 per month.
  • The platform is ideal for businesses looking to improve their website’s performance and attract more visitors.
  • With FlyingPress, you can rest assured that your site is optimized for speed and performance, giving you a competitive edge in the online marketplace.
  • So why wait? Sign up for FlyingPress today and start seeing the benefits for yourself!


FlyingPress v4 Update Has Been Released

Lets us know what is new and why it is the most powerful version of all time; and why is the best WProcket alternative of all time.

By using FlyingPress v4, you will experience significantly faster removal of unused CSS, more efficient parsing of your HTML through a specially designed HTML parser, and consistent caching to maintain your website’s speed even when experiencing high levels of traffic.

Let’s Find Out What Is New In The FlyingPress v4

The latest release of FlyingPress, version 4, includes several exciting new features and improvements. Previously, FlyingPress used third-party libraries to parse HTML, which could result in incorrect parsing and high server resource usage. However, with the new version, the engineers have developed a custom HTML parser that provides lightning-fast parsing, even when parsing invalid HTML. The new version also features a faster engine with a custom-built CSS parser, which automatically removes unused CSS from every page and post-preloaded, resulting in faster performance.

Another new feature is the ability to preload the cache without purging it. The new cache will overwrite existing cached pages one by one, so visitors can still access the previously cached pages until the new cache is generated. The always-on caching feature also ensures a high cache hit ratio even when external caching layers are not available.

FlyingPress v4 also provides the ability to delay all JavaScript files for better performance and allows developers to customize the plugin with the available filters, actions, and functions.

Other new improvements in FlyingPress v4 include caching for logged-in users, handling URLs with query strings, an option to bypass cache based on custom cookies, exclusion of stylesheets from unused CSS removal, improved handling of responsive images, enhanced YouTube video placeholder, and a fully responsive interface.

Upgrading to FlyingPress v4 is recommended, but users should try the upgrade on a staging site before installing it on their live website. In addition, some configurations may need to be set up again after upgrading.


Overall, FlyingPress v4 provides a strong foundation for building more robust features quickly and efficiently, making it a top choice for website performance optimization. So Let’s start using FlyingPress v4 now.


FlyingPress Review

9.9Expert Score
Simply The Best At What It Does
When using FlyingPress on your website, you don’t need to invest in other image optimization plugins.  It is as a result of the unique techniques used by FlyingPress, including the lightning-fast JavaScript Lazy Load library and preload fold images. It also excludes the fold images from lazy loading. It combines simplicity with well-thought-out features that'll make the slowest site fast.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
  • The UI is simple and perfect
  • Easy user interface makes website speed optimization simple.
  • Filled with amazing and useful features
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Support you can count on, whether it's technical or need help in setting up.
  • Provides effective results for your websites
  • Compatible with all major WordPress hosting providers, themes & plugins.

FlyingPress Overview – What Is FlyingPress?

FlyingPress is a WordPress plugin that is developed by Gijo Varghese and he is an excellent developer from Thrissur, Kerala, India. In fact, Gijo is a WordPress speed optimization icon.

Now coming to the FlyingPress Plugin is built to provide one solution for most speed optimization problems. It takes care of Image optimization, page caching, minify javascript, etc.

These tools give you an additional advantage when optimizing your website for SEO. They do not advertise themselves as SEO tools but they are essential for every website and play a significant role in your website’s search performance.

Flyingpress is extremely simple to set up and operates flawlessly. Although there are many other WordPress speed optimization plugins, FlyingPress Plugin is the best because of its straightforward user interface.

Now let’s see what does FlyingPress Plugin offer for its users.

FlyingPress Features

Some of the cool features that FlyingPress Plugin provides are as follows:

Page Caching

One of the most popular features that speed optimization plugins provide is this one. Likewise, FlyingPress has it. Your website’s web pages will be cached if this option is enabled, which will significantly reduce the time it takes for a page to load.

