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If you are in search of an in-depth Phonesites Review, you have just landed on the right page. Welcome to my Phonesites Review. We are going to be looking at Phonesites review and what to expect from it for your landing pages and sales funnel. So let’s get started without further ado.

👉 Phonesites Review

👉 Phonesites Pros And Cons

9.8Expert Score
Most Trusted High-Converting Sales Funnels & Landing Page Platform
PhoneSites is the quickest, easiest way to build unlimited mobile-optimized, fast-loading sales funnels right from your phone. Build under 10 minutes without any tech skills, training or prior experience. Follow up via SMS & email automatically. Phonesites has everything you need to grow your business: customizable sales funnels, landing pages, and lead capture forms. Phonesites offers pre-made designs or create your own from scratch.
Ease Of Use
Value For Money
  • Easy build pages with our drag-&-drop editor
  • Tracks performance and automatically follow-up with leads
  • AI writer is programmed to write content in a wide range of niches
  • Design and build custom web pages for your site to attract leads
  • Choose from pre-built templates for various sectors to save time
  • Incorporating visual media like high-quality images and videos to attract clients
  • Emails and text follow up with CRM to keep you connected to the leads
  • Free SSL certificate for every page you create to ensure the privacy and security of your data
  • Free subdomains for your website
  • Integrate with any CRM system supported by Zapier to share data
  • Extremely mobile-friendly
  • Needs a few upgrades

Have you ever wondered how to increase sales of your business? Customizable sales funnels, landing pages, and lead capture forms are the best way to generate sales volume. With sales funnels, lead capture forms, and landing pages, you can convert potential customers into actual customers and generate high sales volume. It’s not just about generating leads, it’s about converting them into paying customers. We know, you’re probably thinking about how you can increase sales with just a few clicks.

The answer is simple! With the use of Phonesites, you can create your own custom-made landing pages. With Phonesites, anyone can build their very own funnel pages and landing pages without having to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive software and plug-ins or hiring an expensive developer team. This means whether you are running a startup or a small enterprise or even a brick-and-mortar store, now you can benefit from Phonesites’ customizable funnel pages and landing pages and see sales going up in no time.

This platform is a completely cloud-based real-time landing page builder that lets you forget about your apprehension of not knowing the technicalities of building your own funnel pages and landing pages because Phonesites has done all the hard work for you. Phonesites come with pre-made templates that come with pre-built automation integration tools including Webhooks, Paypal, Aweber, and many more, so there is no coding required from your side. Pick one that fits your business model and get started now!

Phonesites can help you create powerful sales funnels, opt-in funnels, click-through landing pages, lead capture landing pages, infomercial landing pages, viral landing pages, product detail landing pages, and much more. Why pay hundreds of dollars on over-priced funnel & landing page builders and marketing tools! Meet Phonesites, the all-in-one solution that will set up funnel pages or landing pages of your choice without breaking a sweat.

It’s easier than you think with this landing page builder designed to make your mark on the world through online business endeavors. Considering that nowadays most of the products and services are sold through eCommerce channels, there’s no turning back now to ensure that your every last dollar makes sense, so why not do it now?

Do you know the best part? you don’t need any coding or design skills whatsoever. Plus, Phonesites offers 24/7 support if you get stuck along the way. So what are you waiting for? Get started today with Phonesites’ easy-to-use cloud-based software today! Keep scrolling my Phonesites Review below!


👉 What Is Phonesites?

Phonesites are the quickest, easiest way to build unlimited mobile-optimized, fast-loading sales funnels right from your phone. Build sales funnels, landing pages, and lead capture forms under 10 minutes without any tech skills, training, or prior experience. You get to also follow up via SMS & email automatically.

