Best North Dakota Registered Agent Services

North Dakota businesses can simplify their legal obligations and paperwork by utilizing registered agent services. These professionals handle crucial documents, ensuring compliance with state laws and tax regulations. Here are recommended registered agent services in North Dakota.

Starting or running a business in North Dakota? You need a registered agent to keep your business running smoothly and within the law. Choosing the right registered agent service is crucial for your business’s success. With so many options available, finding the best one can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this easy-to-understand guide, we will help you find the top registered agent services in North Dakota. We’ve researched and compared these services to make your decision-making process simple.

Here Is The List Of Top North Dakota Registered Agent Services

Most Popular
ZenBusiness Logo


All-in-one platform with worry-free services
A variety of additional services is available
Fast & Simple Business Formation Guaranteed
Affordable formation packages for small business
Cheapest LLC & Registered Agent Service
Responsive customer support
Best Free LLC Formation
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LLC formation service providers with low prices
A wide variety of other services is available
Worry-free compliance & quick order turnaround
No hidden fees or automatic service renewals
Good Registered Agent Service
Outstanding customer feedback
Online Access to Incorporation Documents
Best Customer Support
Northwest Registered Agent logo

Northwest Registered Agent

Hassle-free business formation service
Lifetime customer support from local experts
Includes registered agent service
Offers Mail Forwarding services
Best For Incorporation
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Best for LLC or C-Corp formation
Registration in Wyoming or Delaware
Tax ID (EIN) setup with the Internal Revenue Service
Helps your US business bank account setup
Physical address in the US
Over $150,000 in exclusive deals & perks
Free 1:1 calls with tax & legal experts
Provides Registered agent service
Provides Lifetime expert support
Includes post-incorporation documents
Inc Authority logo

Inc Authority

Free LLC service in addition to paid packages
Simple-to-use checkout process
Basic company registration is completely free
Great range of extra services
Includes registered agent & tax consultant
Doola LLC


100% Accurate Formation & Refund Guarantee
Employer Identification Number
US Bank Account + Payment Processor
US Mailing Address
US State + IRS Tax Filings
Stress-Free Annual Compliance Reminders
Digital Document Access


Name Check and Clearance
Get A Registered Agent
US Phone Number
Formation And EIN
US Address with Mail Forwarding
US Business Bank Account With Debit card
Ongoing Business Support

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a while, this guide will provide you with all the information you need. Learn about the most reliable, affordable, and customer-friendly registered agent services in North Dakota. Let’s make sure your business has the support it deserves to grow and thrive in the state. Join us on this journey to discover the perfect registered agent service for your business needs!

Top 10 List Of North Dakota Registered Agent Services

Here are the best-rated North Dakota registered agents reviews:

1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness Best for startups

All-in-one platform that helps you turn your idea into making a money-making business and run your business from an all-in-one dashboard.

For your business in North Dakota, ZenBusiness offers a wide array of services that you would expect from a registered agent. This includes providing a North Dakota business address, forwarding important notices from the North Dakota Secretary of State, and handling process serving.

One notable exception is compliance deadline notifications, such as filing statements of information. However, they do accept service of process and notices on behalf of your North Dakota business entity. ZenBusiness is highly regarded for North Dakota business registration and is a trusted registered agent in the state. Small business owners can rely on their dedicated agents to manage all essential business documentation efficiently.

Their pricing is reasonable and they offer competitive filing costs. ZenBusiness is among the top choices for registered agent services in North Dakota. They provide comprehensive support, including business advice, assistance with annual reports, and legal counsel. They are well-versed in various business entities and handle important documents such as the EIN (Employer Identification Number). Additionally, they offer services like same-day delivery and the creation of business websites. Their customer service is robust and highly responsive, ensuring that your business needs are met effectively.

ZenBusiness offers a free first year of registered agent service with LLC formation and costs $49 + State Fees.

2. Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent top notch customer support

Get a full year of registered agent service, free limited mail forwarding, an operating agreement, and loads of free forms and tools.