FlyingPress Page Caching

In simple words, if you enable this option then your website will be cached and you will be able to load your website faster.

To make the best use of this FlyingPress Plugin, it is recommended to set up the plugin properly. You can check our FlyingPress Settings blog, where I have discussed the best FlyingPress settings to pass Google’s Core Web Vitals.

Cache Preloading

When you enable ‘Cache Pages’ FlyingPress will generate static HTML for each page. These static pages will be served next time instead of dynamically building pages using PHP, WordPress, database, etc.

FlyingPress Cache Preloading

Thus this Cache Preloading features help you to Automatically generate cached pages when you make some changes.

Tips: The combination of a lightweight theme and speedy hosting will result in a lightning-fast website. So if you are working on speeding up your website, you must choose a good hosting service. I recommend you to check out our list of Best Hosting Service Providers and choose from the best.

JS Minify

You can get rid of unwanted spaces and comments from the JavaScript on your website by using the JS Minify features of the FlyingPress Plugin. As a result, browsers can load your website quickly and JavaScript’s overall execution time is decreased. It performs remarkably well.

FlyingPress JS Minify

When you turn on ‘Minify JavaScript’, FlyingPress applies the following optimizations to JS files:

  • Remove white spaces
  • Remove comments
  • Crunch property values
  • Generate hash for automatically cache invalidation
  • Other optimizations to reduce the file size

Preload links

User experience is very significant. If you want to redirect visitors who click on an embedded link on your website, you must make sure that the website loads immediately after the user clicks the link. Preload links must be enabled in FlyingPress for this to happen.

FlyingPress preloads a page when a user hovers over or touches a link by enabling preload links. When a click is made, these preloaded pages load immediately.

FlyingPress Preload links

Note that unlike the preloading cache on the server, preloaded links are saved inside the browser cache.

Defer Javascript

The HTML and Javascript are first loaded by the browser whenever you visit a website. Because users will be staring at a blank web page until JS is loaded, this lessens the overall user experience.

FlyingPress Defer Javascript

Use FlyingPress’ Defer JavaScript option to prevent such occurrences.

The majority of plugins and themes inject render-blocking JavaScript files. In order to render the page, the browser must wait until these files are downloaded.

When Defer JavaScript is enabled, the browser loads the script asynchronously and in parallel. However, it won’t begin to run until the page’s parsing is complete.

Lazy Render

Lazy rendering of HTML elements will dramatically reduce Time to Interactive, Total Blocking Time, and Largest Contentful Paint.

FlyingPress Lazy Render

Lazy Render is very similar to the lazy loading of images. In lazy loading images, downloading of images is done only when they’re nearby the viewport.

HTML Lazy Render works similarly. It will render elements on the page only when required. This way Browser can focus on rendering content in the above fold.

CSS Minify

Your WordPress site’s CSS will be free of all unused comments and spaces if you use the Minify CSS option. The majority of the elements that take a long time for the website to load must be disabled.

FlyingPress CSS Minify

When you turn on ‘Minify & Optimize CSS Files’, FlyingPress applies for the following optimizations:

  • Remove white spaces
  • Remove comments
  • Crunch property values
  • Rewrite font and background image URLs in CSS files to apply CDN (if enabled)
  • Generate hash for automatically cache invalidation
  • Other optimizations to reduce the file size

Generate Critical and Used CSS

Most of the plugins and themes inject their CSS files as render-blocking.   In order to render the page, the browser must wait until these files are downloaded.

Critical and Used CSS speeds up page rendering by giving the rest of the CSS files less priority.

FlyingPress loads the unused CSS asynchronously when a user interacts with the website.  Additionally, you can remove any unnecessary CSS, but doing so might lead to a poor user experience.

Google Font Optimization

Fonts contribute a lot when it comes to speed optimization. Unoptimized fonts can be a major drawback for your website.

FlyingPress Google Font Optimization

FlyingPress offers you an option to optimize your fonts. Besides that, the option to preload fonts is also provided by FlyingPress.

