BuddyBoss Review, Features, Pricing, Alternatives, And More

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If you had ever dreamed about creating your community on your website then BuddyBoss is indeed a kingpin for all of it. BuddyBoss is the most recommended platform for selling memberships, courses, and creating online communities. You can reduce your onboarding and training expenses for your employees with the help of BuddyBoss. Moreover, it allows you to create and sell courses for your members. Now first build your website with WordPress and use BuddyBoss to make your website on the top of the market.

It is used by more than 50,000 organizations including small and large businesses. Most of the small businesses find this helpful for starting it. It is beyond SaaS platforms that are limited to itself. BuddyBoss is completely flexible which allows you to use existing free platforms as well as premium plugins. When your business grows you can also upgrade the plan. In this section, we have done a full BuddyBoss Review.

9.9Expert Score
Best Platform To Create Social Media And Course
I have been using BuddyBoss for 5 months and I am not a coder to build an interactive website. It was my desire to have my own social platform on my website which came true when I used BuddyBoss first time. It has so many plugins and features which makes it useful for nonprogrammers. My users on the website can connect with other users which makes this software so great. In the previous months, I have created so many courses for users along with assignments. It is easy to create courses and sell using BuddyBoss. I am Suggesting this platform to the website holder mainly built in WordPress.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
Mobile Access
  • It Is Based On Cloud Platform
  • Mobile Application Available For This Platform
  • It Allows To Create Online Community
  • We Can Send Private Message Using It
  • It Allows Media, Emojis, GIFs In Content
  • BuddyBoss Pro Comes With Zoom Meeting
  • We Can Create One-time Payment Content And Subscription Method
  • BuddyBoss Comes With WooCommerce
  • This Platform Helps to Create Interactive Courses With Quizzes
  • Beginners May Find Laborious To Use It First Time

πŸ† BuddyBoss Review: What Is BuddyBoss?

BuddyBoss is an open-source platform, it allows you can integrate this platform with WordPress easily. BuddyBoss offers flexible and you can have control over your entire website. They are giving you the option to host your website anywhere.

Using BuddyBoss you can create an online course and sell your online course on your website. Exchange your knowledge with your audience and take the opportunity to increase your revenue. You can create your social media using BuddyBoss so your customers and members now can communicate with each other. Online communities help your members to engage on your website site and they can interact with others if they are seeking any solution from others. It is easy to use it and BuddyBoss login.

BuddyBoss Connection

With the help of BuddyBoss, it is easy to create user profiles, groups, email invites, and many more. You can keep engaging your community with the help of the BuddyBoss gamification option. BuddyBoss helps with micro-learning and training.

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πŸ† BuddyBoss Features

BuddyBoss Profile

BuddyBoss Left Side Bar

BuddyBoss is providing so many features for its users. From bottom to top we can make everything using BuddyBoss. Member can connect with more people, using this we can sell our products online, it gives us the power to initiate our courses, we can engage our members with rewards and funs, it allows us to customize our setup, we can use BuddyBoss on the mobile application.

Create Online Community

BuddyBoss allows you to engage more customers with your website. You can gain attract your member’s attention. Your members now can exchange their useful knowledge with each other. Members can edit their profiles so they can insert their details and images on their profiles.

BuddyBoss Membership

Members are allowed to create social groups including public, private or hidden. Along with creating a forum discussion so all the members communicate adequately. Members can send a private message to an individual member or a group of members. Similar to other social media members can mention others members.

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Unlike other social media members of your platform can upload photos in albums and share them with others, vice versa they can see others uploaded media, Emoji, GIFS from GIMPHY, and can add a comment on it. This platform comes with so many events calendars.

BuddyBoss Zoom

On the BuddyBoss Platform Pro Version, you will get Zoom integration so members can create and host Zoom meetings on social groups. In addition, it is easy to schedule live classes in social groups. Plus you can increase students learning experience.