Lets us understand the concept of sales funnels or landing pages with a brick-and-mortar store example. The people at the top of the sales funnel walk by your store. The people at the top of the sales funnel walk by the store. A certain percentage of people decide to walk in, that’s the next level of the funnel. A customer sees a rack of T-shirts on a 50% Clearance Sale. He or she runs through the rack, now they’re at the next step of the funnel. Then the customer selects four t-shirts and walks to the trial rooms. They’re at the last step. If all goes well and if the visitor finalizes any of the products, they finish the purchase and reach the bottom of the funnel.

If a visitor lands on your website through a Google search or social link. The person has now become a prospect. The visitor might check out a few of your blog posts or browse your product listing. At some point, you offer him or her a chance to sign up for your email list. If the visitor fills out your form (created by you on the best online form builder app), he or she becomes a lead. You can now lure the customer outside of your website with email, phone, and text messaging. Leads tend to come back to your website when you contact them with special offers, information about new blog posts, or other intriguing messages. Maybe you offer a coupon code.

The sales funnel narrows as visitors move through it. This is partly because you’ll have more prospects at the top of the funnel than buyers at the bottom, but also because your messaging needs to become increasingly targeted.

In simple terms, a funnel page or a landing page is a website page that you arrive at from an external source, such as a paid ad or email. In digital marketing, the landing page is the digital version of the direct marketing letter, and it is highly targeted and focused on one specific outcome. The goal of the landing page is to convince the user to take action by connecting with the targeted copy and working alongside your website builder.

The purpose of a landing page is not only to show a customer a product but also to engage and delight them by offering them something relevant to the company’s industry or the product. By providing them with interesting content as a reward for submitting the form, they might be even more likely to trust your brand and become your customers.

Once your funnel page or landing page goes live, you’ll want to monitor conversion rates in order to determine how well it is performing!

Phonesites is a cloud-based landing page solution designed to help businesses create websites with custom domains, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), and more. Professionals can utilize the platform to follow up with customers via text and email campaigns. PhoneSites helps organizations set up landing pages with custom messages, videos, graphics, text or font styles, and other elements using predefined templates. Managers can add headlines, text, images, and YouTube videos to web pages. Additionally, administrators can gain visibility into created websites, leads, and a number of visits using a centralized dashboard.

It facilitates integration with several third-party systems such as Zapier, LeadOwl, Mailchimp, Twilio, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, and more. The product is available on annual or monthly subscriptions and support is extended via email, FAQs, knowledge base, and phone.

Phonesites will surely help you to sell 10X easier and allow you to generate ultimate landing pages and also set up integrated payments directly with Twilio, Stripe & PayPal. Using Phonesites you can build your email and SMS list with your favorite email autoresponder and you can host your landing pages anywhere you like on your own server or anywhere else. The best part? You just need to pay a one-time fee, that’s it!

Here’s what you are getting with Phonesites: Let’s have a look at what are you getting inside:

  • Page Builder: Easily build pages with our drag-&-drop editor from any device.
  • Leads & Tracking: Track performance and automatically follow-up with leads
  • Mobile Website Builder: This software introduces you to a mobile website builder. That means that you can create a website from the comfort of your office, home, or even when you are on the train or bus heading home after work.
  • Drag and Drop Website Builder: One of the key features that make Phonesites stand out from its competitors is the drag and drop website builder, designed for mobile devices. The concept of drag-and-drop website design and content allows you to create a website or landing page in minutes.
  • Templates Designs: It offers a wide variety of templates for you to choose from and customize to build landing pages or websites. On Phonesites, there are over 70 templates waiting for you to choose and customize. In addition to generating leads, Phonesites templates can also be used to follow up with them. As all options are displayed on your dashboard, installing and editing templates is also fairly straightforward. Even if you have never created a single website, Phonesites will make the process quite simple. After choosing the ideal template, what follows is entering a subdomain.
  • Email Autoresponder: Autoresponders are very handy since they automate email responses to your clients based on actions a user takes on your website or when they send you an email. It is possible to use this feature to send emails to readers who have inquiries, those who have purchased items from your store, or those who have signed up for an email newsletter contributing to lead conversion. Using Phonesites’ software, you can also automate a massive follow-up campaign by adding and saving details for Follow Up emails.
  • AI Writer: Phonesites offers an AI content generator that will get generate content for you. Phonesites AI writers can write plenty of quality text for you. Whether you want to create landing page headlines, Facebook ads, google ads, product descriptions, or blog ideas, Phonesites AI writer has got you covered. This AI uses the Pain Agitate Solution copywriting formula, which identifies problems and offers solutions. Which is an approach your readers and consumers will appreciate.
  • Integrations: Phonesites can integrate with several third-party software, which helps you generate more money. The third-party integrations include Aweber, Stripe, MailChimp, Twilio, Zapier, and many more.
  • Support & Training: Amazing customer support provided by Phonesites to its customers for an ultimate money conversion experience.
  • Domains & Security: Phonesites provide domains, hosting, and security with every Phonesites account.