Northwest Registered Agent stands out as one of the best choices for registered agent services in North Dakota. They offer exceptional value at an incredibly affordable price, making them a top pick for businesses. One unique aspect is their small company guidance, provided through their US-based customer assistance, which sets them apart from others.

When you choose Northwest Registered Agent as your registered agent, you get all the essential services, including the best LLC formation services in North Dakota. This includes a vital North Dakota street address and a statutory agent available during regular business hours. Despite having a limited number of reviews, the existing ones are highly favorable, making them a top contender for starting a business in North Dakota. They even provide a free compliance calendar for the first year, ensuring your business stays on track with regulations.

Northwest Registered Agent is also known for being a budget-friendly option in North Dakota. Their services encompass a North Dakota street address, mail scanning and uploading, an online access portal, compliance and service of process alerts, and assistance with filing a statement of information for your business entity. Additionally, they offer industry-leading customer support, providing comprehensive assistance to businesses in North Dakota.

Northwest Registered Agent Related Information

Northwest Registered Agent Services provides lifetime customer support from local experts and offers mail forwarding services with free registered agent services.

3. Incfile

Incfile affordable LLC Filing Services

Start your business with $0 state filing fees and get a free registered agent for one year.

Incfile offers a standard range of registered agent services in North Dakota, providing a physical address in the state and handling important notifications for your business, such as service of process. While they are considered one of the top options for registered agents in North Dakota, there are some downsides to their service.

On the positive side, Incfile offers quality registered agent services at a reasonable price, catering to businesses of various types. They ensure that your business mail is received at a real location, giving you peace of mind regarding legal matters and important documents.

Incfile also provides a user-friendly registered agent dashboard, allowing you to easily access essential business paperwork. They keep you informed about the progress of your documents through email and SMS notifications. Global businesses can benefit from their virtual mailbox service, which provides a main street address for their company entity, in addition to a registered agent office location.

However, there are limitations to their service. Unlike some competitors like Northwest Registered Agents, Incfile’s customer support is available only during regular business hours and is specific to registered agent-related issues. This means they may offer less comprehensive assistance compared to other registered agent services in North Dakota.


Easy for its customers to build a company in the United States. Work with reputable registered agents who stay in Wyoming and Delaware. was founded in 2018, making it a relatively new organization. It has assisted thousands of firms from more than 120 countries in registering their companies in the three years since it was founded.

You can manage your business remotely with confidence in compliance if you have a registered agent in charge of receiving vital paperwork. The registered agent will also assist the clients in maintaining copies of the most important paperwork for their business. The certificate of establishment or incorporation is one document it retains since it can be used as a backup in a crisis. Check our guide on Best LLC Incorporation Services.

Additionally, assures that its clients’ private information is secure and that it won’t appear in the state’s public records where the client is incorporated. The name and address of the registered agent are made public rather than the address of the consumer.

The majority of positive online ratings for show that the company provides exceptional customer service. Its customer service staff is competent and professional, and they immediately address customers’ questions. The business offers its customers lifelong online assistance via email or the contact form on its website.

5. Inc Authority

Inc Authority Most Affordable Filing company

Start your business 100% free with a dedicated team of experts.

One of the most well-known companies in the formation industry, Inc Authority has a lengthy and very remarkable track record. Their excellent ratings on websites like Google and Trustpilot also make them stand out.

The free LLC formation or incorporating file offered by Inc Authority, which also includes a free year of registered agent service, is the company’s main service.

Despite being a modest company, Inc Authority offers a lot of its business-related services through partners and third parties. Additionally, its non-entry formation bundles are pricey and it has a tendency to offer some needless items.

Inc Authority provides solutions for forming businesses. It provides free filing as part of its entry-level, most basic service. But the business provides a wide range of additional formation-related services. Some are common, such as its registered agent service, and operating agreement drafting service.

6. Doola

Doola affordable

Helps you to set up your bank account, and payment systems, incorporate your LLC, and more

Doola provides you with everything you need to start a business in the US. With the help of this platform, you may concentrate on the higher value prices that are the foundation of your business and launch it in the US.