When your website uses Google Fonts, it is crucial for you to self-host those google fonts. This will help your WordPress site load faster.

Optimize Google Fonts will:

  • Combine all Google Fonts on the page to reduce HTTP requests
  • Self-host Google Fonts (download and save fonts locally)
  • Inline Google Fonts CSS

Preload Fonts

Preloading fonts tell the browser to load the fonts immediately, at high priority. Preloading them is preferable if the font URL is only mentioned in a CSS file or if it is necessary for the content that appears above the fold.

FlyingPress Preload Fonts

If you use different fonts, you can enable this option because we have seen some WordPress sites do so. However, using multiple fonts is not advised because it will negatively impact how quickly your website loads.

This setting prevents users from seeing a blank page by loading one of your website’s fonts first.

Image Settings

When it comes to how quickly your website loads, images play a crucial role. The user experience will be ruined if the images on your website load too slowly. Also, HTTP Archive reports state that images make up about 34% of total page weight. Thus, you must compress and resize the photos to ensure a decent Elementor page speed.

When it comes to Image Compression and Optimization, FlyingPress does a fantastic job. It minimizes the image’s load time without affecting the user experience.

Its recommended to always compress images. However, compressed images don’t offer the clarity of the original clicked image. You can use AI image upscaling software that can make your downloaded or online shared images look high definition.

Lazy Load Images

This is the most common option that you must enable if you want to optimize your images. Once this option is enabled, all your images will be loaded only when the user scrolls to them.

FlyingPress automatically lazy loads background images if they’re inlined in the HTML.

However, if the background image is inside some CSS class or a separate CSS file, FlytingPress cannot detect them. In such cases, you can use its helper CSS class “lazy-bg”.

Add “lazy-bg” to the div containing the background image.

Here is an example in Gutenberg editor:

FyingPress lazy-bg

Preload critical images

This option enables users to load your website’s most significant images first. To load a few crucial images first, the Preload critical images option needs to be turned on. Under the Image Setting tab, you have a lot more options for image optimization.

Lazy Load Video

Compared to other website components, videos require more server requests. To speed up the overall loading of your WordPress site, you must enable the Lazy Load Video Option of the FlyingPress Plugin,  I’ll advise you to turn on this feature because it will make your website load quicker.

Lazy Load iFrame

iFrames are embedding other websites in your website as an element. Some popular examples are YouTube videos, Google Maps, Twitter posts, etc.

If you are using a lot of Youtube or other streaming websites’ videos, you must enable Lazy Load iFrame. By lazy loading iFrames, iFrames below above-fold will be loaded only when they’re nearby viewport.

We have been testing all these features on a few of our websites. Each feature operates flawlessly, and together they significantly shorten the website’s load time without degrading the user experience.

Database Cleaner

Many posts are created and deleted, and occasionally a post is saved in the trash folder where it remains there indefinitely.

A helpful feature that helps users clean your website’s database is built into the plugin.

Now, you can optimize the database of your website without using a third-party plugin. The plugin itself contains everything.

To know more about FlyingPress Settings 2023 Updated, read our blog here.

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FlyingPress Support

A Facebook group and a support form are both available when it comes to the plugin’s support.

You can get assistance from this site, and whenever I open a support ticket, it usually gets closed within a day.

Additionally, there is support documentation that goes into great detail about hosting, caching, and how to troubleshoot hosting-related problems.

Tips: Personally, I have been using Elementor for designing my website pages. is the fastest website builder for WordPress, written with the strictest code standards. I recommend you to try Elementor to get the ultimate performance. You can check our detailed

Performance Overview.

We have checked the performance of our websites with some of the popular tools such as Pingdom. Here is a brief overview of our website performance.

RESULT 1 (With Pingdom):

FlyingPress Performance Check with Pingdom

RESULT 2 (With GTmetrix)

FlyingPress Performance Check with GTmetrix

Why Should You Go With FlyingPress?

