Thinkific Vs Teachable (2022): Which Is The Best eLearning Platform?

If you’re looking into learning management systems, you’ve probably compared Thinkific and Teachable. Which is superior? Read the entire contract. This Thinkific Vs Teachable comparison will show you how each of the two most well-liked course management systems stacks up and which one is better for you.




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  • Basic $39 USD/mo

  • Pro$79 USD/mo.

  • Premier $399 USD/mo

  • Basic $39/mo

  • Pro $119/mo

  • Business $299/mo

Online education has gained enormous popularity among learners of all ages and professions. Additionally, Thinkific and Teachable are two of the most well-liked course creation platforms to employ if you want to earn money online by offering online courses. Online course platform for learning is a desirable alternative for students due to their accessibility, immediate availability of top-notch educational content, and flexibility in terms of learning speed. Read our guide on How To Teach Online Classes And Earn Money.

Students and professionals from all over the world may connect with top instructors online and learn just about anything. Before making a final choice, you must evaluate each platform’s characteristics to determine what you require. So, let’s get started with Thinkific Vs Teachable Comparison.

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Thinkific Vs Teachable | Detailed Comparison Of Both The Course Platforms

Thinkific general navigation

This comparison of Thinkific and Teachable is based on features, cost, potential revenue, marketing tools paid plans, and free plans with more to make your job easier. Let’s get started. Check the latest Thinkific Coupon Codes & Promo Codes.

Sometimes people compare us to Thinkific. Compared to many newer course builder platforms, Teachable and Thinkific have been in the online course player for a very long period, so we can understand. Additionally, we create tools and goods, especially for online classes. However, while choosing which course creator to use, there are a few significant differences. Check our guide on Latest Teachable Coupons & Discount Codes.

One of the most well-known platforms for course creation is Teachable. Teachable is used by many prosperous business owners, but it is made to be simple to use for anybody wishing to monetize their knowledge, with amazing teachable offers and marketing features as well. One of Teachable’s standout features is its integrated eCommerce functionality, which enables you to easily sell and monetize a course. What’s more, you don’t have to spend countless hours learning how to utilize new software or how to write. You can concentrate on the course material and your knowledge. Also, read our guide on Quizizz vs Quizlet Comparison 2022.

Teachable dashboard
Teachable Dashboard

On the other hand, Thinkific is a flexible online course platform with many capabilities, some of which you might not need or want. Thinkific is used by educational institutions, well-known business people, and corporations with training programs, therefore some features are built-in (and occasionally more expensive) to satisfy those demands. Thinkific offers additional technical or coding knowledge that may be needed or there may be a learning curve for more customized features with affordable pricing plans.

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What Can You Do With Teachable Course Creator?

Teachable Course Creator
Teachable Course Creator

Users of Teachable have access to all the marketing features a creative entrepreneur needs to start, develop, and run their course business for a sales page with specific course creation features. Teachable provides a simple setup process and gives you complete control over their client and content data. Read our guide on Best Teachable Alternatives.

There is no requirement for HTML or CSS because they have fantastic web design alternatives. Every square inch of the website and course can be customized. You may maximize interaction and increase income with the aid of their marketing and analytics solutions, With 23 million students and 83,000 instructors, Teachable was created in 2014, Currently, it is the second-largest e-Learning platform worldwide. Check our guide on Types Of Learning Management Systems.

Thinkific is an intuitive course builder platform for building online courses that allow organizations complete control over their course concept. The first and only app store for course design, logical drag-and-drop tools, and first-rate customer service are some of the key features. Read our guide on Best Online Tutoring Sites In India.

You can create multimedia course content, embed videos, live-stream, gamify your course, create certificates, and much more using the Thinkific platform, all while adjusting how the student experience appears and feels.

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Why Should You Use Teachable?

why choose teachable
  • Teachable is a user-friendly course creator and it is very simple to use
  • Teachable offers Image and branding
  • Teachable provides Easy and efficient uploading
  • Teachable also provides good file handling
  • Teachable also offers Monitoring and analytic tools
  • Communication with students is provided under the teachable course
  • Teachable Support with its users is also very nice
  • Marketing tools and sales tools

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What Can You Do With Thinkific Course Builder?

Thinkific Course Builder

Thinkific is a successful online course business and it is one of the popular online course platforms. A group of businessmen created the well-known online learning platform Thinkific in 2012. Its main objective is to give instructors and students a rich and convenient teaching and learning environment.