This service is basically built specifically for overseas business owners and will assist you in creating your U.S. corporation, gaining access to U.S. payment methods, and maintaining legal compliance from any location in the world.

Every LLC they create at Doola includes their Registered Agent service. Therefore, the first year is absolutely free! Your RA will then be renewed annually for $197.

You can prevent your home address from appearing in public records by using their service. You can cancel at any moment if you feel the need to change your Registered Agent.

Doola Related Information

7. Rocket Lawyer

Rocket Lawyer Best For Legal Support

Best online LLC formation services to build a document that fits your needs

Rocket Lawyer offers a convenient solution for businesses in North Dakota by providing a business address to receive mail from the North Dakota Secretary of State and service of process. Serving as an affordable registered agent in North Dakota, Rocket Lawyer charges $149 for their registered agent services. However, it’s important to note that their customer support is available only during regular business hours.

When compared to other options like Northwest Registered Agent, Rocket Lawyer may be a more budget-friendly choice, although it offers fewer benefits. Rocket Lawyer stands out for its variety of online legal services, ranging from advice on registering a small business in North Dakota to addressing various business-related matters.

Rocket Lawyer maintains straightforward return policies, and customer satisfaction appears to be high due to their efficient services. Clients appreciate their well-executed business advice, making Rocket Lawyer a popular choice for launching a firm. They excel in guiding businesses through legal processes, especially in matters related to business proprietary concerns.

Rocket Lawyer’s expertise extends to different areas of law, making them a reliable registered agent for businesses dealing with proprietary issues. They offer valuable assistance with legal notices and possess experience in handling various challenges that small businesses often face. Their specialization in corporate propriety sets them apart from competitors. With Rocket Lawyer, businesses find it easy to navigate legal complexities, and their excellent customer service enhances the overall experience. They provide hassle-free registered agent services, simplifying the process of doing business in North Dakota.

Rocket Lawyer Related Information

8. MyCompanyWorks


Offers fast turnaround time
Dedicated features to ensure legal compliance
Excellent customer service and reviews
Offers affordable, dissolution service packages

MyCompanyWorks is one of the greatest and most well-known companies in America that offer small business services, such as LLC formation and filing legally essential government papers. MyCompanyWorks reviews highlight the company’s affordable price options, extensive business resources, and first-rate customer service.

For brand-new startup entrepreneurs who wish to start with the fundamentals, MyCompanyWorks is the best option. Every strategy has manuals and guides that examine the business side of businesses from founding to closing. Along with officially establishing your business structure, you’ll also receive help with opening a business bank account and developing a logo.

MyCompanyWorks has a lot to offer potential business owners, but it does not score well in our rankings of online legal services. Many competing services offer more features for less money than MyCompanyWorks.

9. StartGlobal


Name Check and Clearance
Get A Registered Agent
US Phone Number
Formation And EIN
US Address with Mail Forwarding
US Business Bank Account With Debit card
Ongoing Business Support

StartGlobal reduces time-consuming paperwork, difficult legal requirements, and various costs, making it simpler than ever to launch a new company. Additionally, you can take care of business bank accounts, taxes, accounting, compliance, and other things.

The easiest method to launch and manage your company in the US is StartGlobal. You may quickly and easily set up and operate your business with the assistance of their skilled team.

10. CorpNet

CorpNet best rated LLC formation service

Easiest and most reliable platform to help you to form an LLC or incorporate your business

Over 100,000 firms have been founded with the assistance of CorpNet, a top-rated company formation service provider, in the previous 20 years. They have an excellent reputation among LLCs and many independent review sites praise their high level of customer satisfaction with Corpnet as well!

The best approach to launch a company and maintain compliance is through CorpNet, which offers real professionals who are dependable, inexpensive, and guaranteed to be available. Their filing specialists offer the quickest and safest method for you or your customers to incorporate a firm or keep an existing one in accordance.

How We List Best North Dakota Registered Agent Service

registered agents ranking factor
Choosing the right registered agent service is a crucial step for businesses seeking to operate in compliance with state regulations. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to start.
That's why we have created a comprehensive list of registered agent services based on a variety of factors, including offerings, value, customer service, and ease of use. By analyzing and ranking registered agent services based on these key factors, we aim to help businesses make informed decisions and find the registered agent that best fits their unique needs.