In addition, members can upload jobs and other members are allowed to apply for jobs with their resumes. These plugins are free and also available for paid versions. Members are allowed to share any kind of files with other or their social groups. You have the option to disallow any specific files.

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Monetize Your Products

BuddyBoss Monetize

BuddyBoss gives you to build subscriptions and one-time payment for accessing your community, courses, digital products, groups, and so on. With so many integrations you can sell your products too such as LearnDash or WooCommerce. There are plugins available for free and paid.

Moreover, exchange your product for a one-time purchase. Using BuddyBoss you can make membership for your important users to create specific content for them. Focus on the courses bundles that will be available for your members.

BuddyBoss WooCommerce


First, create and then sell your courses separately or multiple including price. Expand your E-commerce business with the help of WordPress so you can integrate WooCommerce with built-in styles. Also, integrate more Membership plugins to focus on your members only. You will get more control over it.

Enhance The eLearning Process

BuddyBoss Elementor

Distribute your valuable knowledge with others, start your own learning community, and your members can exchange their learnings from one and all. Somes says, “first impression is the last impression”, that’s why to make your learner dashboard so they can engage themselves with your system. Using Elementor add widgets to the website so users can watch important information also you can customize the dashboard using Elementor.

With the integration of LearnDash known for Learning Management System, build your courses and control from WordPress. Create your course more interactive with quizzes and assignments. Create courses top-notch and eye-catching for the learners who can understand easily. Take out navigation and menu links from the pages, lessons, and quizzes to make a distraction-free learning environment.

Interactive Quizzes For Your Course

BuddyBoss Quiz

BuddyBoss Course Builder

Create interesting quizzes for interactive courses such as multiple-choice questions, online answers, matching, fill in the blanks, essay questions and so more. Adding more enable lesson timers for your students. No more coding, create your courses with the help of drag-and-drop features, using these create categories, lessons, assignments, and quizzes. After completing the course learners can get points according to it.

BuddyBoss Course

BuddyBoss Course Customization

Course reporting assists you to analyze students’ progress on the course. Learners can upload assignments according to the lessons and courses. You don’t have to approve manually all the time you can use auto-approve. Build course as a lifetime or for a certain time. Offer certificates on completion of courses and quizzes so you can have more learners. Using the H5P plugin, generate flashcards, charts, presentations, interactive videos, and so more. Moreover use images, videos, audios, SWF files, and HTML for creating courses.

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Gamify Your Courses

BuddyBoss Points

Encourage your learners by making the course engaging with small achievable targets, earning points, badges, rewards, ranks, certificates, and achievements with the help of the free and open-source GamiPress plugin.

Add points to the course and other content so they can earn points and rewards as they engage the community and content. Members will get ranks as they are achieving steps and completing tasks.

Setup And Customize According To Your brand

BuddyBoss Theme

Customize your dashboard with the help of BuddyBoss. Match your companies colors, logos, cover photos, and more to make it so interactive. Many marketers use logo generator software to create logos. With the help of it, you can customize theme layouts. Also, create a custom header and custom footer. BuddyBoss comes with RTL support.

Using BuddyBoss you can also create pages using ElementorΒ and Gutenberg. Build forums and register for your members. There is no limit on creating a profile and you can set various protocols on in. Create content and manage them so you can set your content as public and members as you want. Arrange your theme with icons.

Secured Data

Data is an important asset for any business and user data is more valuable. In BuddyBoss, data is secured within GDPR compliance. Buddyboss provides video tutorials and documentation for your guidance.

Use BuddyBoss On Mobile App

BuddyBoss Mobile App

BuddyBoss allows you to manage your account from mobile. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms so you can access the platform from anywhere. Everything you can do on mobile is what you can do on a desktop. Create one-time purchases and subscriptions for the mobile app. It is integrated with Google Analytics so you can track data.

BuddyBoss Subscribe

It allows you to create community and discussion forums. Using a mobile app your members can submit avatars on their profile pictures. Members can join social groups through their mobile app and they can also view others’ profiles to add them if they want.
Members can upload media using phones. Learning is easy when it comes to learning from mobile and members can answer the quizzes through it.