🔥 What You Can Create With Phonesites?

Phonesites is marketed primarily as a funnel and landing page builder, however, you can do more than build funnel pages. Create any type of unique funnel pages and more, such as:

  • Funnels: Sales funnels, lead generation funnel, free consultation funnel, cross-sell funnel, product launch funnels.
  • Landing Pages: These include; Click Through, Lead Capture, Infomercial, and Viral landing pages.
  • Microsites: A small multi-page website usually created as a supplement to the main website.
  • Internal Website Landing Pages: Homepages and product detail pages.
  • Templates: Blog, Sales pages, Coming soon, Checkout pages, Lead generation, Video sales letters, Webinar registration, Thank you pages.
  • Memberships Pages: Memberships with customers and sign-up pages for lead growth.
  • Email Marketing: Here you can create email lists, mail sequences, and campaigns.
  • Recurring Subscription: You can create a recurring subscription funnel for your customers.
  • Affiliate Sites: Create lead-grabbing affiliate sites using Phonesites.
  • Auto Webinars Funnels: Phonesites help you to create auto webinars of your own business.
  • Opt-in Pages: With this unique software you can create opt-in pages.
  • Lead Grab Pages And More: With Phonesites you can create lead-grabbing pages and close sales.


👉 Phonesites Review: How Does Phonesites Work?

In a world where businesses are on the cloud and everything is digital, there’s no reason to have outdated funnel pages. With Phonesites, you can build your own custom-designed lead capturing landing pages as well as funnel pages on any hosting. Here, you will get every single feature of a funnel builder, Phonesites also offers you the advantage to create landing pages which includes Click-Through, Lead Capture, Infomercial, and Viral landing pages, your own membership product; payment integration; autoresponder integration; the facility to mail your customers and so much more. Phonesites are very easy and simple to work upon that you will never look back to anything else.

👉 Phonesites Step By Step Process: What Are You Getting Inside?

Phonesites is the easiest funnel page builder out there with so many profit-boosting features that you won’t find in any other products. Moreover, Phonesites isn’t an expensive option and is one of the most affordable funnel page builders to use.
Let us have a closer look at the Phonesites dashboard and understand the step by step process for creating your funnel page below:

🔥 Creating A New Website

Create Account

As a first step, you will need to register with the platform. A seven-day free trial will be provided when you register. You can easily create a landing page by following the steps below. To make this article even easier to understand, we have included screenshots to illustrate the steps.

Phonesites Log In Page

Fill in your name, email address, and password as shown above and click on the “Add Payment Details” blue button. After being redirected to the credit card detail page, you will be asked to enter your credit card information. Once you have completed that, you can start your free trial. Enter your email address and password to begin. You will see your dashboard after you’ve logged in, and it will look like what you see below.

Phonesites Dashboard

A quick glance at your Phonesites dashboard gives you an overview of how your landing pages are performing, including their views, unique views, and the total leads they have generated. For easy access and navigation on your dashboard, here is a quick explanation of some things you should know.

