Kartra Vs Kajabi (2022 Comparison): Which One Is Right For You & Why?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re buried in research and seeking the best online course platform for instructors. In this guide, Kartra Vs Kajabi we will help you to decide which one is right for your online business so that you can make the best choice to deliver and sell online courses.




Advance Features

  • Email Marketing

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • Funnel building

  • Products selling

  • Selling Online Courses

Primary focus

Servey Builder

Third Party Pluggin

Free trial

Transaction fees


  • Basic Plan ($99/mo)

  • Silver Plan ($199/mo)

  • Platinium Plan ($499/month)

  • Basic $119/mo

  • Growth $159/mo

  • Pro Plan ($319/mo)

Mobile friendly


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Kartra and Kajabi, two well-known platforms, are contrasted in this post so you can see which one has the characteristics you require. We will discuss the primary features and pricing which both online course creation platforms Kartra Vs Kajabi offer to sell online courses, page builders, and course creation.

We will compare Kajabi and Kartra today. Two of the most popular marketing platforms are Kartra and Kajabi. Read our guide on Best Kajabi Alternatives & Competitors.

The target markets for these tools vary. Kajabi offers experienced course creators searching for a good LMS with marketing automation, whereas Kartra gives online business opportunities to marketers, entrepreneurs, and agencies. However, you can use Kartra one platform to sell memberships for your courses. An all-inclusive marketing tool is Kartra. It includes all the necessary tools, including Kartra Mail, Kartra Videos, Calendars, Communications, Helpdesks, Pages, Leads, etc.

The best part is that Zapier may not even be necessary because it naturally interfaces with the most prominent marketing tools and services. You can sell both physical and digital goods using Kartra. Kartra over Kajabi is not a well-polished online course and membership site, which is a drawback. It has terrible UI and UX, which is a huge bummer!

Let’s have an in-depth Kartra Vs Kajabi 2022 comparison of Kartra features and pricing plans compared to Kajabi features and pricing plans. Check out the latest Kajabi Pricing Plans 2022.


Kartra Vs Kajabi Features

Kartra Features

kartra features
Kartra Features
  • Kartra Checkouts-Utilize their top-notch safe techniques for PayPal and credit card payments to sell goods and services online. Kartra offers all the tools you require to quickly and efficiently sell goods and services on a membership website.
  • Kartra Page Builder- Amazing drag-and-drop page builder with hundreds of expertly created templates is called Katra Pages. Maximum flexibility, numerous marketing tools, and complete mobile optimization are all offered by the templates. Kartra offers a huge selection of page and section templates. More than 500 page and section templates have been generated by the company’s skilled designers. You only need to navigate and choose the one you wish to use.
  • Kartra Leads- We are all aware that a company’s most valuable resources are its prospects and leads. They stand in for your potential clients, business partners, etc. In other words, without them, businesses could not function. Kartra places a lot of emphasis on lead generation for this reason. With the help of Kartra Lead Builder, you may learn more about the actions taken by your prototype user, such as how long they spend on your website, when and how they depart, how they click, and how they proceed. To order pages and more, register. With the Kartra provides Leads function, you may get all the data.
  • Kartra funnel building and campaigns- Simply connect and begin, construct automated sales funnel in minutes, and use the Kartra Funnel Building Tool to quickly create the ideal sales pages. Any Kartra Pages page can be linked to the flexible funnel flow you require. It has an open interface and a sequencer as well. Transform your creative affiliate marketing idea into a profitable reality. Kartra offers done-for-you campaigns as well.
  • Kartra Mails- Utilize the Kartra email marketing service to effortlessly create live or automated email and SMS marketing campaigns to interact and communicate with your user base. Read our guide on Klaviyo SMS Vs Omnisend SMS.
  • Kartra Membership- With Kartra offers your clients a premium experience similar to Kajabi. Kartra Memberships is a feature-rich portal that makes it simple and easy for you to organize and distribute your material with your clients in this way. The Kartra Membership option makes it simple for you to build a training course, a private community section, or even a TOC on various themes.
  • Kartra Calendar- With Google Calendar, you can now schedule your clients’ individual sessions and keep track of them on a single integrated dashboard. Real-time appointment setting and management. Here, the Kartra calendars are continuously updated. It is therefore quite impressive that if a customer reserves a certain time period, it would be prohibited for all other users. Now brand it with your colors and logo. Do you have a variety of colors and a unique brand logo? Simply download it to your calendar and integrate it with it.
  • Kartra Forms- One of the most effective ways to draw potential customers is via Kartra Forms. With the help of this platform, you can easily construct your own fields with effective labeling and automation rules. Dozens of great models. Simply pick from more than 50 updated, professional templates that are great for mobile devices.

