AdvertSuite Review, Features, Pricing + OTO, Alternatives.


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What if software shows all the FB ads in the world, the engaged audience of the most SUCCESSFUL ads & the exact landing page so you can replicate and bank on the winners instantly?

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, Advertsuite helps you bank big, FAST by having others spend money doing the testing so you don’t have to.

Read This AdvertSuite Review to know how it helps you to make a BIG profit.

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Product is rated as #14 in category Marketing
You will get: Easy To Use Software. Clear Interface and Clean Dashboard. Various Filters. Affordable Advertsuite Lifetime Deal. Various Upsells and OTOs with pricing. Large Database of Facebook Ads. Addition of over 1000s of Facebook Ads every day. Unlimited Searches. 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Highly recommended tool for affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and print-on-demand business. Find the best-performing ads.

AdvertSuite Review

9.8Expert Score
Using Advertsuite reduces your campaign research time dramatically. Find successful competing ads quickly so you spend less time generating ads for yourself or your clients. Helping you make more, I can start making money in less than 1 hour, instead of wasting time planning it all out.
Ease Of Use
Customer Support
Value For Money
  • Easy To Use Software.
  • Clear Interface and Clean Dashboard.
  • Various Filters.
  • Affordable Advertsuite Lifetime Deal.
  • Various Upsells and OTOs with pricing.
  • Large Database of Facebook Ads.
  • Addition of over 1000s of Facebook Ads every day.
  • Unlimited Searches.
  • 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
  • Highly recommended tool for affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and print-on-demand business.
  • Find the best-performing ads.

You can’t talk about social media without mentioning Facebook. The king of all social platforms, it also happens to be the platform with which you should first and foremost heavily invest in ads! The best way to use social media like Facebook is by advertising on it. It’s the only way you can reach your audience at an affordable price, with valuable content they might enjoy in order for them to see what else there is about your business or company that interests them!

A data by Backlinko shows that 60.42% of the world’s active internet users access Facebook monthly. Thus it has become a popular platform for advertising.

AdvertSuite FaceBook Ads Spying Tools

Facebook ads spying tools uncover certain aspects of your competitor’s Facebook ads that you would not normally see without those tools. Some of the things that a spying tool will show you are your competition’s:

  • Current live and past ads that performed well
  • Ad copy
  • Targeting options used (location, age group, etc.)
  • Funnels and landing pages used for the ads
  • When and how often their ads were viewed.

Introducing AdverSuite- Ads Spying tools!! In this AdvertSuite article, I will review various aspects of this tool like AdvertSuite Features, AdvertSuite Pricing and AdvertSuite Alternatives. So without any ado, let’s get started.

🏆 AdvertSuite Review: What Is Advertsuite?

AdvertSuite tools

AdvertSuite is the Facebook Ads spying software that can be used to spy on competitors’ ads, landing pages, and other key info. Advertsuite’s software lets you monitor your competitor’s advertising campaigns in real-time – 24 hours a day (on weekends too!), 7 days a week. This spy tool also focuses on push notification advertising and is best suited for media advertisers.

Plus, use its flexible multi-channel marketing technology to identify new ad opportunities across all channels. Make the most of every penny spent on targeted messages aimed at very specific customer groups by working smarter not harder with AdvertSuite’s powerful suite of products and services! Read Our Guide On Best TikTok Ad Spying Tools 2022.

This software does not only provide information about data related to your competitors but also provides insights on future trends in marketing. Advertsuite is the tool you would want to use if you’re looking for a competitive advantage. Find out your competitor’s ads, their targeted locations, and more. Advertsuite aims to provide all the information needed to gain a competitive edge! Read Our Guide On Best Shopify Spy Tools To Beat The Competition.

AdvertSuite allows you to:

  • See all currently live and past FB ads that are winners in any niche.
  • See some of their targeting countries, group age, marital status, etc.
  • See exactly where the ad traffic of winners is being sent off.
  • Replicate the winners for your business.

In fact, AdvertSuite is the world’s largest database of FB ads with 40M Ads Listed, Over 20 countries and 10k New Ads Added Daily.


How Does AdvertSuite Works?

AdvertSuite works in 3 easy steps:

  • TARGET AUDIENCES – Enter Your Target audience Filters (Age, Audience, Keywords, competitors).
  • VIEW RESULTS – View Active & Past Campaigns, Landing pages & Results from Any Advertiser online.
  • COPY & IMPLEMENT – Copy & Implement The ads that work so you don’t waste money on ads that don’t!