πŸ† BuddyBoss Pricing

BuddyBoss Offers its product with three plans along with their specific features. These are listed below here.

$171/Year for 1 site

  • BuddyBoss Theme & Platform Pro 1 site license for 1 year
  • Save $57 on the full price of the Theme & Platform Pro
  • Existing customers can get a pro-rata refund on existing licenses!

$219/Year for 5 sites

  • BuddyBoss Theme & Platform Pro 5 site license for 1 year
  • Save $69 on the full price of the Theme & Platform Pro
  • Existing customers can get a pro-rata refund on existing licenses!

You can also purchase their 3-year plan for 1 site it will cost you nearly $499 and for 5 sites, it will be $599. You can have also 10 sites license.

At the Price of $499/three-year, you will receive

  • BuddyBoss Theme & Platform Pro 1 site
  • license for 3 years
  • Save $185 on the full price of the Theme &
  • Platform Pro
  • Lock in this renewal price forever!
  • Existing customers can get a pro-rata refund on existing licenses!

At the Price of $599/three-year, you will receive

  • BuddyBoss Theme & Platform Pro 5 site
  • license for 3 years
  • Save $265 on the full price of the Theme &
  • Platform Pro
  • Lock in this renewal price forever!
  • Existing customers can get a pro-rata refund on existing licenses!

πŸ† BuddyBoss Alternatives

BuddyBoss Vs BuddPress

Like BuddyBoss, BuddyPress is also an open-source social networking software for marketers. You can install its plugin on WordPress. It has Some Benefits and drawbacks.

  • Key Features: Although both platforms come with so many features, Forum discussion is missing in BuddyPress. In addition, BuddyBoss provides more features like forum @mention, document library, email invites, network search, private network, and so on. BuddyBoss Supports emojis, gifs, and other media.
  • Ease To Use: Compared to both platforms, BuddyBoss is easy to use.
  • Pricing:Β BuddyPress comes for free with lots of limitations.

BuddyBoss Vs Peepso

Peepso is similar to Buddyboss where you can build your online community. With this platform, you also can create online courses and paid membership.Β It comes with an ebook for helping how to create communities.

  • Key Features: Both the platforms have similar features but BuddyBoss is way better compared to Peepso. Sometimes users faced problems with Peepso like version mismatch lock or no more updates are available with paid add-ons.
  • Ease To Use: Indeed both the platform has simple user interface but comparatively Buddyboss is easy to use for users.
  • Pricing:Β Peepso is starting from $99 with fewer features whereas BuddyBoss Starts from $182 with many features.

BuddyBoss Vs BBPress

BBPress is also a WordPress Plugins. It is also considered forum software

  • Key Features: Shortage of so many features in BBPress, but BuddyBoss offers multifarious features for its users. Many users complained about BBPress for blank pages or search redirects to the Home page which common problem for all.
  • Ease To Use: BuddyBoss is way more simple and easy to use. You can use BBPress for the first time but it is not the Market level.
  • Pricing: BBPress is available for free, users can use it for personal use only. It has Lacks of features.

πŸ† Final Words For BuddyBoss

This is the end of the BuddyBoss review. We have mentioned everything about BuddyBoss by that you can make your own decision to buy or not. BuddyBoss is open-source software so anyone can use it. If your website grows then you can upgrade the plan of this software.

Using BuddyBoss, create your own social network on your own website. It helps you to create courses and after creating you can sell this to your members. Build membership on the site so anyone can get access to your content. BuddyBoss assuring if its customers are not satisfied then they will refind within 14 days so you can try this.

Thank you for reading the whole content. If you find helpful this section then please follow our Facebook group SaaSTalks for more product discussion like this and review with pros and cons.

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BuddyBoss Review, Features, Pricing, Alternatives, And More
BuddyBoss Review, Features, Pricing, Alternatives, And More


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