Kajabi Features

Kajabi dashboard
Kajabi Dashboard


Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Pipelines
  • E-Commerce Platform- Simply list all of your products on a lovely website using Kajabi. Create a marketplace for your products so customers can easily add more items to their shopping carts.
  • Site Themes- Assign the look you desire to your website. Select a theme for your website from their collection of totally editable themes.
  • One-Click Login- Provide a special location for your consumers to connect and access the database of all the things they have bought.
  • Brand your Business- Simply give your website the appearance you choose. You can now brand your website by adding your logo, graphics, and colors.
  • Custom URL- Every Kajabi is given a sample domain by default, which will help you get going quickly. You can easily utilize a custom domain of your own if you really want to add your own brand.
  • Static pages and site navigation- Simply add as many pages as you want to your site so that it has content that doesn’t frequently change, such as an About Us page, a Contact Us page, and more. You control which links appear in your site’s header and footer. Connect to pages hosted elsewhere or link to other pages on your website or blog. You can accomplish it quickly and easily with Kajabi.
  • Email Broadcast and analysis- Sending emails to clients and prospects is simple, helping you connect with your audience and establish relationships. It is not necessary to integrate with an outside email service provider. They have their own platform for email marketing. Track your campaigns by quickly recognizing emails from your target market.
  • Mobile-Friendly- We all understand that because we live in a mobile era, things must be simple to use and appealing across all platforms. Their entire product line of themes works flawlessly on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Video hosting and downloads- To acquire the option to encode and broadcast your videos using Wistia, just give Kajabi your video content directly. The finest feature of Kajabi is that your consumers may view it on any device, whenever they want, properly and swiftly. You may easily include file downloads in your items with Kajabi. Download files to make your information truly helpful for all types of customers, including documents, presentations, photos, and audio files.
  • Community Building and Drip Content- Your clients can actively engage with you and other clients through engaging dialogues. You may now create a healthy community with Kajabi. Simply by specifying its content to be distributed to consumers based on the time the product was purchased, according to a schedule, you may increase retention and avoid the rush. When a new product is introduced, your consumer will be notified.


Kartra Vs Kajabi – Pricing


Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Pipelines

Kartra is a high-end platform with a $99/mo beginning price. This package offers support for 20 goods, 2 membership sites, 50 GB of bandwidth, up to 2,500 Leads, and 1 custom domain. There are no agency characteristics in this strategy.

Kajabi is more expensive compared to Kartra. Kartra users get the lowest monthly price is $149 and it only supports 3 products & 3 pipelines. As Kajabi lacks Advanced automation and affiliate program features are missing from this plan you can go with the expansion plan for $199/month to gain these features.

Kartra is significantly less expensive than Kajabi. Additionally, Kajabi doesn’t offer products and pipelines dependent on the plans, whereas Kartra allows and supports an unlimited number of products. Let’s move ahead in-depth comparison of Kartra Vs Kajabi offers and pricing terms.


Kartra Online Course 2022 Pricing

kartra pricing
Kartra Pricing Plans

Before deciding on the best online course platform, pricing is yet another critical factor. Here are the basic differences between Kartra Vs Kajabi pricing, that we must consider:

Kartra Basic Plan ($99/mo)

  • Kartra help with the Starter Plan at ($99/month), you’ll receive 2,500 leads,
  • Kartra offers over 500 emails per month
  • Kartra also provides 100 pages, 20 goods, 1 custom domain, and 100 automation.

Kartra Silver Plan ($199/mo)

  • The Silver Plan ($199/month) gives subscribers access to 125,000 emails each month
  • Kartra also provides 3 custom domains
  • Kartra offers a lot of an infinite number of pages
  • Kartra works with an unlimited number of goods and automation.

Kartra Gold Plan ($299/mo)

  • The Gold Plan ($299/month) gives subscribers access to 250,000 emails per month
  • Kartra has powerful 5 custom domains, unlimited pages, unlimited items, and automation.
  • Members can also receive up to 25,000 leads each month.

Kartra Platinium Plan ($499/month)

  • The Platinum Plan ($499/month)
  • Members can have limitless pages, unlimited goods, and up to 50,000 leads
  • 500,000 emails are sent each month
  • 10 custom domains, and automation with this plan.