🏆 Advertsuite Features

AdvertSuite is a cutting-edge Facebook Ad campaign manager that helps you to cut through the noise and finally reach your ideal audience at scale. AdvertSuite allows users to quickly build, launch and monitor Ad campaigns on autopilot. AdvertSuite’s new features allow Advertisers to save time and money while increasing conversion rates for new sales opportunities. This competitive intelligence tool is also regarded as one of the best spy tools for affiliate marketing.

With Advertsuite You can:

✔️ Remove The Guesswork Of FB Ads

advertSuite -Remove The Guesswork Of FB Ads

Advertsuite makes it easy for you to find winning ads by researching keywords, competitor ads, their ad copy, and even domains they are on at once all in one click! Then simply add the best performing ads into AdvertSuite for automation. This means less time fiddling with Ad creation and more time finding the right Advertisements for you. AdvertSuite detects ads that are doing well and adds them to a list for automation.

✔️ Generate Buyer Traffic Today With Ads

Generate Buyer Traffic Today With Ads- AdvertSuite

Advertsuite’s Ad builder makes your life easier by creating profitable Facebook Ad campaigns without you having to have any coding experience or writing a single line of code! It does all the hard work for you so you can simply set up, monitor, and scale AdvertSuite Ad campaigns at will. Simply pick from ready-made templates designed for specific purposes, add in your copy and launch your campaign in under 5 minutes flat! You could have a targeted Ad campaign running tonight if it took that long! Advert Suite Ad campaigns are set up in minutes by dragging and dropping your Adverts into AdvertSuite. AdvertSuite Ad builder helps you to create highly targeted advertisements that will get the most conversions possible thus creating more sales for your business and revenue for you.

✔️ Competitor Breakdown

Competitor Breakdown - AdvertSuite

The AdvertSuite Competitors module allows you to easily monitor your competitor’s performance and Ad success rates in one place! You can quickly track their ad strategies and learn from what they do right. Find out which ads they’re running that work best so you can add them directly to your campaign.

✔️ Worlds Largest FB Ads Database

Worlds Largest FB Ads Database

AdvertSuite’s custom-built software has been developed over the past 7 years to manage Ad campaigns for major brands with hundreds of thousands of Adverts on the Facebook Ad platform. This has resulted in AdvertSuite having the world’s largest custom-built database on FB Advertisements and their engagement metrics.

✔️ Demographic And Engagement Filters

Demographic And Engagement Filters

AdvertSuite allows you to filter by demographics or feeds, what placement they are using (example: Right Column only vs Right column + Newsfeed), and how much engagement there is (low, medium, high). This saves you valuable time sifting through Advertisements that won’t make your cut.

✔️ Geolocation filters

Geolocation filters

With AdvertSuite’s Geolocation feature, you can target your Adverts to specific countries based on IP address targeting which sections of the world Adverts are getting the most Ad engagement.

✔️ Video And Image Ad Integration

Video And Image Ad Integration

AdvertSuite Advertisements work seamlessly with all types of images and videos so you can upload a video to your AdvertSuite Ad campaign and have it automatically play in users’ newsfeeds as soon as they click on the Ad! This feature ensures your highest performing Ads show up first for any user who has engaged with you or your competitor’s Advertisements before.

✔️ Call To Action Based Sorting

Call To Action Based Sorting

AdvertSuite allows advertisers to sort their Ad campaigns based on how well they performed by adding a call to action button within Ad Text, then Advertisers choose from options including Save, Like, Shop Now, Sign Up, Learn More and Play Game. AdvertSuite Advertisements are constantly being monitored to ensure the top Advertisements make it to the top of your AdvertSuite dashboard for you to choose from. Advertisers can also save Adverts that have done well in a folder of their choice allowing them to keep track of Advertisements they want to run or even use again.

✔️ Ad position filtering

Ad position filtering

With AdvertSuite you can define which positions on the newsfeed you want your Advertisements shown in so there is no guesswork involved. You can easily add an entire row’s worth of Ads with just one click! This ensures only the highest performing ads within each row get chosen allowing advertisers to quickly decide on how to spend the Ad budget. AdvertSuite Advertisements are also constantly being monitored to ensure Advertisements show up in the top positions that have performed best, which Advertisers choose from.

✔️ Funnel Breakdown

Funnel Breakdown

Deciding on the right Advertisements for your audience can be tricky at times but with AdvertSuite’s Ad campaign funnels, advertisers can easily see which Advertisements drive users down their funnel exactly where they want them to go! This allows you to quickly test out different ad campaigns and find out what works best for your business thus creating more revenue for you and increasing performance by your Advertisement campaigns!