Features in Thinkific even with the free plan, the variety of features you get is astounding (more on Thinkific pricing below), and it only continues to get more impressive with the more expensive options. The remainder of this page goes into great detail about the majority of these features. For now, all I’ll say is that Thinkific did a fantastic job of comprehending the requirements of course vendors, delivering features that fulfill those requirements, and making the system very user-friendly considering all it offers.

Why Should You Use Teachable?

  • Thinkific offers role-Based Templates for Course Builder Exams
  • Thinkific also offers quizzes Learner-Centered Training Paths
  • Thinkific gives Constant Availability Notifications of Communication
  • Thinkific course provides with scheduling Assignment Assessments
  • Practice Tracking Content Delivery Creation
  • Content Customer Education Director Portals
  • Thinkific’s Certification is also valuable
  • Content Storage and Management

Teachable Vs Thinkific Course Builder Pricing

Another well-liked cloud LMS software with a very comparable pricing structure is Teachable. The Basic plan at Teachable costs $39 per month, the Pro plan costs $119 per month, and the Business plan costs $299 per month. The Teachable Basic and Pro plan and the Thinkific Basic and Pro plan are extremely similar. The greatest difference between the two is that Thinkific offers more options, so if you find that you need them, you might want to choose them.

Teachable and Thinkific appear to offer comparable price options on the surface, but a closer examination reveals pricing differences between Teachable and Thinkific, both platforms offer amazing plans but which is better Thinkific Vs Teachable let’s have a look.

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Teachable Pricing

Teachable pricing plans
Teachable Pricing Plans

Teachable allows and provides three pricing plans for students as well to its entrepreneurs:

  • Free plans with basic features
  • Basic: $39 per month or $29 per month when billed yearly
  • Professional: $99 per month when invoiced annually, or $119 per month otherwise.
  • Business: businesses can pay $299 per month or $249 per month.

πŸ”₯ Teachable Free Plans

  • Unending videos with unending programmes
  • Unlimited students with teachable support
  • Endless hosting
  • complete payment gateway
  • Forum discussion
  • basic test and quizzes
  • No charges for free unlimited courses

πŸ”₯ Teachable Basic Plans

  • 5% transaction fee is charged for each transaction
  • Multichannel email advertising
  • option to join a community that is exclusive to the members
  • Special customize domains are available
  • Drip course material
  • Free product with expenses

For whom is this plan?

The basic pricing plan is for a company with a limited budget, you customize your domain according to your needs and the requirement of your company.

πŸ”₯ Teachable Professional Plan

  • No transaction fee is required
  • Up to 5 admin level users
  • Graded tests
  • Programs for integrated affiliates
  • Certificates of completion of courses
  • Services for course compliance
  • In-depth reports
  • Use of an unbranded website

For whom is this plan?

Under this plan, you can sell your course to gain profits with the help of marketing tools and teachable offers.

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πŸ”₯ Teachable Business Plan

  • Developer individualization
  • Individual user roles
  • Mass imports of students
  • Calls for group coaching
  • 20 maximum admin users

For whom is this plan?

The teachable business plan is ideal for bigger companies.

Thinkific Pricing

Thinkific Pricing Plans
Thinkific Pricing Plans

Three paid price tiers offered by Thinkific include an unlimited number of students and courses:

  • Free course- No cost
  • Basic: $49.00 or $39.00 per month (billed annually)
  • Professionals pay $79 or $99 monthly (billed annually)
  • For businesses, the monthly cost is $499 or $399. (billed annually)

A 100% free plan is available from Thinkific so you may start making and selling your courses. Additionally, none of the plans have transaction fees.

πŸ”₯ Thinkific Free Plans

  • This strategy makes starting your own online business much simpler.
  • There are always courses accessible.
  • Your money will be available to you right away.
  • Your submission may contain PDF, audio, and video files.
  • You can administer tests to your students.
  • Easily navigable website designs
  • Quick access to your money

For whom is this plan?

The free plan is ideal for testing out Thinkific. Although you won’t have access to the upgraded features, the free plan still allows you to simply design a complete course that you may sell. Once more, you are permitted an unlimited number of students in the courses offered under your Free plan. Therefore, it’s a fantastic method for you to begin using Thinkific and begin expanding your online course business.