When selecting a registered agent service, one important factor to consider is the range of offerings provided. While many registered agents offer the basic package of an address in the state and mail forwarding, some go above and beyond by providing additional services such as compliance alerts, personalized filing calendars, and online document access portals.

By choosing a registered agent with a more comprehensive range of offerings, businesses can ensure that they receive the necessary support for their unique needs, making it easier to stay on top of important filings and comply with state regulations. Ultimately, a registered agent that offers a broader suite of services can provide valuable assistance to businesses looking to streamline their operations and ensure compliance with state requirements.


Another important ranking factor when selecting a registered agent service is value. While price may be a consideration, it is important to weigh the overall value provided by the registered agent. A registered agent that offers a range of services for a slightly higher price may ultimately provide greater value by reducing the administrative burden on businesses and ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Furthermore, a registered agent with a strong track record of reliable service and responsiveness can save businesses time and money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes and missed deadlines. Ultimately, businesses should seek out a registered agent that provides a combination of high-quality service and affordable pricing, striking the optimal balance between cost and value.

Customer Service

When selecting a registered agent service, the level of customer service offered is a crucial ranking factor. A registered agent that provides responsive and helpful customer support can make all the difference when navigating the complexities of state compliance requirements.

The best registered agent services offer knowledgeable and experienced support staff that can answer questions quickly and provide guidance on important filings and deadlines.

They may also provide additional resources, such as online tutorials and guides, to help businesses stay on top of state requirements. By choosing a registered agent that prioritizes customer service, businesses can have the peace of mind that they will receive the assistance they need to stay compliant and avoid costly errors.

Ease Of Use

Ease of use is an essential ranking factor when choosing a registered agent service. A user-friendly platform that is easy to navigate and provides clear and concise information can save businesses valuable time and resources. The best registered agent services offer intuitive online dashboards that allow businesses to manage their accounts and access important documents and information quickly and easily.

They may also provide automated reminders for important deadlines and filings, simplifying the process of staying compliant with state regulations. Additionally, a registered agent that provides a streamlined onboarding process and flexible payment options can make it easier for businesses to get started and manage their accounts. By choosing a registered agent that prioritizes ease of use, businesses can ensure that they have the tools and support they need to stay compliant without unnecessary hassle or complexity.

What Is a North Dakota Registered Agent?

In the state of North Dakota, having a registered agent is a mandatory requirement for all legal business entities. The process of incorporating your company cannot be completed until you have designated a registered agent.

According to the North Dakota Secretary of State, registered agents in the state can be of two types: individual and corporate. Individual registered agents are singular persons serving in this role, while corporate entities serving as registered agents are known as corporate registered agents.

The primary responsibilities of a registered agent include accepting document deliveries from the state government, notifying your company of the delivery, and then passing the documents to you. This role is crucial as it establishes a point of contact between your company and the state, ensuring a reliable means for the state to reach a legal representative of your firm at any time.

Who Can Serve as a Registered Agent in North Dakota?

A registered agent in North Dakota must have a physical address within the state. You, one of your co-owners, a friend, or a family member can act as your company’s registered agent. Alternatively, you can appoint a lawyer, an accountant, or outsource registered agent services to an online business services provider.

Regardless of the choice, the registered agent must be present in person at the address provided to the state during all regular business hours. While prior experience as a registered agent is not a mandatory requirement, it is advisable to select someone or a business entity well aware of the significant responsibilities associated with this position.

Unlike some states, North Dakota does not impose a minimum age limit for registered agents. Here are the requirements for a North Dakota Registered Agent:

An individual residing in North Dakota or a corporation can be appointed as an agent for service of process if the business entity faces legal action. If a corporation is chosen to serve as a process server, it must have previously submitted a certificate as per the North Dakota Century Code section 10-01.1-39.