  • Websites: The website’s section contains all the lists of websites you have built so far.
  • Templates: The templates library is an archive where you can find pre-built templates that you can quickly tap into and start building with.
  • AI Writer: The AI writer is a tool that you can use as an artificial intelligence machine to generate high-quality marketing copies for your landing pages. Feel free to check the list of best AI Writers.

🔥 Designing A Landing Page For Lead Generation:

As a simple example of how to use the Phone site, we will create a lead generation landing page using the blank setting. For more details, check out this detailed guide on using Phonesites.

⚡ Step 1

To begin, click on the plus sign in the middle of the four corner boxes, as shown below.

Editing Your Landing Page

Upon clicking, the below menu shows up at the left-hand side of the design interface.

⚡ Step 2

Page Editing Blocks

The left side of the page shows blocks that can be used to design a landing page from scratch. The blocks contain text, heading, images, opt-in form, and the likes. By clicking on the heading section, something like this will pop up.

⚡ Step 3

Editing Your Landing Page Headlines

Where the arrow is pointing to is where you will write your heading. You will also be able to do some modifications to your headline like changing the color, changing the size, making it centered, etc. You can also click on the plus button at the edge of the four corner box to add an opt-in form to your landing page.

⚡ Step 4

Adding Form To Your Landing Page

All you need to do is to click on the form, upon clicking on the form button a form will automatically be inserted and a settings page tab like the one below.

⚡ Step 5

Editing Your Optin Form On Phonesites

In the settings option above, you can tick the phone number, address, change your button write-up from “Let’s Go” to something like “Optin”, or whatever you want. Additionally, you will be able to change the color of the button, the size of the text, and even the color of the text itself. If you wish to keep your previous work, I recommend saving your changes before clicking on the views.

If you click on the view button without saving the design first, you will lose the design permanently. The save and view button is at the upper right corner of your design interface, you just have to click anyone you need to use and you are ready to go. After tweaking around the designs for a while, I was able to make the landing page looks like the one below. The landing page below is the result of playing around with the designs for a while.

⚡ Step 6

Editing Your Optin Form On Phonesites

Changing the background color of the design above is very straightforward and simple. I used the same process I explained above to make the design above. The only difference is that the background color was changed. Click on the 3 dots at the right-hand side of the design interface.

⚡ Step 7

Phonesites Page Designs

The page below will appear when you click on edit background.

⚡ Step 8

Phonesites Background Edit

By clicking on the set theme you will get a warning message like “this theme will override your current color and background settings”, just click okay. You can use the slide button to look for another background if you don’t like the default ones that pop up. You can repeat the same process above to create more landing pages for your business.

🔥 Designing An Opt-In Funnel Page:

⚡ Step 1: Choosing templates before you start editing.

Phonesites Templates

The templates available with Phonesites are quite diverse. As of the time of creating this articlealmost 70 of them can be used. There is a wide range of templates for various niches and goals.

⚡ Step 2: Here is what the top of the template looks like before you go to edit it.

Phonesites Short Opt In Template

The mini sales funnel comes with two pages: The short opt-in page and the short opt-in thank you page where you tell the customer what to do next. Click on Install Now so that you can make changes to the template.

⚡ Step 3: You’ll then be able to choose a few settings when it comes to your landing pages.

Phonesites Install Template

Subdomain names for your new website can be anything you like. Create another one if your desired subdomain is already taken. Lastly, click on the Install 2 Pages button to move on.

⚡ Step 4: Take a look at how you can customize your landing page settings here.

Phonesites Short Opt In PagesMultiple other options are also available in addition to the Opt-In page that includes,

  • Pages tab: This is where we are now and can edit, view, copy, or delete pages.
  • Leads tab: This is where your leads will show up once you get them.
  • Config tab: You can edit domain details as well as other details.
  • Stats tab: Consider this your spot for analytics.

The main reason for this is that Phonesites doesn’t have many tools, which makes editing your landing pages and funnel pages easy.

⚡ Step 5: Make edits to your landing page

Phonesites Edit Landing Page

The steps that you have to follow when it comes to making edits are,

  • Click on the section that you’d like to edit.
  • Click on the pencil icon on the left side of the section.
  • Make the appropriate edits that you need which should include text, pictures, toggling settings, and many more.