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πŸ”₯ Thinkific Basic Plans

  • You can host your whole eLearning platform on your own branded domain rather than a Thinkific subdomain thanks to the Basic plan’s ability to use a custom domain.
  • Additionally, you have access to their affiliate program and promotions.
  • Additionally, you’ll be able to drip the course material over time and email students individually (moreover this does not take the place of an email marketing service).
  • A few well-known email marketing solutions, like ConvertKit, Aweber, Constant Contact, and Mailchimp, are also included in the basic plan’s email integrations.
  • Through Zapier integrations, which are also included with this package, you can easily integrate with a wide range of additional tools.

For whom is this plan?

If you already know that Thinkific will serve as your online course platform and are prepared to launch your digital training company, the Basic Plan is ideal for you.

There are enough features here to start creating your course, even if you won’t have access to all of Thinkific’s features. You’ll be able to use a branded name and provide some nice features like coupons. Additionally, you’ll have access to connectors with a few other tools, such as an email marketing program.

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πŸ”₯ Thinkific Pro Plans

  • Additionally, you can purchase 5-course administrators and 2 site administrators.
  • You will be able to set certificates and private and concealed courses for certain clients.
  • Along with memberships, payment plans, bundle deals, and advanced pricing options like subscriptions, the Pro Plan also provides these features.
  • You may personalize your website with the Thinkific Pro Plan, giving your students the finest possible user experience.
  • Additionally, you can make communities and assignments.
  • Finally, Thinkific’s priority support will be available to you, ensuring that you receive assistance more quickly when you do.

For whom is this plan?

Once you begin generating enough money from your courses, you’ll want to upgrade to this plan. The ability to provide these crucial features, which improve the user experience for your students, justifies the slight monthly charge increase (it costs $50 more per month than the Basic Plan). The Growth Package, which unlocks even more integrations and capabilities, can also be added to the Pro Plan.

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πŸ”₯ Thinkific Premium Plans

  • You will have unrestricted access to the Growth Package with the Premier Plan, which means you will no longer be charged based on the number of active users.
  • With the Premier tier, you can have an unlimited number of students for $499 per month.
  • You will also receive 15 group analysts, 50-course administrators, and 5 site admin credentials.
  • This implies that you can expand your digital training business with the assistance of partners, a team of full- or part-time employees, and more.
  • Additionally, the Premier Plan offers single sign-on (SSO) so you can connect the course platform to other applications you might already be using.
  • To make sure you’re prepared to launch, you’ll also have access to an onboarding call, training, and checklist review.

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For Whom Is This Plan?

Given the hefty cost, you must have a sound growth strategy in place or sufficient income to cover the Premier Plan.

If so, it’s still worthwhile to think about whether your company needs this plan or not. Once you have 4,000 students, it makes sense to upgrade to Premier, according to the Growth Add-on Calculator. You’ll then reach the highest price. The extra features are yours if you upgrade to Premier. When you have 4,000 students or require 50-course administrators and authors, I would hold off on purchasing the Premier Plan.

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Is Thinkific Better Than Teachable?

The two most often used systems for online courses are Thinkific and Teachable. The main distinction between the two platforms is that Teachable has superior sales & marketing tools while Thinkific has better tools for building websites and creating online courses. Additionally, they have very different price structures. It has been fascinating to see the rivalry between Teachable and Thinkific. Both have consistently improved their systems and added new features.

Let’s have at the basic differences between Thinkific Vs Teachable that will help you to decide which course builder is better for you:

1. Online Course Builder

teachable online course builder
Teachable Online Course Builder

Teachable has a drag-and-drop course builder so you can start creating your course materials quickly. Three main design templates have been tried and tested by inventive businesspeople for the overall aesthetic, instructive, and educational experience as compared to Thinkific.

Additionally, Thinkific offers a library of design templates, a drag-and-drop course construction feature, and other features. There are many templates, and adjustments can be added, but certain customizations might need to be coded.

2. Online Coaching

Thinkific online-coaching
Thinkific Online Coaching

One of the top online coaching platforms is Teachable. Teachable lets you create a real coaching product, unlike Thinkific, so you can plan and charge for private coaching sessions with members of your community. The ability to employ dynamic curriculum blocks when instructing through Teachable works with a huge benefit. When someone asks for coaching, they can let you know what kind of coaching they need. Depending on whether or not they are a suitable fit for your coaching service, you can either approve their request or use the intake form to get ready for your coaching session.

Compared to teachable Thinkific doesn’t have a product for one-on-one coaching. You must set up your Thinkific coaching session as a lecture with live session information that resembles a Calendly link to use as a coach.