The UI is simple and Friendly.

Feels easy—emotion is important! The design calms you and gives you the impression that it is simple, even if you have no idea what anything means. This is crucial for those who are intimidated or new to caching.

Intuitive labels– The option labels are very easy to understand and help you know what you’re clicking on and what they do. Basic features that have been given gimmicky, ambiguous names are not a common annoyance.

Clean design – WP Rocket had the cleanest cache plugin design, but FlyingPress may have just pipped it. I’ll have to return and check, but yeah… FlyingPress appears to have fewer features while having more, in my opinion.

Amazing Feature

FlyingPress offers the most amazing features till now among all other cache plugins. You don’t need to make any changes after FlyingPress is activated on your website because all the settings are already set. You can experiment with the settings to see what works best for you if you want to optimize even more.

You don’t need to install any additional plugins because FlyingPress assists you with caching and database cleanup on your website.

Affordable Pricing

FlyingPress is affordable in terms of the features its offers. All the features it offers are really helpful for running a website smoothly.

Conclusion On FlyingPress Review

Since every website is unique, the only way to determine how well this plugin performs is to use it by yourself on your website.  The performance outcomes for your website could differ.

I bought the license for FlyingPress because I admired the developer’s earlier work and was one of the plugin’s early adopters. So, I believe I am equipt enough to write FlyingPress Review.

We discovered that the creator of FlyingPress also manages a Facebook group while using the plugin. Using the groups, users can post questions and receive immediate support from the community. Gijo Varghese participates heavily in the Facebook group as well.

In addition, the plugin gets regular updates, and we’ve found that performance gets better with each one.

According to the developer, a new update with a noticeably faster implementation will be released soon.

Overall, it’s a fantastic cache and speed-optimization plugin for WordPress websites. You won’t need to install additional plugins because this one will take care of the majority of the optimization for you.

Videos: FlyingPress Review (2023), Features, Pricing and Alternatives. FlyingPress v4 Updated

Photos: FlyingPress Review (2023), Features, Pricing and Alternatives. FlyingPress v4 Updated


FlyingPress Pricing

FlyinPress has 4 simple plans:

Personal – $ 60/year (For 1 Website). If you go with this plan, you will need $42 on renewal after your subscription ends.


Developers – $ 150/year (For 5 Websites). If you go with this plan, you will need $105 on renewal after your subscription ends.


Professional – $ 250/year (For 50 Websites). If you go with this plan, you will need $175 on renewal after your subscription ends.


Agency – $ 500/year (For 500 Website). If you go with this plan, you will need $350 on renewal after your subscription ends.


FlyingCDN Addon

FlyingCDN is charged based on your monthly bandwidth usage. It’s $3 per 100GB per site.

For example:

  • 0 to 100 GB for $3/month
  • 100 to 200 GB for $6/month
  • 200 to 300 GB for $9/month
  • and it goes on like that.

It is to be noted that FlyingPress doesn’t offer a trial version, but we do have a 14 days refund policy.

Many of the paid plugins in the WordPress ecosystem provide an unlimited plan and sometimes LTD (lifetime deals). For example, you can get a handful of software LTD deals under Appsumo Deals and Pichground deals.

However, it’s not possible in FlyingPress.


FlyingPress Alternatives

FlyingPress is an amazing WordPress cache plugin. Although there are many FlyingPress alternatives, offered in the WordPress store, we discovered that none of them can deliver the same results as FlyingPress. These plugins occasionally fall short, but FlyingPress excels in all areas.

You can try any of the following as an experiment:

  • WP-Rocket
  • LiteSpeed
  • WP Super Cache
  • W3 Total Cache


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FlyingPress Review (2023), Features, Pricing and Alternatives. FlyingPress v4 Updated
FlyingPress Review (2023), Features, Pricing and Alternatives. FlyingPress v4 Updated

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