Likewise, you can choose what fields you want to use in the screenshot above.

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⚡ Step 6: Your funnel page preview.

In this final stage, you will get the preview of the landing page that you have just now edited and custom-built for your own domain.

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👉Phonesites Features: What Can You Do with Phonesites?

🔥 Page Builder

  • Drag-and-drop editor: You can build right from your phone or laptop. In fact, we don’t build anything that can’t be done from your phone. This is not something you’ll find on other platforms.
  • Mobile-first mentality: Every single page on Phonesites is designed with a mobile-first mentality. You will never have a visitor say they are having issues on mobile when you use Phonesites.
  • Pre-made templates: Our mobile website builder features pre-built, high-converting templates you can use to get your site built in just minutes.
  • One-click color templates: With page template options, you can customize and change the look of your pages with new fonts, backgrounds, colors, and other elements in one click.
  • Embed videos and gifs: You can easily add videos from Youtube and Vimeo to inform your visitors and help convert more leads. Yes, Gifs too!
  • Pre-made thank you pages: Prebuilt thank you pages are available to send your visitors to so that they are informed on what to expect and what they can do next.
  • Surveys and Quizzes: Create lead-generating pages using our flexible forms. You can create multi-step surveys that collect data and convert like crazy!
  • Lead generation pages: Create simple pages to collect customer information. You can automatically direct them to redeem a free download, watch a video, or schedule a call.
  • Sales pages: Our editor is just about as easy as google docs. You can create sales pages to inform before checkout. Then simply integrate with Stripe or any payment processor and direct to their payment checkout page.

🔥 Leads & Tracking:

Collect, manage, and automatically follow up with leads. Then track the performance of your page and optimize results.

  • Automated email follow-ups: You don’t need to have something like Mailchimp to follow up with leads. Phonesites system has it built right in to schedule automated follow-ups and broadcasts.
  • SMS text follow-ups: Using our native integrations with Twilio or Chiirp, you can automatically send text messages to your leads when they opt-in on your landing pages
  • Export leads: With our system, you can always access your opt-in data and download a .CSV file or to Google Sheets.
  • Sync leads: Our opt-in forms are the perfect tool for connecting to your favorite integrations. With Webhooks or Zapier, you can integrate it with your email service provider, CRM software, and more!
  • New lead notifications: Setting up automated notifications for your email service is a great way to keep on top of new subscriber data that comes straight to your inbox.
  • Real-time reporting: With real-time analytics, you’ll know exactly how your pages are performing. You’ll also be able to access these from any device and optimize them without having to wait to get back to the computer.
  • Track every step of funnels: Let’s say you have a 4-step funnel. Our page tracking will give you reports on every step of your funnel.
  • Easy analytics: Benefit from built-in analytics for all of your landing pages. We don’t overload you with the data that isn’t helpful for most small business needs.
  • Third-party analytics: Easily paste third-party tracking code, such as Google Analytics and your Facebook Pixel, into your landing pages.

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🔥 Integrations:

Easily connect any of Phonesites’ current apps with various integration options on offer to give the best options to your domain visitors for turning them into potential customers.