3. Membership

Thinkific Membership Sites

Although Teachable doesn’t allow a separate membership site option, you can still establish memberships using bundles. Both coaching and content can be combined and made available to students as a package deal. Bundles enable you to offer more things at a higher price than a single, less expensive transaction.

In Thinkific when it comes to membership it is organized similarly. You need to bundle your content if you want to establish memberships. However, coaching is not a standard feature. Only the Pro and above Thinkific packages come with bundles and memberships.

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How Do You Get Paid On Thinkific Vs Teachable?

Thinkific payment gateways
Thinkific Payment Gateways

You can choose instant payout for any Teachable plan to start receiving payments right away. Payments can be sent daily to companies in the United States, Canada, India, and more than 20 other nations if you use Teachable Payments.

Teachable Payments and Monthly Payment Gateway are the two payment gateway options available when setting up a Teachable school. Users can create bespoke payment gateways and receive Stripe Business and PayPal Business accounts with the Pro plan and higher. Depending on the nation in which you are located, these choices could be different. Another benefit is that Teachable has one Stripe integration that enables you to configure your payout schedules to daily, weekly, or monthly and get rewards more quickly.

Teachable payment gateways
Teachable Payment Gateways

One of the main differences between the two though there are some limitations, Thinkific features its own Thinkific Payments gateway and comparable connections with Stripe and PayPal. Generally speaking, Thinkific Payments is only accessible in the United States and Canada if you wish to use it.

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Thinkific vs Teachable – Final Verdict

Thinkific course template

Like choosing a business partner, choosing a course platform is similar. It’s crucial to get the proper fit.

Teachable is used by course designers for a variety of reasons. They selected Teachable due to their years of expertise in assisting creators in starting profitable course businesses. But Thinkific has a clear edge over teachable;

  • Resources and assistance for business owners
  • Educatable payment skills
  • Plans with upfront costs and limitless features

To help you construct your courses, Thinkific offers pre-made course templates. Mini-courses, flagship courses, pre-sell courses, etc. are just a few examples of templates. There are no course templates available on Teachable.

There is a forever-free plan offered by Thinkific with a sizable amount of features and no transaction fee. The free plan on Thinkific allows you to build up to three products, whereas Teachable free plans only allow you to create one course with a maximum of ten video lessons. Unlike teachable Thinkific does not impose any fees on any of its plans, in contrast to Teachable, which levies a $1 + 10% cost on the free plan and a 5% transaction fee on its most basic plan. When compared to a Teachable site, it offers real white-label functionality, allowing you to customize your Thinkific site more.

You can make an informed choice thanks to this in-depth comparison of Teachable and Thinkific. Both of the platforms for online courses provide a reliable online platform solution. The choice you make in the end, though, is subjective and is based on your need, According to me, Thinkific is a better online has a greater selection of features that can help you swiftly start an online learning business and spur growth. Businesses seeking a straightforward platform with precise functionality, great reliability, and security should make it their first pick.

This is one of the more accurate comparisons we’ve made on the site because, when you set Teachable vs. Thinkific against one another, you start to see that they offer many of the same capabilities. They are both pre-built website platforms designed specifically for online courses. Numerous marketing tools are compatible with integration, and payment processing is taken care of for you. Not to add, you don’t need to find your hosting, and domain names are supported.

  • Teachable makes the most sense if you’re strictly worried about the price.
  • Teachable and Thinkific have similar features, but we like Thinkific for its integrations and Teachable for its sales landing pages.
  • The template designs are amazing on Thinkific. Teachable only really has one starting design that you customize.

Therefore we conclude that Thinkific has a slight edge over teachable, Thinkific users have a better online course platform than teachable for better reach and exposure.

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FAQs On Thinkific vs Teachable

1. When you compare Thinkific vs. Teachable, which one is the best online teaching platform?

Yes, Teachable has aΒ free plan. Thinkific also has a free option, but there are some limits to what you can do without a paid plan. The biggest difference between the two is that Teachable’s free plan gives you unlimited courses, students, and products.Β 

2. Can you create a course on Teachable for free?

You will be put on the Free plan if you are a new customer and create a new account and school. You can use the amazing features available on the Free plan for as long as you’d like.

3. Do these course platforms come with transaction fees?

Yes, they offer a very less amount of transaction fees.

4. How does Teachable support course creators?

A person who creates virtual learning resources is known as an online course creator. Your students will use their own devices to finish your courses, complete exercises, and test their understanding in quizzes and assessments.

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