Kajabi Online Course 2022 Pricing


Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Pipelines

Kajabi Basic Plan ($119/mo)


Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Pipelines
kajabi pricing plans
Kajabi Pricing Plans
  • If you pay annually, the Basic Plan is $119 each month, and if you pay monthly, it costs $149.
  • Kajabi provides Products 3 and Three pipes
  • Kajabi allows you to build Countless Landing Pages and Numerous promotional emails
  • Kajabi also provides 10% Contacts and a thousand active users
  • Kajabi keeps 1 web page and 1 Administrator
  • Kajabi College
  • Kajabi users get a Transaction Fee Of 0%
  • Events & Webinars and Prepared Templates
  • Kajabi also lets Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys)
  • 1 Call for Customer Success and Support for Chat Automation

Kajabi Growth Plan ($159/mo)


Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Pipelines
  • If you pay annually, the Kajabi Growth Plan is $159 per month, or $199 per month if you pay monthly.
  • Kajabi offers fifteen items and fifteen pipes
  • Kajabi comes with Countless Landing Pages and Numerous promotional emails
  • 25% Contacts with ten thousand active users
  • 1 web page along with 10 Administrators
  • Kajabi College
  • Transaction Fee: 0%
  • Events & Webinars and Prepared Templates
  • Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys)
  • 1 Call for Customer Success and 24/7 Support for Chat
  • Innovative Automation
  • Removing Kajabi branding is possible
  • Partner Program

Kajabi Pro Plan ($319/mo)


Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Pipelines
  • If you pay annually, the Kajabi Pro Plan is $319 per month, or $399 per month if you pay monthly.
  • hundred products and hundred pipelines
  • Countless Landing Pages
  • Numerous promotional emails
  • A million contacts
  • 20% of Members Are Active
  • three sites and 25 Administrators
  • Kajabi College
  • Transaction Fee: 0%
  • Events & Webinars and Prepared Templates
  • Assessments (Quizzes & Surveys)
  • 1 Call for Customer Success and 24/7 Support for Chat
  • Automation
  • Possibility of Brand Removal from Kajabi
  • Partner Program and Text Editor


Kartra Vs Kajabi Course Creation


Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Pipelines
Kartra Course Creation

Kartra- You can make membership websites, membership portals, and access tiers with Kartra. It has a drag-and-drop membership builder that is incredibly simple to use and enables even complete beginners to quickly construct stunning courses and membership portals with their own branding. You don’t have to create your course pages and websites from scratch because there are predesigned course templates. The templates follow industry best practices for creating successful courses and are mobile-optimized.

Kajabi Course Creation
Kajabi Course Creation

Kajabi- Kajabi, in contrast to Kartra, concentrates solely on route development. The platform does, however, provide more potent tools for building online courses and membership websites because of this type of specialization. When a student completes a lesson or post, you can tag them, email them, sign them up for a future event, etc.


Kartra Vs Kajabi Marketing Features

Kartra sales funnel
Kartra Sales Funnel

Kartra- The marketing and funnel-building aspects of Kartra are its strong points. The platform is a terrific choice for anyone looking for an all-in-one platform that will handle all of their marketing requirements because it also contains excellent email marketing and automation features. On this platform, you can actually automate whole email marketing procedures. More integrated tools and third-party integrations, such as helpdesk, booking calendars, dynamic OTOs, behavioural advanced marketing, and numerous other advanced marketing capabilities, are available to make managing your online business simpler.

Kajabi Email Marketing Templates

Kajabi- Kajabi, in contrast to Kartra, concentrates primarily on developing online courses and membership websites. Although the platform has excellent email marketing and automation functions as well as advanced marketing features, many people prefer it for its reliable learning management system rather than its funnel-building abilities. The marketing capabilities of Kajabi are somewhat constrained when compared to Kartra. For instance, Kartra offers all these capabilities, yet you only receive restricted video playlist functionality, limited video call to action, and no opportunity to unlock videos.

Kartra Vs Kajabi Advanced Tools In-depth Comparison


Email Marketing
Landing Pages
Marketing Pipelines
Kartra advanced tools

Kartra- The simplicity of Kartra is why most people adore it. If web development isn’t your strong suit, you’ll value the platform’s visual page builder, which lets you drag and drop pieces onto a website to create the desired appearance and layout. However, the platform allows you complete access to the code so you may make the most of the platform if you want to delve deeper and unleash your design creativity. Kartra also gives you the option to propose a feature, so rather than attempting to make the software simpler to use, you can simply send your development ideas to the platform’s development team, who will complete it for you.