  • Zapier: Connect 1000’s apps with the power of Zapier and Phonesites.
  • Mailchimp: Connect directly to your Mailchimp account using our native integration.
  • Stripe: Link directly from Phonesites pages to Stripes checkouts using our native integration.
  • Twilio: Send text SMS to your customers with our native integration.
  • Vimeo: Using our Vimeo block in our editor, you can display any video easily on your pages.
  • Youtube: Using our Youtube block in our editor, you can display any video easily on your pages.
  • Google ReCaptcha: Add another level of security with the ReCaptcha. Another native integration is available.
  • Webhooks: Any software that supports webhooks will sync with Phonesites for endless possibilities.
  • Facebook Ads: With the custom code editor you can track ads, create conversion goals, and more.
  • FB Custom Audiences: Phonesites support all that the FB pixel supports, which means you can build up custom audiences.
  • Instagram Ads: Just like FB, you can use the pixel to reach your audience on Instagram and track all behaviors.
  • Google Analytics: With the custom code editor you can track ads, create custom audiences, and more.
  • Google Ads: Run a search ad to your Phonesites pages and track and measure your conversions.
  • Google Tag Manager: Want to easily set up a way to track and manage page behaviors. Phonesites support GTA.
  • Hotjar: Want to see where your visitors click? Install the Hotjar code on your pages.
  • Aweber: Another native integration on Phonesites. Connect your Aweber account to manage and communicate with leads.
  • Intercom: Install the intercom code inside of our editor to chat directly with your visitors in real-time.
  • ManyChat: Phonesites support ManyChat by embedding the code on your pages.
  • Facebook Messenger: Phonesites will let you embed the chat icon on your pages and easily engage with visitors.
  • Google Sheets: Phonesites allow you to sync your leads right into Google Sheets.
  • Typeform: Want to leverage existing assets in Typeform or get fancy. Phonesites supports Typeform
  • Gumroad: Take payments directly from your visitors by linking to Gumroads checkout.
  • Paypal: Take payments directly from your visitors by linking to Paypal’s checkout.
  • WordPress: You can embed your Phonesites pages right onto your existing WordPress site.

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🔥 Support & Training:

All the marketing integrations you will ever need for your domain to rank out others in terms of sales and high conversions.

⚡ Services company first: You will see the Phonesites support team’s faces and chat with them. You’ll get to know their team. While they do have amazing software, their goal is to align with customers’ success.
⚡ 1-on-1 onboarding call: They get started right away by offering a 1-on-1 call to help make sure you’re set up with everything you need.
⚡ Weekly workshops: Every week they host in our FB group a Phonesites Coaching session to help cover best practices with building your pages and the latest tactics to pull in more conversions.
⚡ Live chat, zoom, & email: You have the ability to reach us in a number of ways, from chat, to email, or on the phone!
⚡ FB community: Get support and feedback instantly. Phonesites have over 5k active members and coaches.
⚡ Phone funnels training: Their in-app training is filled with video walkthroughs of the in’s and out’s of using Phonesites to get you the answers you need fast.

🔥 Domains & Security:

All the payments integrations you will ever need.

  • Phonesites subdomains: You don’t need to buy a domain to get an idea live, fast! Use the free Phonesites subdomain that comes with all accounts.
  • Custom domains: Setting up custom domains on Phonesites is easy. And with the unlimited plan, there are no limits.
  • Free hosting: Once you connect your registered domain to Phonesites, you can enjoy free and secure hosting of all your landing pages built on our platform.
  • Secure SSL encryption: Phonesites automatically issues an SSL and HTTPS to your landing page. This ensures security and confidence for those visiting your pages.
  • Top security: Phonesites will protect you with enterprise-grade security so that you can have a good night of sleep. Always.


👉 Phonesites Pricing

Creating a landing page is an essential part of running and making money in any online business. Listed Phonesites Pros and Cons make it an ideal platform for building funnels and landing pages and Phonesites pricing is well justified for what the platform is providing. With so many funnel and landing page builders present in the market it is difficult and expensive for beginners to get started in marketing with no experience but not anymore. Phonesites make building landing pages at an affordable price making you get going in a couple of seconds.

Don’t miss the chance to convert visitors into potential customers and dominate the online market with the Phonesites funnel building platform. Your business doesn’t need to wait for the best land pages. Get your PhonesitesEssential Plan today and get started with a 7 days trial, also get free technical support if you come across any issue with Phonesites’ top-notch support team. So, take a look at the best subscription plans below before you try out Phonesites’ landing page building platform. Below, we have listed relevant Phonesites pricing for you.

