Graphy Pricing Plans 2022. Which Pricing Plan Is Best For You.

Struggling to find Graphy Pricing Plans? Here, in this guide, we have explained in detail all the Graphy pricing plans that will help you to choose the best plan for you!

If you are an owner of a coaching center,  content creators, and individuals who are just starting a coaching career then Graphy will definitely help you in that. But before going to buy the subscription, you should know the pricing plans of it right? Don’t worry that we are providing the full information of the Graphy Pricing Plans. Read our guide on Best Learning Management Systems Of 2022.

Graphy is a platform powered by Unacademy, which offers everything for the one who is starting out the coaching career. It provides a website where you can customize it with the templates with just a click. You can have your own Android app and iOS app for your business with your branding. Add course admins and make unlimited courses and teach to unlimited members.

Conduct unlimited live sessions and interact with each other in the live session. Add your team to make them instructors,  so that it makes it easy to communicate with your students and clear out all their doubts. Sell your courses globally by placing the pricing according to the country. Track your student’s performance and give them badges according to it. You can offer discounts during the festival days to generate more sales. It has live chat and email support to solve customer problems instantly.

Graphy Pricing Overview

Graphy comes up with only one plan which is very simple and straightforward to the audience. You can use the free plan for a couple of days and go for the subscription if you’re satisfied with its features. You can buy it from any country because it supports all countries’ payment gateways. The money will be refunded within 30 days after the successful payment.


Graphy Features

Graphy comes with various features, which you can check below:

Graphy pricing

1. Website Builder 

Create your own website using your custom domain. Customize your website without having any coding skills by just using the templates. Choose one from hundreds of themes that suit your brand. You can add your brand logo, name, sections, and more.

2. Multimedia Courses

Create high-quality courses and sell them on Graphy even without having tech knowledge. Add photos, videos, notes, and pdfs using the drag and drop builder tool. Teach thousands of learners all at once, and give the whole course access to the learners at once only.

3. Live sessions

Conduct the live sessions with hundreds of people in the Zoom, which comes up within the subscription only. You can conduct polls, answer their questions, chat privately, and more in the live session itself. Record the live sessions, so that the missed students can listen to the recordings

4. Quizzes 

Create quizzes using the hundreds of templates powered by Graphy. Create different types of quizzes like multiple choice, single answer, multi answer, fill in the blanks, and match the following. Assign the assignment and track their performance using that. Conduct the exams and get the results of them.

5. Launch Your App

Launch your brand android app and iOS app using the Graphy tool. You can build and customize the app as you like. This makes it easy for mobile users, who used to listen on mobile.

6. Community 

Build your public forum and always engage with them. Give value content and help them with your content, because they will convert customers in the future to your brand. Have a private forum for the paid ones, so that you can solve their questions, problems, and more.

7. Notifications

Push notifications to your students regarding live sessions, assignments, sessions, updates, and more. Track whether the notifications are delivered or not. You can even schedule the notification.

8. Affiliate Program 

Launch your own affiliate program. Make more sales by converting your students into affiliate partners. You can set the commission rate as you wish. Check the performance of affiliates using the dashboard.

9. Integrations

It Integrates with different platforms. You can teach to the global audience without having any payment bro bless because it supports all integrated payments. The pricing plan will be according to the country only.


Graphy Free Plan

Graphy free plan is a test drive for those who are looking to buy the subscription plan and newbies who don’t have money to invest. You can use some core features for free and after using all the core features get a final decision.

  • You can customize the website as you like
  • Get access to one admin account
  • Create unlimited courses as you wish
  • Host 2000 students to enroll in your course 
  • Get the free 5GB storage.
  • Assign tasks, quizzes, assignments, exams, and more for free only.
  • It supports multiple payment methods for students who want to enroll in the course.


Graphy Basic Plan

Graphy Basic Plan includes all the core features and also some more necessary features. It is best for beginners and ones who are just starting out in the coaching business. Launch and sell the unlimited courses, customize the courses as you like. The basic pricing plan is $59 per month. 

  • Best for beginners and small coaching centers for those just starting out their business.
  • Create and sell unlimited courses without facing storage and payment issues.
  • Add your team and give them roles to control your students and other activities too.
  • Conduct the live sessions with access to 300 students using zoom.
  • Host 10,000 students with access to your courses.
  • Build your brand Android and iOS app and launch them for mobile users.


Graphy Pro Plan

Graphy pro plan will increase your input to give a good output business. It provides third-party integrations to make your work faster and easier. This plan comes up with all the essential features and some extra features too. It is best for medium size coaching centers and small organizations. It costs up to $109 per month.

  • Best for medium size coaching centers, small organizations, and small institutions 
  • Create your website and customize it using the templates with zero coding skills
  • Get access to two admin accounts to control all your business.
  • Conduct a live session with access to 500 members 
  • Capability to host courses for 20,000 students.
  • Create a public community and a private community to interact with them.
  • Build your own brand Android and iOS app, especially for mobile users.