✔️ Find Winning Ads By Searching Keywords, Competitors, And Even Domains

Find Winning Ads By Searching Keywords, Competitors & Even Domains

With AdvertSuite Advertisements, Advertisers can quickly filter Adverts by keywords or even AdvertSuite Ad campaign name! Advertisers can also search for Adverts from their competitors which increases the money you make by up to 10x. So if a competitor has a great Ad campaign running and you see it’s doing well on Facebook, simply search for that Ad within AdvertSuite and add it to your own Ad campaign instantly.

✔️ Bank Instantly With Targeting Module

Bank Instantly With Targeting Module

AdvertSuite allows advertisers to target users who have not previously engaged with them or any of their competitors before allowing them to bank on previous Advertising results every time they want! This means more clicks, higher CTRs (click-through rates), and Advertisers end up getting more Ad engagements in less time thus increasing their Ad performance.

🏆 Who Can Use AdvertSuite?

AdvertSuite is best suited for:

🔥 Local Marketing Business– AdvertSuite has an in-built feature for mapping out the geographic location of people on Facebook, Advertsuite offers advertisers the to choose their targeted audience by geographical locations. This is particularly beneficial if you want to direct adverts towards potential customers in your local area or surrounding towns and cities. AdvertSuite lets you track real-time performance reports of your Ad on different platforms which are essential for businesses operating locally, AdvertSuite offers detailed reporting about the number of clicks, conversions, etc.

🔥 Online Marketing And Lead Generation– AdvertSuite is brilliant software that allows you to build multiple marketing pages all in one place. You can create your landing page, sales page, offer, opt-in form, etc all within AdvertSuite’s intuitive user interface. This makes creating offers and promotions so much easier and you can also save hours of work by using AdvertSuite’s marketing templates. AdvertSuite is perfectly suited for online marketing and lead generation as AdvertiseMint understands how important it is to create a sense of urgency on the internet, AdvertSuite allows marketers to build hype around their products or services and bring in more conversions.

🔥 E-Commerce– AdvertSuite simply makes e-commerce so much better than other services. You can create unlimited sites for your own business or client sites with AdvertSuite which will be optimized for high search engine ranking, so there are no extra charges to worry about after creating your site. Each website created within AdvertSuite has all the features you would expect from an e-commerce site including, a shopping cart, and secure checkout, and also AdvertiseMint provides AdvertSuite website hosting so there are no additional upfront costs. AdvertSuite is ideal for people wanting to run multiple stores without having to know how to build a database or web server themselves or pay a monthly fee. Read Our Guide On Best Ecommerce Platform For Small Business.

🔥 List Building– AdvertSuite allows you to create a list-building campaign in under 3 minutes! Although AdvertSuite does not offer autoresponders as part of Advertsuite’s functionality it does have an email marketing feature that can be used as a great value adder. You can even set emails to send to customers when they sign up and then AdvertiseMint also offers AdvertSuite website hosting so you can see how many people have signed up and which pages they visited.

🔥 Advertising Agency– AdvertSuite allows marketing agencies to offer a simple solution to their clients. Advertisers can create, manage and analyze their adverts from AdvertSuite’s dashboard which has built-in reporting features as well as the ability to export data to CSV or Microsoft Excel for those more comprehensive client reports. AdvertSuite is the perfect product for small advertising agencies who want an all-in-one system instead of having multiple applications.

🏆 AdvertSuite Pricing

🔥 Front-End: AdvertSuite is the Main Product $67 – (Check Offer)

Below is the OTO link is given for your reference only. You must first purchase Front-End and then only you can upgrade for additional functionality, see the details below.

Features you will get:

  • Full unrestricted access to the features above
  • Unlimited searches, bookmarks, and usage
  • Competitor Breakdown
  • Demographic & Engagement Filters
  • Geolocation filters
  • Video & Image Ad Integration
  • Full Agency rights included (Bonus)
  • Onetime Investment

🔥 OTO 1: AdverSuite-Syndication $67 (Check Offer)

5X Your Results With ADVERTSUITE by unlocking the INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE & Google Ad Modules – The Only Tool In The World That Does This & This Is Your ONLY Chance To Get Access To These Additional Networks.

Features  you will get with these Upsells:

✔️ Instagram Module Unlocked – Search every Instagram ad (the most important social network for those under 25’s) and monetize Instagram and Insta STORY ads in seconds.

✔️ Google Ads Library Unlocked – 3X Your Results – explore the most profitable google ads by any keyword or website in seconds for you to replicate and profit. Read Our Guide On Best Google PPC Ad Spying Tools.