Phonesites Pricing Plans

🏆 Essential Plan: Monthly Pricing —$49/mo [CHECK OFFER]

All the Phonesites essentials. This plan does not have email automation.

  • 1 Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • 5 Multi-Step Funnels
  • 25 Landing Pages
  • 1000 Leads

🏆 Unlimited Plan: Monthly Pricing —$99/mo [CHECK OFFER]

Get everything that Phonesites has to offer with unlimited possibilities.

  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Multi-Step Funnels
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Automated Email Follow-Ups

🏆 Unlimited + AI Plan: Monthly Pricing —$148/month [CHECK OFFER]

Includes all the features of Unlimited Plan plus the AI-Powered Copywriter.

  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Multi-Step Funnels
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Automated Email Follow-Ups
  • AI-Powered Copywriter

Phonesites Annual Pricing Plans

🏆 Essential Plan: Annual Pricing —$66/month [CHECK OFFER]

All the Phonesites essentials. This plan does not have email automation.

  • 1 Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • 5 Multi-Step Funnels
  • 25 Landing Pages
  • 1000 Leads

🏆 Unlimited Plan: Annual Pricing —$41/month [CHECK OFFER]

Get everything that Phonesites has to offer with unlimited possibilities.

  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Multi-Step Funnels
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Automated Email Follow-Ups

🏆 Unlimited + AI Plan: Annual Pricing —$108/mo  [CHECK OFFER]

Includes all the features of Unlimited Plan plus the AI-Powered Copywriter.

  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Multi-Step Funnels
  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Automated Email Follow-Ups
  • AI-Powered Copywriter
  • Funnel Closer Training


👉 Watch Phonesites Demo: A Dashboard Walkthrough

Get a brief lookout at how Phonesitesanding funnel builder works with this Phonesites tutorial video.


👉 Phonesites Benefits

The trend for online marketing has gone up substantially and in recent times, after the pandemic online sales have generated huge sales volume and entrepreneurs are totally running their businesses on the online mode only, and this trend is only going to accelerate in the upcoming year and beyond. Phonesites can boost your profit by many folds and is one of the simplest roadmaps to be successful online.

Here are some awesome Phonesites benefits as follows:

⚡ Reason No.1 – No Tech Experience Required
Most platforms that you can build websites on require you to have some sort of technical experience. And frankly, a lot of business owners aren’t “techies”. Instead, they’re looking for the fastest, simplest, and easiest ways to scale their current business. Phonesites require no experience for your company to see results. What’s even better is you can build your entire online sales funnel right from your mobile phone! Start creating funnels, making memberships and courses, and getting your email automation all in under one dashboard.

⚡ Reason No. 2 – Results In Minutes
Speaking of results, one of the biggest benefits of using Phonesites is that you can create an online sales funnel and web page in under 5 minutes – guaranteed. There’s even an automated copywriting A.I. that writes your web pages and ads for you!
That means you completely eliminate the cost of hiring web designers, copywriters, and coders. And to make things even easier, you also get a built-in email autoresponder with Phonesites. You don’t need to pay for another software just to send emails… it’ll all be in one place – easy to find, use and scale. Start customizing your funnels and your sites perfectly for the unique requirements of your business with Phonesites.

⚡ Reason No. 3 – Start For FREE
Once you start using Phonesites, you’ll be hooked all the time! You’ll get access to beautifully design online sales funnels within minutes, you’ll get leads and sales easily and you’ll wonder why you didn’t use Phonesites sooner. That’s why Phonesites is confident in letting you harness the power of Phonesites for FREE when you take action today. Maximize your customer value using sales funnels and get 10X the profit per customer.