Kajabi Advanced Automations
Kajabi Advanced Automations

Kajabi- Kajabi, like Kartra, eliminates the necessity for hiring high-priced development teams by enabling you to design attractive pages using the drag-and-drop builder. However, you also have that choice if you require access to the platform’s source code. Kajabi includes a “Request a Function” feature, just like Kartra. Users have access to a customer feedback site through the platform’s partnership with Pendo, which enables them to gather information from both users and the development team.


Kartra Vs Kajabi Security


Kartra- Kartra complies with all data protection and security standards, and its compliance is audited annually. Your student data, website data, and transaction information are safe thanks to the software’s data protection system. The platform offers a tonne of tools to inform users on crucial security issues that they should avoid in order to help keep their school website safe, in addition to having data privacy, security, and compliance standards clearly described on the website.

Kajabi- You won’t need to worry about security updates or anything else because Kajabi takes care of everything. The platform will handle everything, including member data, payment information, and compliance. Through Wistia, your course’s video content is likewise safe. In comparison to hosting on websites like YouTube and Vimeo, this is a superior solution because all films are encrypted to avoid fraud. This platform takes the security of your business data and client information seriously, which is why it teamed up with Cloudflare, a corporation that specializes in website performance and security, to fully encrypt your data.


Kartra Vs Kajabi Learning & Engagement Features

Kartra Engagement Features

Kartra- Here is where Kartra is more restricted. You must use a third-party tool to create quizzes and surveys if you want to test your students.

Additionally, it lacks the features required to build a community space. Kartra and Kajabi actually just have the ability to drip feed and lock material as features.

Kajabi- Kajabi provides a range of tools for teaching and involving students. Most significantly, you may create online communities, set tests and quizzes, and drip feed or lock your content as needed.

Kajabi learning features

Therefore, it is possible to make sure that students finish their courses in chronological sequence and include evaluations to check their learning.


Kartra Vs Kajabi Sales Funnels

Kartra Sales Funnels & Campaigns
Kartra Sales Funnels

Kartra- Kartra falls behind in comparison in terms of sales funnel characteristics. Yes, it offers strong capabilities with its distinctive tools, but unlike Kajabi, it lacks a visual funnel editor.

As a result, you must independently construct pages and goods, set up your email funnel in a separate window, and manually connect all of these components.

Kajabi Sales Funnels
Kajabi Sales Funnels

Kajabi- An excellent sales pipeline builder is provided by Kajabi. You can quickly create high-converting sales funnels with the help of this user-friendly application.

Starting with one of six pipeline blueprints, Kajabi will produce all the pages, emails, and offers required for that campaign. Each of them is fully editable, and you can add new web pages and email funnels as you see fit.

In other words, you can create your entire sales funnel using a single builder and be as involved in the process as you wish.


Kartra Vs Kajabi Customer Service

Kartra Helpdesks
Kartra Helpdesk

Kartra- With the built-in helpdesk that comes with Karta, you can add a live chat and ticketing system to your website so that website visitors may get in touch with you.

A knowledge base can be quickly created on your website. This is priceless for enticing your audience to investigate self-help options and reducing some of the pressure on your customer care staff.

Kajabi Customer Service
Kajabi Customer Service

Kajabi- Kajabi doesn’t come with features like these. You would need to employ a third-party plugin in order to accomplish the types of capabilities that Kartra provides.

However, Kajabi makes it simple to build an online community that could also serve as a location where your fans can get support.

Kartra Vs Kajabi Pros & Cons

Let’s examine some of the advantages and disadvantages of Kartra Vs Kajabi before making our final decision.