No corporation is eligible to file a certificate under North Dakota Century Code section 10-01.1-39 unless it is currently authorized to conduct business in North Dakota and is in good standing on the records of the Secretary of State. A business entity cannot act as its own agent for the service of process.

How To Choose A Registered Agent Service In North Dakota

When choosing a registered agent service in North Dakota, there are several crucial factors to consider.

North Dakota Registered Agent Services

Firstly, assess whether the service supports multiple states. If your company plans to expand into additional states in the future, it’s vital to choose a registered agent service that can accommodate your growth.

Secondly, consider whether the service offers same-day document delivery. This feature becomes essential if you receive legal papers with a limited timeframe for response.

The cost of the service is another significant factor to evaluate. Typically, registered agent services in North Dakota range between $100 and $150 annually. Compare the prices of different services to find one that fits your budget.

Lastly, research the reputation of the registered agent service. Reading online reviews can provide valuable insights into the experiences of other businesses with the service provider.

By carefully considering these aspects, you can make an informed decision about selecting the best registered agent service for your company in North Dakota.

Benefits of Registered Agent Service in North Dakota

Having a registered agent service is a fundamental step for any business operating in North Dakota. A registered agent, whether an individual or a company, plays a crucial role in receiving legal and official documents on behalf of the business. They act as a vital link between the business and the state, ensuring compliance with all state regulations and laws.

Utilizing a registered agent service offers several advantages:

  1. Legal Compliance: A registered agent ensures that your business stays compliant with state regulations by receiving important legal documents and ensuring they are promptly addressed.
  2. Professional Representation: A registered agent lends a professional image to your business, as official documents and legal notices are received and handled by a reputable entity.
  3. Convenience: Registered agent services enable you to focus on your business operations while the agent handles legal correspondence, ensuring you don’t miss any crucial notifications.
  4. Nationwide Service: Many registered agent services operate across the USA, allowing your business to have a registered agent in any state where you operate.

Choosing a reliable registered agent service in North Dakota ensures that your business maintains a smooth and compliant relationship with the state government, giving you peace of mind to focus on your company’s growth and success.

Get Registered Agent Service Anywhere In the USA

Getting a registered agent service is a crucial step for any business entity operating in the USA. A registered agent is an individual or company responsible for receiving legal and official documents on behalf of a business. They act as a liaison between the business and the state, ensuring that the business is compliant with all regulations and laws.

With a registered agent service, businesses can enjoy peace of mind knowing that important documents will be received promptly and professionally. With many reputable registered agent service providers available across the USA, businesses can easily get registered agent service anywhere in the country, regardless of their location.

Find Best Registered Agents In North Dakota

Closing Thoughts

The smooth operation and legal compliance of your North Dakota-based business significantly hinge on the expertise of your registered agent. Despite the seemingly straightforward tasks involved, any errors in handling these responsibilities can lead to substantial fines and even the potential dissolution of your LLC by the state.

It’s crucial to make an informed choice about your registered agent right from the start of your company’s formation. While it’s possible to change your registered agent later, selecting the right one initially is essential. Additionally, it’s important to actively monitor your compliance status to ensure that everything proceeds smoothly throughout the process.

We hope this article has provided valuable insights for you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below. We are here to assist you!

North Dakota Registered Agent: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I find the registered agent for an LLC in North Dakota?

To locate the address of a Registered Corporate Agent, you can use the North Dakota Secretary of State‘s Business Search. Additional contact information, if provided by the corporation, might also be available on the Secretary of State’s official website.

Is a registered agent necessary in North Dakota?

Yes, according to state law, every business entity registered in North Dakota is required to designate a North Dakota-registered agent.

How can I change my registered agent in North Dakota?

To modify your registered agent in North Dakota, you need to complete and submit a Statement of Information form to the North Dakota Secretary of State. You have several submission options: via mail, online (only applicable for corporations), or in person.

How do I change the name of my LLC in North Dakota?

To change the name of your LLC in North Dakota, you must amend your LLC’s articles of incorporation. Complete the Limited Liability Company Certificate of Amendment form and submit it either by mail or in person to the Secretary of State’s office. The form can also be accessed online for your convenience.

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