✔️ 5X Your Roi With YOUTUBE Module Unlocked – Unlock & Monetize With The world’s biggest youtube ad library – get the cheapest video views possible by replicating the most profitable youtube ads in seconds.

Read Our Guide On Best YouTube Ad Spying Tools

🔥 OTO 2: AdvertSuite – Success Training $57 (Check Offer)

This is an upgrade for getting access to the training videos on Adevrtsuite. If you are a Social media agency and want your employees to learn about Spying on competitors, a VIP training upgrade would be sufficient enough. This is also a great offer for Affiliates, marketers, and businesses.

In this OTO upgrade of $57, you get in-depth 15+ training videos on Advertsuite with Luke featuring in it. This plan also offers 5 VIP webinars on Facebook Advertising and posting ads on Facebook for money.

🔥 OTO 3: AdvertSuite- Reseller, And Customization $197 (Check Offer)

If you Want to brand Advertsuite with YOUR own logo, a branded login page & get 20 license keys that you can sell, rent, or give to clients, helping your bank BIGGER than before. Then this OTO will help you.

Money-Back Guarantee

money back guarantee

If in the first 14 days you don’t like the software for whatever reason or decide you want the money back, then AdvertSuit will give you ALL your money back with my 100% money-back guarantee.

AdvertSuite also claims that if you use this software for 60 days, work with their support team & the developer personally & still don’t get any results, AdverSuite will DOUBLE your money back.

🏆 AdvertSuite Alternatives

🌟 Advertsuite vs Poweradspy:

Advertsuite is a digital marketing platform that helps businesses create, manage and optimize adverts on social media channels. It allows users to measure campaign performance by providing detailed reports at no additional cost. The service covers more than 30 different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. So it can be said that AdvertSuite provides a one-stop solution for all your digital advertising needs.

PoweradSpy is another best-in-class app dedicated to serving the needs of online advertisers with advanced features for creating ads that help you reach out to your target audience quickly and effectively.

Poweradspy is designed for marketers who are looking to generate more traffic and increase conversions. It comes with features like; bulk editor, visitors comparison, ad rotation, etc. AdvertSuite on the other hand is meant for businesses that need a one-stop solution to all their digital marketing needs like social media advertising, website analytics, email campaign management, etc.

If you are looking for affordable monthly subscriptions then go for Advertsuite because Poweradspy only offers annual subscriptions.

🌟 Advertsuite vs Adplexity

Adplexity is a business-to-business digital advertising platform that offers solutions for ad creation and optimization as well as analytics to increase ROI and monitor ads across multiple devices. This involves building custom apps to meet client needs and implementing direct tracking methods. It also provides clients with consulting for agency setup and operations management.

The main difference between Advertsuite and Adplexity is their target audience. While both serve businesses, Advertsuite caters to mid-sized corporations while Adplexity targets agencies with B2B engagements.

🏆 Conclusion On AdvertSuite Review

AdvertSuite is the first and largest software of its kind to ensure you run FB ads that make you money right out the gate– it’s that simple. In short, AdvertSuite is the perfect solution for you if you have the following question in your brain:

  • How Do I Even Create a FB AD?
  • Where do I send the traffic to? Opt-in page? Sales Page? Webinar?
  • How do I monetize a FB ad?
  • How do I know what audience, interests, and countries to target?
  • What type of ad do I do? Video, image, sidebar?
  • How do I create an ad that is a WINNER vs wasting money on ads that don’t work?

With AdvertSuite, you can see the winning ads in any niche, audience targeting about this ad, the growth of the ad, and also the final page the ad is being sent to all in 1 dashboard. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the deal right now!!

I hope you liked reading this article on AdvertSuite Review. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comment section below. I will be happy to respond. And don’t forget to join our Facebook group- Saas Talks where we discuss upcoming Saas Software reviews and other saas related products.

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  1. Joseph Dickinson

    Loved the filters and clear interface.So easy to use. Even newbie blogger like me can handle it so well

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  2. David Longwood

    So this is an extremely helpful tool to cut down your extra work required to get your ads to the right place. Unlike other alternatives in the market this one is really easy to use. Though it is a bit simplified but it gets the work done perfectly. Satisfied with the product.

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  3. Lisa Williams

    Simple yet powerful! This can be said regarding this product. It saves a lot of time that I might had to put for research. The filters are extremely good so are the funneling system. It can be used for google or Instagram ads also but you have to pay a bit more for that time, though it’ll be worth the result you’ll get.

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    AdvertSuite Review, Features, Pricing + OTO, Alternatives.
    AdvertSuite Review, Features, Pricing + OTO, Alternatives.
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