👉 Phonesites Uses

Phonesites is the perfect solution for online marketers who want to create powerful landing pages on their own servers. You can use Phonesites’ all-inclusive service that offers everything from landing pages, marketing automation, email marketing, CRM integration, e-commerce integration, analytics integrations, and much more. Is it hard to find customers? With this product, you’ll get unlimited leads and the ability to scale your business at maximum profits.
Phonesites help you to build a perfect online presence for your online business model, whether you are online entrepreneurs or online local business owners. This amazing landing page builder is perfect for:

  • Blogger or Webmaster (Read our latest review on the Best Webinar Software)
  • Email marketers (Read our full review on best email marketing software)
  • Business owner (Read our blog on small business ideas to start your new business)
  • Funnel builder & marketers
  • Growth-hacker
  • Agency owners & Freelancers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Website owner
  • Online educators
  • Digital marketers
  • Online service providers
  • eCommerce store owners (Read our review blog on the Best eCommerce Platform)
  • Entrepreneurs with unique business ideas
  • Anyone trying to bring their business online

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👉Phonesites Alternatives

Are you looking for Phonesites Alternatives? There are several page builders such as ClickFunnels, Nicepage, Unbounce, Leadpages, Landingi, etc. in the market. Then you are wasting your valuable time because Phonesites is the best-ever self-hosted cloud-based landing page builder you can own and host anything anywhere. Take a look at what are you getting with Phonesites that other platforms aren’t providing at present.

⚡ Phonesites vs ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels has slow load times and a glitchy platform. Connecting to domains is ridiculously complicated. Adding products is just ridiculous the way it’s set up and not much customization over the membership area. When you go to duplicate a funnel, you have to go through and re-enter all the product information which is a pain. There is also room to improve the UI and style options to make funnels more attractive. Read our ClickFunnels Review to know more about ClickFunnels Review.

Whereas, Phonesites helps the user and clients generate quality leads fast. The good thing about Phonesites is the user can have a funnel up and running within minutes without having to know anything about code. Easiest, best, and most supported funnel maker out there.

⚡ Phonesites vs Instapage

The mobile version on the desktop layout is not automatic in Instapage. You have to go into that view and change it up. And if you make any edits to the computer view, you have to go back to the mobile view and start all over. Instapage needs improvement in its SEO optimization tools to help landing pages get ranked on Google. Instapage needs more dynamic content functionality where the content changes based on the source of traffic or the user behavior. Instapage needs improvement in its reporting on traffic and related digital marketing metrics. Instapage requires click data for specific CTAs on a page to measure response is not available, but I believe Instapage only provides CTR data for specific destination URLs. Read our Instapage Review to know more about Instapage.

The ease of use of PhoneSites is unmatched. You can put a sales funnel in place, complete with an email campaign, in under an hour. You can also create and use templates to make the process even faster. PLUS, you can create multiple funnels for different needs and campaigns.

⚡ Phonesites vs GetResponse

Adding new elements is challenging or nearly impossible in the email editor of GetResponse. Elements don’t behave as expected, the font choices are limited, the formatting is outdated, and overall, it just feels old-fashioned. GetResponse is Buggy, slow, and extremely limited in functionality. The entire UI of GetResponse feels similarly outdated and slow–just seems like GetResponse hasn’t kept up with the curve of the market in terms of performance or aesthetics. GetResponse needs to create a simpler way of displaying the automation feature making it easier for the user to test the generated automation.

Whereas, It’s a great tool to have and use to help advertise & generate leads whether you’re starting a business from scratch like it helped me do or whether you’re a sales professional in today’s modern technological world. No other software even comes close to competing. The UI is best in class, font choice is unlimited with Phonesites. Read our GetResponse Review To know more about Getresponse.

Conclusion On Phonesites Review

Phonesites make lead generation easy with their page-building tools. The great thing about its software is that it can be utilized and implemented from any mobile device. In under 10 minutes, users can build a fast-loading sales funnel and a mobile-optimized website for their business. Perfect for business owners who are constantly on the move and want to run their marketing campaigns and websites from their mobile phones. Phonesites plan is available with pre-made templates, e-mail campaigns, interchangeable design elements, Ironclad security, integration to CRM systems, and can be set up from any device.

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Phonesites Review (2022), Features, Pricing And Alternatives
Phonesites Review (2022), Features, Pricing And Alternatives

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