Kartra Pros

Kartra Pros
  • Cost-effective all-in-one marketing platform
  • All plans have access to all Kartra tools
  • Offers beginner-friendly pricing plans
  • Helps build everything you could need to run your business, e.g. website, landing pages, sales funnels, helpdesk, etc.
  • Offers dozens of customizable templates for pages and campaigns
  • Offers in-built helpdesk and scheduling tools
  • Offers advanced email marketing and lead capture features
  • Offers in-depth analytics about various business aspects
  • Allows A/B split testing into landing pages and emails
  • Comprehensive customer support
  • Supports multiple payment gateways
  • You can use a custom domain, or Kartra will provide a free domain name

Kartra Cons

  • Has a steeper learning curve than Kajabi
  • Doesn’t offer any free trial or free plan
  • Slow customer service turnaround
  • Not recommended for course creators or membership site builders

Kajabi Pros

Kajabi Pros
  • Great course creation and marketing features
  • Offers a 14-day free trial
  • Powerful website, page, online course, blog, and membership site builder
  • Advanced email marketing and automation features
  • Dozen fully-designed, customizable templates and marketing funnels
  • Quizzes, surveys, and assessments improve student engagement
  • Excellent customer service with native video hosting
  • You can use custom domains, or Kajabi will provide a free domain name
  • Offers a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Kajabi comes with a blogging feature
  • There’s a visual sales pipeline editor, making it easy to create complex campaigns within one editor

Kajabi Cons

  • Limited payment gateways
  • Doesn’t offer A/B testing
  • Its website builder is more limited, with less flexible themes and design options.


Kartra Vs Kajabi: Which Tool Is Right For You?

Kajabi online course builder

Users of both Kartra and Kajabi can easily manage all elements of your complete business from a single dashboard thanks to their all-in-one platforms. They can design landing pages and sales pages, automate email marketing campaigns, develop membership sites and online courses, lead management campaigns, funnels, other initiatives, and much more. Users of both Kartra and Kajabi can easily manage all elements of your complete business from a single dashboard thanks to their all-in-one platforms. They can design landing pages and sales pages, automate email marketing campaigns, develop membership sites and online courses, lead management campaigns, funnels, other initiatives, and much more.

If you want a complete set of marketing tools with cutting-edge capabilities to start your internet business, pick Kartra. All the resources you require to sell both physical and digital goods are available with Kartra.

If you’re seeking a platform that allows you to create a community for your online course’s students, pick Kajabi. Kajabi can assist you in managing every aspect of your digital products business, from development to marketing and sales to customer service.

Therefore, it’s vital to be aware of your company’s needs before investing in a platform. I’m hoping that this detailed Kajabi vs. Kartra comparison will assist you in selecting the best system for your company.


Kartra Vs Kajabi- Final Verdict

Through this article, we can conclude that Kartra has an edge over Kajabi in most places and Kartra is the winner. Kartra outperforms Kajabi in many other ways and is available at a reasonable $99/month. For instance, you can replicate complete marketing campaigns to your account using the platform’s done-for-you campaigns, which will save you time and work. Other Kartra users can access your campaigns and sales funnels by using the platform’s useful “share” option. The platform’s video hosting is also marketing-focused, allowing you to include pre-and post-videos as well as CTAs to compel your students to perform a particular action.

On the other hand, Kajabi is more expensive than Kartra ($149/month), it provides a lot more complex capabilities on the lower tier subscriptions, which some people find more enticing. For instance, creating a community around your course will make you appear far more professional than simply having a Facebook group. Additionally, Kajabi has comment sections beneath each lecture that give you the ideal opportunity to interact with students, respond to inquiries, and receive input on your content.

Both the platforms are good in many ways at some point Kajabi wins and Kartra, on the other hand, has some amazing features to offer.


FAQs On Kartra Vs Kajabi

1. But what should be your choice when it comes to Kartra vs Kajabi?

Kartra is the winner. You may completely design the membership pages, postings, and even the site with Kartra’s dedicated membership site builder. Although Kajabi’s membership features are excellent, Kartra’s are more potent. With Kartra, you may increase sales by fusing automation and memberships.

2. How many students can you have on Kajabi?

With Kajabi, you can see how much progress each student (up to 1,000 students displayed) has made in one course.

3. What is the difference between Kartra and Kajabi?

Kartra is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform that helps you sell digital products and physical products. Kajabi is an online course and membership builder that helps you sell and market the products you’ve created. And that’s it.

4. How can I earn money from Kajabi?

Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform for knowledge entrepreneurs. Kajabi makes it easy to build, market, and sell your online courses, membership sites, coaching program, and more. Best of all, you won’t need to learn code or have to worry about plugins or broken integrations.

5. Does Kartra support blogging?

No. There isn’t a built-in blogging option in Kartra. This comes with Kajabi only.

6. Can I create funnels in Kajabi?

Yes. Kajabi has its own funnels, which it refers to as “pipelines.” To get started, there are a number of pipeline plans available.

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