Graphy Business Plan

Graphy business plans help to scale your business more than in the past. For that only it provides some more extra tools along with the core features. It offers white labeling websites with the customer domain and more. This plan is best for content creators, professional course creators, and medium size organizations. It costs $189 per month.

  • Best for content creators, medium-sized organizations, and professional course creators.
  • You can build your own website with the customer domain 
  • You can add 6 admins to interact with students and control course operations.
  • Conduct live sessions with access to 700 members.
  • Give the course access to up to 50,000 students.
  • Assign quizzes,  assignments, tasks, exams, and more to track their progress.
  • Integrates with lots of platforms.


Graphy Advanced Plan

Graphy Advanced Plan is for biggies who want to earn more money by investing as much as possible. Build your education empire using the Graphy tool. It includes all the tools and gives you the best experience. 

  • Best for big training centers, large organizations, and large institutions.
  • Create unlimited courses with unlimited storage access
  • Add up to 15 admin accounts and control your students by giving access to your team.
  • Conduct the live sessions with access to 1000 sessions 
  • Give the course access to unlimited members
  • Convert your students to affiliate marketers and generate more sales.
  • Build your own Android app and iOS app.
  • Get access to unlimited custom domains.


Graphy Alternatives

Looking for Graphy Alternatives? Here are the top alternatives to Graphy:

Graphy VS LearnDash 

LearnDash gives you full control to create and sell the courses online by providing a lot of features. Create unlimited courses very easily and fastly. Divide your course into lessons, topics, and lessons with the powerful dashboard. But it doesn’t provide an integrated payment all over the world, affiliate programs, live sessions, and an android app and iOS app with your branding. The pricing plans are too expensive than Graphy.

Create CoursesYesYes
Website BuilderYesYes
Live SessionsYesNo
Affiliate ProgramsYesNo
Android & iOS AppsYesNo
Integrate paymentsYesYes Only Few

Learndash Full Suite ($29/mo)

  • WordPress plugin (silver $159)
  • WordPress plugin (Gold $189)
  • WordPress Plugin (Platinum $329)


Graphy VS Thinkific

Thinkific is an online tool that is used for content creators, freelancers, small coaching centers, and small origination. It allows users to create an attractive course and sell it online. You will find some similar features like creating assignments, certificates, and quizzes. It doesn’t provide android and iOS apps, live sessions, affiliate programs, and more, Even though the pricing plans are at higher prices.

Create CoursesYesYes
Website BuilderYesYes
Live SessionsYesNo
Affiliate ProgramsYesNo
Android & iOS AppsYesNo
Integrate paymentsYesYes Only Few

Thinkific Pricing

  • Basic – $49
  • Pro – $99
  • Pro + Growth add-on – $149
  • Premier – $499


Final Words On Graphy Pricing Plans

You have access to all the features offered by the Free Plan as well as a few notable upgrades with the Basic Plan. This would be a terrific place to start if you’re new to the coaching sector and would like to choose a more conventional course production arrangement without having to invest as much money.

The Pro & Business plans from Graphy are intended for people who want to grow their brand, business, and money while having a team of professionals assists them with day-to-day operations.

The most expensive plan offered by Graphy, the Advanced Plan, is best suited for instructors and coaches who already have developed successful businesses and wish to maintain the momentum permanently.

What’s best? If you haven’t already, you can also quickly look at their Enterprise Plan, which allows you to get a unique package created based on the size and needs of your company.

Therefore, Graphy will always have something more to offer, whether you’re a complete newbie or a brand that’s currently flying high. There will always be a price strategy that is specifically designed for you.

What’s best? If you haven’t already, you can also quickly look at their Enterprise Plan, which allows you to get a unique package created based on the size and needs of your company.

Therefore, Graphy will always have something more to offer, whether you’re a complete newbie or a brand that’s currently flying high. There will always be a price strategy that is specifically designed for you.


1. Does Graphy Offer Free Plans?

Yes, the Graphy plan offers a free plan. If you are a small coaching center opener,  individual, organization owner, and other then you can test the free plan and get an idea before buying it.

2. Does Graphy support Paypal for payments?

Yes, it supports PayPal for payments. The pricing is different from country to country. It is based on the value of the currency, anybody can buy this tool in the world because it supports all countries’ payments.

3. Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, it has a money-back guarantee, the money will be refunded within 30 days of a successful payment.

4. Does Graphy have a lifetime deal?

No, Graphy doesn’t have a lifetime deal. It comes up with a monthly plan only, so choose the plan according to your business range.

5. Do I need to purchase my own developer account for deploying Android/iOS apps?

Yes, you need to purchase the Google developer app for play store access and apple developer for apps store access, it costs around $25 to $30. It is lifetime access. 

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